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  1. Boo (Mario) Midna (Legend of Zelda) Purple Tentacle (Maniac Mansion) Also, if I may be so bold I would like to suggest putting in the 2016 voting list the hero of Space Harrier and the Tetris L block (knock yourself out for his (its?) bio).
  2. Youth is not just a matter of age or of particular instrument, as this ReMix feels younger to me than some of the synthesizer-filled or shreddage-filled ReMixes on this site. It is a great piece, full of spontaneity, energy, and yes, youth. I feel the melody is particularly well suited to the instruments, and the adaptation is very well done on top of that. Someone's definitely having fun here, so make sure to listen to it. Also, can I get a collective *groan* at the writeup?
  3. Holy triforce, it's now on OCR; no, it's now infinitely better on OCR! I have known and enjoyed CarboHydroM's original "Unsealed" for years now, and it was already suitably epic enough that I was wondering at the time why it wasn't on OverClocked ReMix. Well, that no longer matters, as this version improves on every parameter that might (or might not) have made it fail the OCR submission standards: this version of Unsealed is both more cohesive, with top notch transitions, and more varied than the original, with improved arrangement and production throughout, making it reach a level of epic next to which the original now sounds like an only somewhat epic work in progress. Clocking at 20 minutes, you'd better be prepared for a lot of epic to hit your ears, and your brain, and your face. The scale of this track isn't the least epic aspect of it: if the "Symphony of the Goddesses" was the "Metal Rock of the Goddesses" instead, this would be its "Link to the Past" segment. And all done by one man with (as far as I can tell) the main instrument always live (well, maybe not in a single take…), in the spirit of Dwelling of Duels for which the original was created. Respect. And… wait, why are you still reading? By now the download should be over, so go listen to it rather than read me ranting about it, I compel you!
  4. Finally! Thank you thank you thank you thank you. And also now the page for Square indeed lists FF7 (formally published by Sony), and… Oh noes. I just found what can arguably be called a showstopper: the artist page for Uematsu-san (at http://ocremix.org/artist/3/nobuo-uematsu ) reads: "Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_array() on a non-object in /home/ocremix/public_html/includes/php/classes/lists/GameList.php on line 146"; this is the entirety of the page (Mac OS X 10.7.5, Safari and Firefox).
  5. If you'll allow me, I would too like to congratulate the daughter, the father, but first and foremost the mother. Welcome, young pretzel. Soon, you shall grow strong in the ways of the ReMix. In fact, I propose we already give her jooj-Cat's slot on the judge panel. She doesn't like a submission? Too bad, it's a NO.
  6. 1. Pikachu 2. Arthur 3. Tanooki Mario I'd have added a Gerudo (a generic one, not Ganondorf) as a write-in, as Gerudo Valley is an oft-remixed theme, but it's a bit late to rally support at this point.
  7. Excellent point, ties nicely with OC Remix itself (maybe I should have written "said he couldn't" instead of "couldn't"). I guess he wanted to work within the system as far as the music part was concerned. Too bad for everyone involved he didn't do so (by omission? oversight? intentionally? A mix of these?) for the cover.
  8. A small point: Andy wanted to give it away, but couldn't due to mandatory royalties per download: http://waxy.org/2009/05/kind_of_bloop/ . Not that this frees Andy of the obligations that come with charging for something, but I think it's worthwhile to mention this. (what I think personally is that it might not be greed, but still a dick move from the photographer to attack the way he did. Even if the album was commercial there is still a big asymmetry.) P.S.: Stevo your animated sig image (The OCR SWINGAS) is causing my browser to freeze for 10 seconds when the image first becomes visible, and from then on take one full core at 100% as long as the image is visible. It might be a little bit on the heavy side.
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