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  1. Such a funky track, probably my favourite track (at least, the most listened to) of the whole album. It's great!
  2. Oh wow! I like this latest version the best. It's great to hear the progression of the track over the course of this thread.
  3. Well I quite enjoyed this album. Certainly not bad for a one man effort. Some of the tracks may have been a tiny bit rough still, and they didn't deviate away from the source material much, but I enjoyed it all a lot more than SMB. Good show. The second album's links are 404ing though, which makes me sad.
  4. I am not a music critic, but I like what I like; I like the source material a lot (probably my favourite from SM64) and I like what you've done, too. It's all peaceful and mellow and such, it's great. My only critique is maybe that it seems to sound less like DDD after the 2 minute mark. Whether or not this is the intention I don't know.
  5. Audix and Tweek have taken a fantastic song and somehow made it fantasticer. Definitely something to listen to; been waiting for this since that thread was made oh so long ago.
  6. I'm speechless. I never would have thought that one could apply lyrics to a video game song and make it work, but this track is mind-blowing. A must-have.
  7. Personally, I think it sounds like something you would find on the Unreal Tournament 2004 soundtrack. This is not a bad thing though. I like it.
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