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    I'm a bedroom musician who does this all for fun.
    My skills are somewhat limited, but what I lack in technique, I make up for in sheer temerity.

    In other words, I am not beyond Rap remixes of Final Fantasy songs.
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  1. This is sick as hell, and I personally don't think the song needs a guitar solo as what I'm hearing is pretty strong as it is. If you are gung ho about the solo, I'm not sure it should kick start the song after it starts to wind down. If anything, the solo, as well as the guitar in general will just sound tacked on for no real reason other than to be there. Establish the guitar from the beginning of the song and there is more of a place for a solo. Stay away from some cheesy chugga chugga stuff, though. Pretty much the fastest way to ruin some nice work. Might want to wait for some other p
  2. I'm not exactly Señor pro remixer here, but when I don't like a certain part of a melody, I crap all over it either by ignoring it entirely and creating my own melody, or by molding the existing melody into something I like. But who cares about me. I'm not sure how much of a fan you are of Massive Attack, but I can see this song going along those lines if you play your cards right. I agree with Metaphist on the instrument choice. Just make sure you keep this firmly in trip hop and all is fine. Don't abandon the beat.
  3. If it means anything to you, it almost seems as if you are parodying power ballads in this song. If this was done on purpose, then everything is fine, vocally. If you are being serious about the ballad, you really need to record those vocals again. When the vocals first started, I honestly thought that they were being played in reverse.
  4. I'm diggin' it. Nice and dirty. Keep it going. For the love of Pete, don't make this "epic."
  5. You know, I like the composisiton, but I'm not not really a fan of the instruments used to make it. The guitar, in my opinion is a bit on the "eh..." side,, but that can stay, as my big issue doesn't really lay in that. Actually I want to hear the song with the guitar solo you are talking about. I think you might want to save the lyrics for the time being. Perhaps have the vocal melody be one for another instrument. My issue is that the song, at this point in time, has an almost painful lack of bass mixed with drums that have no real impact once everything gets going. Given the subject matt
  6. Oh bless you (shed's tear). I really have to toss some money at those Renoise characters one of these days, as I liked the program when I was tinkering with the demo. I only mess with MadTracker because it was one of the few trackers I originally messed with that didn't try to torture new users. I get that vibe from Renoise as well. Even more so. Really streamlined.
  7. Okay folks, dust off that NES cartridge and button mash your way to the sewer stage (or just bootleg the damned game/song from somewhere) cause this bad boy just isn't going to work if you don't remember how the song goes. This is a slowed down, synth for days rendition of "Double Trouble," a great song from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. This is one of the handfull of remixes I have done in barely two years of messing with music, and one of er...four or so songs that I have ever posted someplace. Translated: Lords have mercy on my dinky work. So what is the damage? (Besides "it freaking
  8. On the other side of the coin, I must say that you should watch out before the song becomes Just Another Dance Remix . Avoiding the dance cliches would be for the benefit of the song. I'm kind of talking about the bass, but I'm not going to get too far ahead of myself when the song is still in progress. We'll see what's up later. By the way, that is perhaps my favorite song from DKC 2
  9. Wait, did I just read the word "tracker" on this board? Thought the the damned word was foul language around here (points to ungodly amounts of painfully average songs made using Madtracker). Anyway, since no one around here wants to bite, I will. Freaking great track here. Not sure what was up with that link (don't think I was patient enough), but I had to take a little trip to the website and get it from there, and let me tell you, my time wasn't wasted. I checked out Electropic Heat under the Platonist name, and I dug that too. Fun stuff that make me all of a sudden not regret the hundr
  10. I guess I'll finally start posting with this. I am nowhere close to being able to judge any song (this includes my own) at "that level," so I tend to stick to the simple "do I dig it?" To be honest, I actually dig this song quite a bit. It was already said, but I must parrot the opinion that the song is a bit too long. That being said, I don't really think there is any grand finale needed what I heard. It just needs to be wrapped up at the false ending at 3:54ish. The original special stage song actually grates on my nerves, so you get my utmost respect for extending that mess to six minute
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