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  1. omg that's the funniest thing i've seen in a long time! ha!
  2. ha! that's so freakin' true!! still, i hope for a remake. maybe they'll fill some of those holes-who knows?
  3. jeez... that's a good point. i totally missed that. i think i like the song a bit more now
  4. yeah aeris dying was pretty... meh. i'll admit that the redxiii/nanaki dad scene did get me a little misty eyed. red was my fave by far though. cloud was actually my least favorite, followed *very* closely by aeris then barret. you guys..?
  5. i'm falling directly in the middle of this argument. it's a total love/hate thing going on. i appreciate and adore the inventiveness while simultaneous loathing the entire POV of the remix. jeez... is that even possible..? regardless, it's art and dose deserve some applause.
  6. at first i wasn't as floored as some of you seem to be. perhaps i'm a slow learner..? it's sinking in now upon replay. the more times i hear it, the more i love it. brilly...
  7. the airy, lounge vibe certainly takes this “heard it a thousand times” theme to new heights. a spectacular and polished effort, many kudos all around.
  8. brilliant and inventive! this beyond creative take on the smb theme is truly sublime. its woozy complexity really showcases the talent behind it. give me more!
  9. starting strange, mellow but haunted and just a tad disjointed, "short skirts" definitely invokes a moody vibe. the intro almost feels stifling and heavy or oppressive even. of course, this fits quite well with the scene in the game from which the theme was lifted. and, much like the game, the remix becomes lightened with unexpected optimism. bubbly yet still retaining the original quasi-eerie feel, the whole thing takes an intriguing turn towards the uplifting. what better way to audibly describe tifa?
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