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  1. No one noted the harpsichord. It's beatiful! I feel as though the harpsichord could be used just a little more often, which may in turn give this piece a nice flare. I dunno, it's just a 'putting it out there' suggestion, but otherwise, great song! I agree with the fact that the piano needs to be more humanized, though IMO (and probably many other people's O) find it odd and slightly difficult to humanize a piano by just using your mouse. Well, best of luck on getting this song into OCR!
  2. I remade an original piece that I made 1 year ago. All I will say is that it is pretty good considering it is me and considering it was made in 2 1/2 hours. Enjoy! Rom Tom
  3. :pretzel:I just noticed these random, possibly new emoticons so i put them here just so i could say "i used them" Anyways... I noticed that Rozovian just posted before me:razz:, but here is what I was also about to post: Very Nice. Catchy too! But you need to add a some more originality and realism into it.. and length. But it is a WIP after all. Also, make the sounds sound fuller in the stereo, (if that makes sense)...because it sounds a little thin. Good use of panning on the violin.. but a more realistic instrument could be pro. Good stuff, and looking for an update. (If there is any essential info not mentioned, it'd be this down here) Btw, if you are going to be in the OCR WIP forum more often, you should probably read the post at the top of the WIP forum talking about file hosting, http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=17685 because megaupload isn't a very favoured file-hoster for songs.
  4. Lol yeah this is not funk. I didn't know what to put, and the first word to come to my mind was 'funk'. I'll definitely change the title next time around to... iunno. Edit: And yes, I was going for that calm background music feel.
  5. Don't worry, there are already OCRemixes that have adopted the Jazz Genre. In other words, yeah, you can use Jazz, no problem. I haven't heard the source tune, so I can't say if it is close or not. Great piano playing, btw. And, yeah, try to get some reverb going there. Though I don't know how you'll do it with that Band in a Box thingy. Keep up the awesomeness! Edit: I'd reccommend getting a better File hosting server for music, such as Tindeck Audio. RapidShare is generally unwanted because the song link expires after 90 days. There's a sticky under the "Works-in-Progress & Releases" front page for more file hosting options, all free.
  6. This is a funky remix I threw together just today. Tell me what you think of this Goron remix! I don't know what else to say.. I'd usually say more. I guess... Enjoy!
  7. Good job here. Nice improvement. I just can't get enough of the choirs.. they are what make this song so soothing. Anyways... I agree on the sudden piano hits. They are great, but too loud. Also, maybe increase the reverb a bit more for the whole song. Where the drums used to be, the low string is a good replacement But.. it isn't low. The later half of the song is completely missing a bass presence. The song could also use some orchestral, or even latin percussion (or both;) Other than that, this is a super awesome arrangement. Keep at it, man.
  8. Yep, its an update of Windmill Gone Berserk. I've added an improvised piano melody and, you can say I've made this song truly a "Windmill Gone Berserk" with some pitch bending 'fun'. Personally, I think it works, but it is quite a fresh idea. I don't know how well it will be accepted, though. Listen to it NOW:-x. 3NJ0y!!1!
  9. I see what people are confused about.. the noise at the beginning is rain (it sure does sound like white noise, now that people mention the word 'noise'). Haha.. I suppose rain would be more suitable for a forest remix or something like that. I'll try to get waves and possibly seagulls. The fuller it is, the better. Maybe I'll keep the rain as a background noise and it could be a waterfall in the distance. Thanks a bundle for all the suggestions and tips!
  10. This song is awesome for 'feeling the wind in your hair' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZNv9fPFUwU This gets me biking at 50+ km/h
  11. Alright.. I guess I will take some kind of a poll. Should I keep the water noise and lower the volume or should I just remove it? I know some people will say, to put it bluntly, 'decide for yourself,' but I'm just interested in some -opinion sharing- here. Thanks!
  12. Nice job, DiggiDis/Frank! Gerudo Valley never gets old, and this remix does not disrupt the flow of Gerudo goodness on OCR. Some might say Gerudo Valley is overly remixed, but I say it's because it's probably the best soundtrack to remix from OoT. It's just so addictive and awesome. Though if there's going to be anymore Gerudo Valley on OCR, it is going to have to top this mix.
  13. I just read the whole thread, and I have to say, it was a VERY amusing quarter hour of reading... It's awesome that he accually apolagized. Congrats. Though i dont know why.
  14. This is .. umm.. an update from the previous Ballad of the Windfish remix I made. I don't think update is a good word, because its quite a bit different from the first version. Whatever, though, here it is Critique away! -Rom Tom P.s. the Titles to my WIPs aren't generally going to be the titles of the final versions. I just like to label them in... ...interesing ways.
  15. I personally really liked the drums, but they need to be tuned a little bit better. ESPECIALLY the kick drum. I thought I had 'bass boost' on in windows media player, but when I checked, it was off. Lower the bass on the kick by a good chunk. The snare could use some reverb. Maybe everything could use a little reverb. Beautiful mix, though. Can't wait to hear an update!
