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  1. Thanks for the reply. I actually have the album that VNV Nation track is from, I know what you mean. I wanted to stick quite close to the original keeping in the general feel, because I believe that is the greatest quality of the song, the atmosphere it creates. It's not really an exact copy of the original, I have transposed it all by ear but I have done my own structuring and modifications to better suit it.
  2. Well I'm not sure if it is designed this way on purpose or what, since I just joined here last night. If it is, oh well. *edit* Wow you're right. Thanks for the tip. I don't know how that happened either, I didn't mess with anything Thanks!
  3. http://coryrichards.ceroprojects.com/Music/Cory%20Richards%20-%20Moon%20Crush.mp3 http://coryrichards.ceroprojects.com/Music/Cory%20Richards%20-%20The%20Lab%20of%20Dr.%20Light.mp3 http://coryrichards.ceroprojects.com/Music/Cory%20Richards%20-%20Reprise.mp3 http://coryrichards.ceroprojects.com/Music/Cory%20Richards%20-%20Maybell.mp3 http://coryrichards.ceroprojects.com/Music/Cory%20Richards%20-%20Dreams%20Title%20Theme.mp3 These are just a few of what I have done, I haven't been able t upload thee majority of my works. Some mix issues I'd like to correct in a few of these but overall they are fine.
  4. Hello, I notice that threads read backwards here than most other forums, meaning that the oldest post is on the last page instead of the first. Might there be some way on my side to change this? thanks.
  5. Heh, yeah I've been playing the guitar and composing for 8 years, and picked up the piano 2 years ago. If anyone wants my IM, it's B1nK777 for AIM.
  6. Well I have been composing for 8 years now, I have only just recently started dabbling around with remixes and arrangements. So I guess you might say that.
  7. Thanks! Well actually no I did not use Toxic III, just some tweaked stuff in Sytrus, concerning the synths. I rather like it, even though I do not much care for Image-Line's 'Fruityloops'. The percussion, though, is Stormdrum.
  8. Here is my remix of this wonderful track from an equally wonderful OST. http://coryrichards.ceroprojects.com/Music/Cory%20Richards%20-%20Crystal%20Space(Jesper%20Kyd%20Cover%20-%20Sub-Terrania%20OST).mp3 I am rather pleased with it, what do y'all think?
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