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  1. Absolutely phenomenal, Audix. Listening to this one alongside your other two, this one beats out "Days' End", and gives some damnably ferocious competition to the excellent "Devastation's Doorway". Music like this makes me hope some of the composers occasionally look for fan remixes of their work, because I suspect Mitsuda himself would be exceedingly impressed; I would think drastic, unorthodox reworkings of the source material would be well within his tastes, judging by his work on Brink of Time and Creid. As to the merits of the actual song itself... First off, I honestly have to wonder how long it took you to select a tempo; I just tossed the track into Audacity and played with the speed a bit, and it seems to me that any faster or any slower, the track loses a fair amount of impact. In other words, you seem to have found the ideal tempo for this song, the rate that keeps the action moving without going so quickly that the listener misses some of the subtler details. I particularly enjoyed the way you emphasized the Magus section of the "Ocean Palace" theme; emphatic, but tasteful. Also, the section from 2:38 to 3:00 is just bloody overwhelming, and in a good way - the soundscape is about as saturated as you could get it without losing the overall picture. Uncertain whether or not I could realistically call it the "highlight" of the song; as with your other two remixes, this one is immersive (even habit-forming *laughs*) throughout, without one particular section standing out as the best moment of the song. Excellent, excellent stuff, Audix; I am granting this one a prominent position in several dozen of my top playlists as we speak. Just bloody remarkable.
  2. Just looped the song half a dozen times in WinAMP, and I must admit, I am absolutely blown away by this one. This song is easily one of the top three in the original series, and you guys not only did the song justice, you turned it into the kind of epic anthem I would expect to hear at the end of a movie (perhaps with a sunset view of Monstropolis in the background?). This one is up there with DarkeSword's "Stranger in the Desert", Star Salzman's "Tickle My Wily", the Megas' "The Annihilation of Monsteropolis", and Sixto and zircon's "Nuclear Flash" collab. Simply brilliant. Six stars out of five, no question.
  3. Wow, most impressive. I enjoyed "Alpha" greatly, but this one is actually the better of the two, in my opinion. I have always felt that ambient music in videogames is greatly underrated (Riven being the ultimate example, of course), and this mix manages to capture the feel of the original songs while still giving off that strong atmospheric vibe - almost an Oxygene feeling to the first thirty seconds, actually. While I am only slightly familiar with Marathon's music (what little there is of it, anyway), your interpretation of "Under Cover of Night" (my all-time favorite Halo theme) is truly flawless, something that will undoubtedly find its way onto a number of my regular playlists. If I had to choose a highlight, I would say the best part of the song is the brief section from 2:01 to the end, when the strings come in over the "Under Cover of Night" theme. Truly priceless; that part alone boosts it above "Forerunner Mix (Alpha)", although only by a slight margin. Excellent job; this one rates up there with any of the "official" remixes of the song ("Dream Again" being the best thus far, in my opinion). Please keep making these; we need more material like this!
  4. Hmmm... The vast majority of the music in Hiroki Kikuta's Seiken Densetsu soundtracks could be considered "ridiculously happy". A lot of Koji Kondo's old stuff is rather chipper as well. Jun Ishikawa has written an enormous amount of light-hearted stuff, although it can get old fairly quickly.