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  1. This is the final copy of a song I made to practice the electric guitar with, both to practice the instrument, as well as to practice mixing. I practiced the guitar for over a year before reaching this point. I have more work on the way, but as it goes, music is a hobby I can only attend to on occasion. Let me know what you think!
  2. Hey OCR community! The song Gerudo Peeples by Scott Peeples was and is still one of my favourite remixes, and I had wanted to see if I could make a sort of tribute (carbon replica-ish) version of it... kinda just cuz I felt like it. Oh, but it's been 5 years since making this. Shoulda put this up sooner. Oops I definitely have no plan to even attempt at submitting this, this is purely for your belated listening purposes. http://tindeck.com/listen/etvu Though not for submission requirements, critiques are welcome, as always.
  3. This should have a bit more reverb.. just a bit... And if this remix will be solely based on an organ playing, there should be more of a stereo presence, overall. Another part of this is that it should sound more like a human was playing it.. this is a little rigid. Good concept. Keep it going!
  4. Very epic. But some high frequencies need attention and should be toned down a bit.. mostly in the strings. Give the bass drum things some more.. bass. Though not too much.. dont smother the mix. I like this. I wait for a finished product anxiously.
  5. This song is amazing! So happy sounding! Good to hear happy songs =) Just watch the volume levels of some instruments.. and there are alot of high frequencies that might need to be toned down on the eq. But just a smidgen! I look forward to updates!
  6. The guitar sounds a slight bit dischordant. But I like the sound. Is it recorded or a synth? Also, the piece is a bit repetetive. I'd heavily recommend adding variation; this has alot of potential for that. I look forward to a finished product =D
  7. Chimes are causing some clipping.. I think the error lies in the chimes, themselves, and it might be fixable by lowering the higher end of its EQ... either that or trying to find an alternative sound for them... Other then that.. try adding more reverb or possibly delay for some of the instruments... and/or making them sound fuller. This is an enjoyable arrangement of this song.. so far one of the best I've heard. I wait for the moment I may be able to hear the finished product:-P
  8. Do things always have to sound realistic? I absolutely adore the guitar sound.. if it was made realistic, it might lose its feeling. Then again... it may sound better for all I know. This is something to consider for experimentation.
  9. I must add that the song seems rather repetetive. This is very normal when starting out, as I did it too To improve on the note of repetativeness, the second time you go through the zelda theme, add variations, flips, and jumps!!! ....I don't know, be creative! Also, the left hand sounds a bit nonhuman, in the sense, that it doesn't flow smoothly and just kind of cuts in and out while the main theme is playing... Firstly, try extending the notes just so they dont seem too chopped. And maybe add some more notes inbetween that help accompany the melody smoothly. This could become something amazing!
  10. I must be too used to the older format of the forums.. but either way, could somebody move it to the right forum?
  11. I guess I should at least see what people have to say about this trance remix. Yes, it has a strange name. Comments, as usual, are well appreciated. Thanksh. -Rom Tom Toompah
  12. Sounds like a midi rip off the original. Of course, with added effects and default drum loops. And it starts sounding very muddy around half way through and the end. I dont even know what the ending is. Now, dont take any of this badly... learn from it, plox xD Remember, a Remix is your own interpretation of the song, not a 'remake.' For a remix, you take the source tune, start from scratch, and develop a remix with hints of the original song in it with your own vibrant/mello flare added to it. Your song here sounds directly like the original. If there's absolutely anything going for this song, it is the ambient-ish feel of the rhodes. Now, 'nuff sed.
  13. Actually, quite frankly, the sax isnt that bad.. Dynamics would be needed, though.
  14. I think what should have been mentioned is don't get discouraged. You play piano really well, too! The pieces you provided for us to listen to can be more or less considered a cover, not a remix. OCR is for Remixes, as the name clearly states, so try to go for that next time around. Keep up the good work!
  15. Just to start, take all I have here to say as helpful critique. So, the main issue would be, umm, do you know any music theory? I dunno if you purposefully misplaced the notes or if it is lack of musical understanding. Even without musical knowledge, if something doesnt sound right, just keep trying to make it sound right. Listen to the original and compare it to your workif you were going for the same melody. It wil help you find the differences. It is, actually, an interesting arrangement, none-the-less, but it still is, for lack of a better word, ackward to listen to. Quite ackward. I'll add some actual production advice. The song needs, generally, a better flow or transition from one part to the next. If this song could be compared to visual art, it would be collage. It seems like a cut and paste from one part to the next, with very abrupt changes. Also, there isn't really any bass line. Having a lower key instrument play the same notes as the melody cant really cut it. The drums are simply repetetive. Lets just say the list goes on. On a side, the ending whistling sound is generally unnecessary. As you said it yourself, this is quite the newb production here. But don't let any of what I said turn you away from remixing. It is hard and even somewhat frustrating to start, but once you get good (which is very far down the road.. even for me) you will be able to make just about anything that comes to mind. Alot of practice is required. ALOT. Anyways, to end, piano lessons are really good for learning music. If you can't get around to such, just look around the internet. Might/should be able to find some helpful information out there. Good luck, muhboy!
