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  1. This is a metal remix of hyrule castle. I made it to test my guitar sounds. Please let me know what you think. -RomTom
  2. Well, this has some amazing quality stuff. It has a nice atmospheric feel. But, it is too repetative. It sounds like it is a midi rip. If it wasn't for the repeating sequences, this song would only be about 1:13 long, rather than 2:21. Add some original interpretation into this song. Also, the drums may want to be spiced up. Include a snare and a crash cymbal.... but as you said, this is indeed a WIP. So that probably will happen. Looking forward to an update! -RomTom
  3. This is.. this is.. beautiful!! Great work! Can't wait to hear the vocals!
  4. Because it IS newby! I truly wasnt 'trying;' (I prolly shouldve mentioned that in my first post.) I just simply wanted to make a song. But, I agree with the criticism entirely.. and it inspires me to make this song better. Thanks! I hope I can make something good out of this song. Alright.. -RomTom
  5. This is a chunk of awesomess! I agree.. Maybe change the bass synth (though it does sound awesome). The lowest note that is heard is too low, therefore it gets all wierd and mumbled... (not the best terminology:<) But I like this song! Looking forward to an update:-P.
  6. Legend of Zelda-Ocarina of Time-Song of Storms "Windmill Gone Berserk" This is a tranc-y remix of the song of storms. The bass is not a guitar... Accually, I don't know what to classify it as. I just found it, lurking in my vst library. So I used it. Comments/Critique/Suggestions/Yeah apprectiated. -RomTom
  7. This is interesting stuff! A nice take on the gerudo theme. Personally, I dont care how many gerudo themes there are or will be.. but they all better be good! Im not too sure about the wierd wistling thingies at the beginning. Maybe switch em with a flute or something? Also, this seems quite repetetive, for 1:15. At 1:00, the melody should change.. though these are simply suggestions. The quality seems just fine. And it progresses and build very well. As you said, this is still a wip, and I expect there is more good stuff to come.
  8. This is, indeed, a remix of the Ballad of the Windfish from Zelda, LA. Comments or criticism, whatever floats your boat. PLZ -Rom Tom
  9. WAOW, awesome tips! thnx. For Brief Clarification, the "old school synth" (aka square lead, i think) was used because i didn't have an idea for what instrument to use there (and i had to use something). Yeah, i'll update soon
  10. http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/wpzj/Tow3r-of-the-Windfish Definitely better than z share. This here is version THREE. I would only wish it to be the last, but it may need improvement.
  11. Thanks for the comments They, indeed, are severely appreciated. BTW, reason i used z share is cuz you dont need to make an account...just a laziness habit... ill change that... but i listened through each of the uploaded files on zshare and it DIDNT skip to any ad during the middle of the song. Maybe just bad Luck? -Thames
  12. Hey. Just made another remix. Its the ballad of the windfish from Link's Awakening. Also a little from Majora's mask, the stone tower. Vrs.1- tower of the windfish.mp3 - 4.37MB Vrs.2- tower of the windfish2.mp3 - 5.13MB UPDATE: Includes the Chrono Cross theme cuz it works. I also changed the flute a lil, but i think people may like the first version flute better. i also JUST realized the piano may be too loud. Again, I'd like to know if people prefer things this way or the previous way (or a different way, if you will.) Comments Severely Appreciated Rom Tom
  13. I Dunno where i heard this before. My Friend doesn't either, and he decided to do a remix of it anyways.. he called it Thames County. Now, here's my version of Thames County Ummm.... Enjoy!1 http://www.zshare.net/audio/34131686846f10
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