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  1. I wouldn't mind a meetup in May sometime. What would be extraordinarily awesome would be a meeting around, say, the 18th of May. Just saying. (Commencement for my school occurs on the 17th, and I'm going from Indiana to Minnesota-- right through Chicago or nearby...) Would anyone be remotely game? >_>
  2. I'm gonna try to install it on CentOS, which I will in turn install on my hard drive in a new Linux partition. For anyone who's done it before, have you got any tips for me? More information can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planet_CCRMA
  3. Well, being from the midwest of course I know Arkansas is not part of the midwest. lol
  4. I'm from Minnesota, but I'm at school in Indiana (at the University of Notre Dame). So on both counts I'm from the midwest as well.
  5. Well, for what it's worth I do remember the gym leader themes being similar throughout the series...
  6. Dhsu: Good stuff... incidentally, what's Remod? I've heard that thrown around a couple of times... CarnCarby: Hahaha, brilliant. I haven't even played Youngstown. It's good to see some people have heard of the game, but I'm a little disappointed not to see more tbqh. I was actually pondering trying to start a game or two here, if possible. I'm not sure how it is that with orders due every three days it consumes your life (I play on a site where orders are usually due every 24 hours and I somehow don't let it consume my life), but if anything were to happen here I'd probably want to do something like having a diplomacy phase last for four or five days and retreats and adjustments filling out the last two or three in a given week... I dunno. Of course, with the interest shown so far a game couldn't happen... Ah well, I can dream. Incidentally, would either of you two be remotely interested in getting a game going here on OCR?
  7. Only four? Damn. There goes my grand scheme to pick up girls on the OCR forums. Also, well done. Even I keep better track of people than that, and I am horrendous with names.
  8. Indeed, I have come from GameFAQs! Not all boards are full of idiots, trust me. Check out the Super Smash Bros. Melee Social board as a shining example of one that is the very antithesis of what you seem to have in mind: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/gentopic.php?board=2000033 I don't hang out on RI/CE.
  9. Sorry. I came from GameFAQs, a forum with practically no formatting in posts and zero editing. Still getting used to things here. Also trying to improve my post count a bit. That one's your fault since you drew attention to it in an earlier PM. EDIT: This is just for practice, okay? I'm a visual learner first, kinesthetic learner second.
  10. I'm fully aware of how important Tal Tal Heights is as a track... ...which is why I'm a little nervous about having no idea what setup I'm using yet. *sweatdrop* I'm working on it, really. But I might be in touch with you once or twice about getting stuff to work (I'll keep it conceptual, don't worry). Hope that's okay. Guardian Acorn/Piece of Power isn't that important, really. That theme is really simple, but it had a way of making you feel freakin' invincible. So... if that track would somehow stand on its own (not likely!) I'd probably want to go hardcore angry rock, though I'd have to stay within the genre spec. And if it doesn't, then I'd like to find a way to pervert it, make it a bit more melancholy or something, and fit it in Tal Tal Heights. *shrug* But I don't need to tell you that it's one thing to have a concept in mind and quite another to execute... ADDENDUM: Also, just because I'm still horrendously new here: why's this on Community rather than Projects? I saw a semi-dead thread on Projects... does that mean this project has regressed a step or something? Sorry for being dense... (Note, this was in the post that had originally followed this one. nothing new here)
  11. I don't know if you were serious when you mentioned this thread to me, prophet of definite articleship, but I'd love to look into Tal Tal Heights or even possibly Mabe Village. I noticed a lack of Piece of Power/Guardian Acorn theme. I know that track is repetitive as hell, but I'd love to try to incorporate it as a backing... thing while doing another track. That allowed? But I'm getting way ahead of myself, lol, since you still haven't told me why I should look in here. So consider this post my way of subscribing to the thread (and also to up my post count, woo). EDIT: Effin' a, I forgot to subscribe when I posted. Normally I would have edited quietly to do that, but I'm sure you'll appreciate the irony so I thought I would share.
  12. You sod, don't do that to me. lol
  13. Just think. I can say it's all thanks to you! *wipes an imaginary tear* Also, exams are coming up. Don't count on my being around all the time by any means. Also, are you stalking me or something?
  14. Hi all, I was just curious who (if anyone) has heard of Diplomacy, the board game. Anyone play? If so, who's your favorite power? Do you do face-to-face, postal, e-mail, or web play? Anyone have any stories? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplomacy_(game) if you want to learn a little more.
  15. Okay, so I already posted here once, but then I kind of died or something. Or at any rate I stopped posting. Now I'm here again. Hopefully I'll stick around this time! If this constitutes spam go ahead and delete, but I wanted to re-introduce myself since it's been a while. Thanks!
  16. I honestly can't tell if you're serious or not. Please don't string me along like this...
  17. I'm really bad at reviewing things in-depth (and I'm late as hell), so I apologize... but I'll keep this brief. Very cool stuff. Good work to everyone. All of these tracks are now regulars on my playlists. Love it.
  18. That's horrible. What's worse is I actually laughed at it. I'm gonna go find some helium now...
  19. Also, KyleJCrb, I might be sending a PM or two your way about the Tales project... in case you should like to impart wisdom onto a young and willing padawan. >_> Hope that's okay. Sorry for the triple post.
  20. I should look into that... maybe that will give me (or a real programmer, lol) an idea of how it could work on the Wii.
  21. Nah... I bet it could be done on the Wii. The Wiimote has an accelerometer in it... hitting an ictus would naturally require a comparatively large acceleration (against the direction of motion, to stop or change the direction of movement). If you build the tempo etc. around the frequency of these ictuses, then everything else should follow. Of course, it'd be a little harder if you're conducting a legato piece, where the ictus isn't hit quite as hard (or even at one particular point), but that concept should be a good start, and in the hands of a creative programmer could yet achieve some decent results.
  22. God forbid that common sense should make its way into legislation...
  23. Well, let's be realistic here-- mixes for those games were probably long overdue anyway! Phantasia at least definitely had Sakuraba in there, which pretty much means his stuff needs to be covered here. Which also applies to Golden Sun as well... hint, hint...
  24. Well, you might be right about the music not being all that memorable. It's not the kind of thing I usually think of when a song pops into my head, I will admit it. But usually when I do think of a Golden Sun tune then the rest just naturally follow. Maybe I should've checked out the Projects forum-- I didn't notice that Mega Man 2 and FFVI haven't had projects yet. Those are probably higher priority games, even though I'd still love to see a huge Golden Sun project... At any rate, I clearly need to spend more time here and take a look around. Now is not an ideal time to start another project anyway, with so many good ones coming out soon and/or on the way. Though I'd love to see if any of you (especially Palpable and KyleJCrb) would be remotely interested in contributing to any of that.
  25. I just noticed this myself a few minutes ago... I like the concept, definitely. I'll get back to you later on whether I think the presentation needs any work.
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