  16. It can be agreed upon the fact that this song just makes you feel lost. I liked the direction it was heading for at the beginning a LOT, though that direction seems to die off and become replaced, say.. 3, 4 or maybe 5 times. Even the mood changes from calm to epic. Now im not saying that its a bad thing, but it is rather sudden here. I really like the atmosphere here, though. Production is pro. Thanks for a good listening.
  17. I'll say right now that this is MUCH better then my first fl studio creation. But otherwise, quality is at a newb level. Again, don't take offence, as we ALL were (and I dare say, still very much ARE) newbs. It will take a LOT of messing around to start getting a better understanding of how to mix, master, and process music. Its good that you know how to use effects and things like that. It took me half a year to realize that effects exist. Generally, just like anything else, making music is something that you devote yourself to. Now for actual advice on your mix, here. It is quite repetetive. There is barely any variation in the melody. The drum kit is unrealistic for the genre (kick & clap(?!?)). Usually, a song with a guitar (suggesting, rock, metal, or the likes) would have a realistic and basic punchy kick drum with a punchy snare accompanied with hi-hats and crash cymbals, and toms, if you will. I will say you have applied a bit of creativity to the drum beat you already have there. If you decide to add a snare, do compress it. But learn how to use the compressor, if you don't know how to already. Also, do you know about the parametric equalizer? AllI have to say is use it! Its the ultimate mastering tool. They help to sculpt out how the sound will be heard. You can make a helpless kick gain punch, or give a strange bass synth some texture, or take pain away from a shrieking high lead, or... the list goes on. If you haven't used it before, use it, and really mess around with it. Also look out for filters when using lead synths or pads, like some of the ones you used in the song. I found that some of your synths sound like they are half filtered (which gives them a 'stuck' feeling) throughout the whole song. Check out tutorials and such if you want to learn more. Generally, just go wild and mess around with all the different effects to see what they are capable of. But one thing; dont over-use effects. Over usage can cause cpu overloads which is when the song is... not playing smoothly. I have major trouble with that even now. I don't know if you already knew most of what I said above or not. If you did... well then that was all in vain. But I enjoyed writing it! In the end, I'll just say mess around, enjoy messing around, and come back with a new (or revised) song to delight our ears! Best of luck.
  18. I think this may have enough content on it to be deemed complete. The ending suits it. But if you want to add to it, then be my guest Excellent job on the EQ-ing. As repetetive as trance drums are, I think you may be alright here with your repetition. Though I'm no judge. You added a little spice here and there with the drum beat, and it suits the mood of the song quite well anyways. If anything... maybe give the kick just a little more oomph. It may just make this song sound all the more trance-y. But just experiment that. This song rules, otherwise. I do say, it would be nice to see this up on OCR. But wait for some other people's opinions. I tend to like everything I hear, that is, if it's good, like this. Unless, of course, there are obvious problems with the song. But this has no real issues, as far as I can tell. Good luck getting this onto OCR!
  19. Its been a while since I posted a remix that needs some advice. But here's another one for you all. It contains elements of trance and percussion. It was basically an experiment on this 'style'. Here it t3h link: I'd like to know if this style is any good, and the other basic things, such as how can I improve. Also, should I add to it? (The last "ending" chord can easily be removed) Thanks! -Rom Tom
  20. This is pretty nice, actually. Interesting synths, though they are quite strange, at the same time. Especially that lead thing 'zipping' around. I dunno how to describe them much more then that. Just strange. And right now I cant even decide if it's a good or bad thing:< The kick drum sounds like it would be more suitable for a different genre of music, something more realistic. It seems to have a clicky texture rather then a nice thumpin' punch. But other then that, this is an awesome arrangement. I like the direction it is going in. Looking forward to an update!
  21. This is nice, and if I may say so, almost soothing, except for the bass, which as you said was incomplete. Well, if you want this to make it to OCR, then stay away from making a medley. You can add different melodies if you think they would mesh with your first source tune, but a full out medley where the song suddenly takes a different turn would not be accepted. If anything, try to interpret the source a little more. Other then that, I look forward to an update (with better quality bass:-o) Great work, and keep it up! Edit: Wow, I just looked at the source tune link you provided, and for a second I completely mistook it for Zelda II. Its practically the same thing! But at least there is different music to be remixed:grin:
  22. If possible, try to pan some of the instruments left and right. This song seems very central, kind of mono. Some of the drums could sound 'fuller,' as well. Other then that, great song! 'Tis quite enjoyable.
  23. This is pretty damn good. I especially like the kickin' drums. Though the only issue wih them is that the snare is panned a little too far to the left. You may want to keep that in the centre. Other then that, I look forward to a more complete mix! Great work, and keep it up!
  24. I know this is repetetive, but otherwise, I am going to ask for a general opinion on how to improve this song. Please leave feedback. Thanks! Rom Tom
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