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  1. Aw. And here I was hoping you'd had an idea to get around it... haha, only kidding. But yeah, it is a headache. I have it partially working, just not to the point where it's useful... Ah well, thanks for the info anyway.
  2. That's probably true, but it's not that I like Unix-- I specifically like LINUX. I mean... I'm a programmer. And I like open source. Doesn't that imply Linux? ...Anyway, would you say it's worth trying to install OSX onto a partition, or will it not work on PC hardware?
  3. UPDATE: I reverted back to Ubuntu (with some modifications) and stuff... occasionally works. At one point, I had Rosegarden playing through fluidsynth (using qsynth as a GUI) and JACK (using qjackctl as a GUI), but when I tried to expand to multiple soundfonts it stopped working. Rosegarden has track bars when it plays, so that's not the problem; qsynth also seems to be receiving input, if the flashing light on the bottom is to be trusted. So the problem lies either with JACK, or with the connection between fluidsynth and JACK. Drack, have you got any ideas on how to deal with this by any chance, or do you know a place that has COMPREHENSIVE, HELPFUL, and CORRECT advice? I've been around the Internet and it's been helpful in parts, but no two people seem to use the same configuration or have the same ideas for what works. A lot of what I've seen with JACK tutorials is that there seem to be more connections that I should be able to spot and connect than I currently have-- I'm not sure if this is because they have a different software config or if that means I need more hardware or something. *sigh* I'm sorry if I come off as a whiner, but this is getting ridiculous.
  4. Oh come on, does anyone here not hate Notre Dame?
  5. Sorry if I came off as obnoxious... I just meant, once you found what Rule 34 was on Google, then at that point it would become obvious that it was a joke.
  6. Google for something like "rules of the internet" and look for rule #34. That said, the Rule 34 here is obviously not serious.
  7. I'm all for Urbana I guess, except I don't know exactly where it is. >_> Again I propose May 18th-19th or so. >_> I know I'm beating a dying horse here, but I don't hear many other concrete time suggestions and I don't want this to die out of indecision... you know?
  8. Ahahaha, that's a BC thing though. I'm... just not going to say anything more about that. I'm going to support my team through thick and thin, alright? ...I'm just not going to talk trash (and what I just said above doesn't count, and you'd know why if you ever heard me ACTUALLY talk trash) until we're good again.
  9. Well, I'm in the band so I kind of HAVE to care at least a little about the football team, but I generally prefer hockey (which is a legitimately good team, even if we did suck it up majorly in the NCAA regionals). I don't subscribe to the Notre Dame "cult", if that's what you mean. (Of course not many actually refer to it as a cult, but if you think about it...)
  10. My current goal at the moment is to get my apps to work. Planet CCRMA is a bunch of audio apps and technologies designed for the CentOS (and also for Red Hat) operating systems. Audio work in Linux is struggling a bit compared to Macs and PCs-- specifically it's kind of hard to get everything to link up and work together. So I'm just trying to get sound to be produced in a sequencer/DAW (Rosegarden) with which I'm not even familiar. *shrug* I'll figure it out. I just need more time...
  11. For what it's worth, I'm not really worried. Just putting it on there because I need filler. >_>
  12. I'm jealous. I'm still kind of stuck. Part of the problem is, my Internet access on my CCRMA-enabled OS is patchy at best, so it's hard for me to do work and have Internet open at the same time. So I have to fiddle around without help, and if I need to check something online I need to save my work and reboot in Ubuntu. Kinda lame. But I'll be watching here anyway. Hopefully I will eventually get something done. Good luck to both of us, TC.
  13. Okay, so I'm a complete newbie to the community and all that, so let me ask this-- how long do meetups tend to go, usually? Are they just one-day affairs a lot of the time, or what? I was assuming it was two or three when I made that post... I don't want to spend TOO much time in no man's land between the 18th (when I leave school) and whenever it happens, if I'm going to try to do a meetup strictly on the way home from school... so I was really thinking it would start on like the 19th at very latest. So if that doesn't work for people-- and it is a weekday, after all-- that's understandable and fine by me. I'll just sit back and see what everyone else comes up with.
  14. University of Notre Dame here. Is that better or worse?
  15. Hoo boy. Today (20 April): - Finish two more Turing machines - Tweak my CentOS real-time kernel with Planet CCRMA some more until I can get shit to work This week: - Figure out if I can still pass Prob&Stats or not - Start OS - Do Networks homework - One-Hour Compo this Thursday? Within two-three weeks: - Submit WIP for Link's Awakening album? (Need to fix my audio setup first though haha) Within my lifetime: - Figure out what exactly I want to do with my life and write a to-do list. The to-do list is in progress below. - Get a decent job - Learn to teach? - Meet a nice girl - Get married?
  16. Hi, I was vaguely considering trying to get involved with these (assuming I get my audio workstation set up properly by Thursday! ). Is there anything I need to do to sign up or whatnot, or anything in general I should know? I read the Competitions A-Z thread and the first post of this one, but beyond that I was too lazy to read the whole thing (and am also a little pressed for time). I will get to that later today, though. Any information etc. will be useful and greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Where are you at? I'm sure someone wouldn't mind picking you up if you are on the way for them.
  18. ^ Win! As I had indicated in the other thread, I'm game for a meetup. Really I could probably find time for a weekend drive down to Chicago any time during the summer (I do have a car that I have faith in, as well), but I think the best time for me is still just past the 17th of May, since I'm already going through Chicago when I drive back from Notre Dame to my home in MN. Would anyone else be game for the 18th/19th/20th or thereabouts?
  19. Wow, thanks for the detailed reply. I have CentOS installed as well as the repository. I guess now, at this point I'm trying to figure out how to get things working. So far my experimentations haven't been all that much, though... basically I start the JACK server using qjackctl and then start qsynth... and then I watch the xrun count skyrocket. Let it suffice to say I'm still pretty new at this Linux audio stuff... Where would you recommend I go from there? I really want to try to get Rosegarden working if nothing else...
  20. Well, part of what's interesting in my case is I'm trying to pull this off on Linux somehow. I'm currently trying Planet CCRMA on CentOS. So I kind of have an extra battle or two ahead of me in trying to figure out how to work this kernel. But I'll definitely hang around here for inspirational rants and the like.
  21. I'll be following this thread carefully, I think. Thanks IsolinearMoogle for making it.
  22. I guess if you spend three days in negotiations that would kind of run your life. Where I play it's more message-based, with people usually sending private press something like once a day on average (the more prolific communicators would do twice or thrice, or more if you're logged on at the same time as they are, but many would also treat the game like gunboat! always saddening). I guess my experience is just limited, though. Does anyone here think they'd be remotely interested in trying to play here... if we get like five more? EDIT: Holy crap I missed Pezman's post. My bad! I'm really glad to see you'd be on board. Now to get... um... a lot more people! w00t!
  23. Ha. I feel pretty self-conscious now. I don't play too much any more, but it feels like it's a BAD thing that I have let them (to a certain extent) affect my worldview. For me, it's a bit like how reading a particularly odd, interesting, or thought-provoking story can change your worldview. I don't see why video games can't do the same thing.
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