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  1. I adore this album! really fun and creative. I hope you will consider doing Banjo Tooie someday. Excellent work
  2. It would be nice to hear any news about this before the year ends. No matter what though, I will still wait as long as it takes. Just wish we had some news
  3. We'll hopefully have some news soon. I've been waiting for this for years. can't be much longer to go
  4. Omg! that was made of absolute win Great find! I'm downloading the soundtrack as we speak too...
  5. When I was speaking of the tempo I was referring to changing it at certain parts of the song. As I said before, I do actually like the pace. I only mentioned that because I noticed it's a common technique to add a bit of variety. As for the climax, the best way I can describe it would be the part of the song that really makes the "core" song (in this case, the observatory theme)stand out. To me, this can mean making the theme a little more prominent, maybe a little faster at that point. It can also mean that all the instruments chime in for dramatic flare or 1 or 2 main instruments take th
  6. Yay! More SMG mixes <3 While I can't comment on the quality of the instruments (cause my speakers are garbage), I can at least offer input about the arrangement and pace. I really like the slow and mellow pacing you've used for this piece. It makes me think of a romantic slow dance at a ritzy dinner party. But at the same time, I felt there wasn't enough variety throughout the piece. Maybe changing the tempo or something would help. I just felt like there should be a more dramatic climax point in the song. Anywho, hope I can at least make a little sense. You've done a good job so f
  7. I dream of remixing the Doopliss Battle theme (from Paper Mario 2). Something totally hard rock techno and chiptuney (ala. Protodome or Halc) . With a dash of uber church bells rocking in the backround. Why oh why has no one given this awsome song love yet?
  8. I actually bought the game last week and so far, it's one of the most fun I've had with an rpg in years. I'm not saying it's the most groundbreaking, but a hoot no less, especially if you like classic rpgs. The graphic are pretty cute, the battle system is really fluid and intuitive, and even the voice acting is pretty good too. I also find the music to be fairly enjoyable as well (especially considering I find most games like this have very irritating music). The best part, is the chars and the writing. I've really laughed a lot at some of the dialogue. I would highly recommend this gam
  9. Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one who felt this way! I was so upset over the fact that Arek was simply going to drop the project without a word The art various users have posted are fantastic stuff. I hope there's enough material here to get a release of some sort. Oh I'm so excited now! XD Hope is not lost after all <3
  10. I'm so upset about the project being cancelled . So glad on the other hand though to hear your mixes for it. Hopefully others will be posting theres or something. These tracks are awsome XD! Did I mention your like my fave OC remic artist?
  11. I completely agree with all the postings here the past weekend. now we just need to figure out how to light the fire under Arek's ass. Hopefully some updates will happen soon.
  12. Sigh... sadly I think even by this point we're going to be waiting a loooong time
  13. Wow, the only complain I have is that is that there's no mp3 or something. Fantastic work <3
  14. I really hope that isn't the case, I've been looking forward to this so much . Please don't let this awesome project fade
  15. Soooo... is there going to be any news before the end of the year?
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