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  1. Let me get this straight. You asked for Mod criticism on a project. You got what you wanted, and all you can do is make excuses without actually trying to improve you're mix based on specific feedback? If you weren't going to listen in the first place, you should have just submitted it already. I advise you to actually take the construction seriously, and try to address the issues he brought forth. Unless of course, you felt all this time that it was already good enough. Which would then lead me to wonder why you even made this topic to begin with. Consider a Mod review that results in a less
  2. Rutela's theme is a remix of serenade of water, while snowpeak, gerudo desert, and midna in distress are all remixes of the hyrule field theme.
  3. Perhaps I can assume that however it is encoded in the program I use to transfer it to my media player, in the case Explorer as you can see here http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/7960/captureocr2fn7.jpg , it will display on the player the same way. So since winamp encodes it properly for me all should be well. Bitchin Mix btw.
  4. Xeiros


    ****SPOILERS**** In my opinion, WALL-E being broken, then losing his memory, and then getting it back was almost like a brief mini summary of the whole plot of the movie. Earth is destroyed, but now its fixed (can grow life again), but everyone has lost their humanity. And in the end, they gain their humanity back. We don't know the hardware configuration of Wall-E units, so perhaps there is a seperate long-term memory module stored somewhere else in his unit and the spark triggered a reboot of Wall-E's system that allowed it to reload the memory from this module. And in the end, that's w
  5. This song is bitchin. You gotta dig that opera rapping?
  6. I hate the vocals. They're too processed. It sounds like your running the vocals through something, more than likely multiple times.He is running it through some effects board and he's processing it so it sounds a little electronic-tinged, then he's layering that multiple times so it sounds like ass. Also as far as the recorder solo hes layering keyboards under it so its a little muddy.
  7. Simply Superb. One of the best piano remixes I've heard in a long time. Some of the best things life truly are free and this is one of them.
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