  16. Yo this is rockin'. I'm going to guess you are using fruity loops. Mostly everything sounds great.. at least the piano, protrax guitar, violins (beautiful), and the flute. The bass string, if I am correct, could be changed to sound more full, like the violins, because it sounds muffled and filtered into the background, (though it is probably the sample itself.) Also, for the bassline at the beginning, for the first eight bars, it goes C, G#, G, and F. Experiment that, maybe, by trying C, G#, E flat, and F. This is only relevant to the first eight bars of the song. At 1:47 there is something that sounds like one of the styrus preset electric guitars..(I could be wrong, though).. it is too soft, and, really, it doesn't even fit the mood of the whole song. Try finding a different instrument for that accompaniment (<is that how you spell it?). You should probably arrange the drums a bit more. They sound a tad out of place for the mood of this song, but maybe its the hip snare mixed with the more or less realistic kick that makes the drums sound out of place. Look for a more hip type of kick, or even a techno type kick. That could add some flare Overall, it is worthy of being downloaded even though it is not finished. Definitely looking forward to the finished piece.
  17. This is a megamix I randomly made as soon as I got back from a boring 3 day vacation. It incorporates 5 different video game tunes. I dunno if its even allowed to be submitted or if it is even worthy of being submitted, but at least it's here for y'all to hear. Yes, they do flow together rather well, I'd say. It is 6:35. The order of songs go like this: Maple Story: Clocktower mp3 source: http://www.thejasoneffect.net/music/MapleStory/MemoriesofOssyria/TheClocktower.mp3 The other four tunes shouldn't need a source 'cause we all know and love 'em. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask: Stone Tower Super Mario World: Overworld Final Fantasy VII: JENOVA Chrono Trigger: Corridor of Time Anyways, I am in need of feedback. Or at least some sleep. it's 2:30 in the morning Criticize and Enjoy! Cheers, Rom Tom
  18. I just got Cakewalk's Sonar Producer Edition, and it seems pretty awesome.. except for the fact that I cant hear ANYTHING coming from my speakers. I did the most basic thing and opened up a sample project and pressed play, and i saw it go over the notes, but no sounds! And just to make sure my speakers were not acting up, I opened up a song on Windows Media Player and it played loud and clear. I feel rather stupid for asking this question, but can anyone help me hear? (pun intended)
  19. I like these suggestions. And I agree that the drumz may need to become lighter.. by alot . I'll see what I can do. Thanks, Roz! -RomTom
  20. This is a remix of Kakariko Village I pulled together in a couple or so hours. It also has a hint of the zelda main theme in it. Tell me what you think, yo. RomTom
  21. I understand this has been discussed already. But I'm just gonna add, irrelevantly, that I have, indeed, heard many other (power) metal bands (Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, and Thunderstone.. Nightwish being the second favourite) Stratovarius just happens to be my favourite:-P. Does anyone know any other 'uplifting' power metal bands?
  22. First of all, if you don't like Stratovarius, then you are wasting your time reading this. But anyways... The message was for those Stratovarius fans who didn't know they split. Well, more precisely, the soul and the composer of Stratovarius, Timo Tolkki, quit from the rest of the band due to many, many business related events taking place which I will not describe. Its pretty damn upsetting and sad to fans, like myself. If you want it in detail, check out their website, but make sure to look at Timo Tolkki's Website too for his side of the story. Stratovarius official website: www.strato.jens.org Tolkki's Website: www.timotolkki.com For those who don't know about Stratovarius.. well, basically, they are a progressive/power metal band from Finland. They've been around for 22 years, until now, basically. Tolkki is making a new band called Revolution Renaissance. The other four members are still around, and do have plans for making more Strato. But it is unknown whether they will go by that name or not. The singer of Stratovarius, Timo Kotipelto, has his own band..: 'Kotipelto.' Kotipelto's Official website: www.kotipelto.com For those who want a basic description of Stratovarius metal: positive, overwhelmingly(?) awesome uplifting metal! You heard me, POSITIVE metal. No negative stuff! I'm not saying that heavy death metal/screamo/gothic metal is crap... but I personally don't listen to that stuff. Accually, in the very beginning, I despised all forms of guitar related music.. (except for Gerudo Valley).. but when I heard Stratovarius and their 'positive' and 'powerful' songs.. BOOM they became my fav band.. and thems still is my fav band to this day. Sorry to bore you with that 'testimonial'.. but yeah.. at least you might see why it sucks to hear the news of the main composer and the origin of Stratovarius, Timo Tolkki, split off from the band. Anyways, simply put, I'm not trying to promote Stratovarius because "there's soo much more than this.. a million ways to live.. unlock the door.. to the universe with love.. free your soul" -Infinity Goodnight, everyone. -RomTom
  23. uhh. the new link... doesnt let you download the song8-O seems that tripod is making your downloads "not available for download"
  24. I like this! And wow... for a second I thought this was building up to a remix of the brambles song from donkey kong country 2. The drums are well done. They seem a teedie(?) bit repetetive.. but I think this genre is supposed to be as it is... . Sorry to not be of grand assistance, but.. Keep up the good work! -Rom Tom
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