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  1. Even though it looks so damn bad. At least the music doesn't sound too bad.
  2. We started with Spawn, Link, and Heihachi. I mean that was okay then in Soul Calibur 3 we didn't have anyone new that was okay too. But now DARTH VADAR AND YODA... I think my day is ruined.
  3. Well I still play began when 7th came out and I still play but not as much.
  4. Well been about almost 3 years since I read the book. But it was a good book. I have seen the movie already (Thanks to school going to a screening). I don't drop any spoilers . But how the movie was done was very interesting. It wasn't how I imagined how the movie would be and that it would be more...I don't know but hey still check out the movie.
  5. This is brilliant. Can't wait when the game OST comes out
  6. I think they do because Microsoft still appears on the screen to the main menu doesn't it?
  7. Just wondering around. Has anyone had an OCremix clan yet for on-line play?
  8. It would be great to join the OCR community IGN is Dead gone Halo2
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