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  1. Country music has millions of fans, it's easy to become exposed to a vocal minority and assume that is the default position. Sure there's a lot of hate for country, but so there is for nearly everything else.
  2. This is the blog page for the development of the game. There is a description of the game in the first/top post, if you click "Read the rest of this post" http://blog.lorenhernandez.com/ Thanks for listening to this everyone, I really do appreciate it. Means a lot to me!
  3. I actually did a re-mix of Crystal Space I, like 5 years ago. It's no good by my standards today... but there you have it. One of my favorite soundtracks of all time!
  4. Thanks for checking it out, folks. I appreciate every single listen!
  5. Check out my new sounds, here's a soundtrack cue for an awesome upcoming indie Facebook game! http://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence/dudequest-the-colossal-cave
  6. I just ignore those kinds of statements and continue my life as if I never read them. Rationalizing with people who are stuck in their ignorant ways is a waste of my time
  7. It's totally cool, I completely understand why you'd have to back out. I know I don't have a decent rep around here yet but I can definitely do this job if it needs to be done, and I can do it well. Otherwise I'm more than happy in mastering my own track to re-submit for this awesome project.
  8. Good call. z3ta+ is actually really good. I don't use it as often as I should.
  9. Here's a theme I just completed that was inspired by my personal favorite comic book superhero, the Silver Surfer. I believe it reflects his tragic past, and his stoic and larger than life persona. Tell me what you think? Thanks! http://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence/starway-sentinel
  10. Here is a fully arranged version of Ultima IX's Buccaneer's Den theme track. The main theme is realized throughout this short piece in a variety of ways. It's very short; it's actually a loop that is usable in the game Ultima Online as a replacement for the original audio. Cannon Blast (Ultima IX - Buccaneer's Den Remix)
  11. I just used CamStudio, free software I found with Google. I'm not up to date with desktop recording OR YouTube so the video quality on this one is rather lame. Any subsequent videos will be much better however.
  12. Thanks bros, I appreciate your time and critique. I'll gladly return the favor and offer to check out some of your own stuff if you guys have any threads posted up on here. I'm always looking for extra vantage points on which to view these beats, so any insight you guys give me is great.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBqmhZA1nBY Check it out! The video quality is kinda shoddy since it's my first time doing this here, it will get better in the future I promise! Put it on 480p for higher bitrate, you want to do this trust me. Thanks for listening!
  14. All you MvC3 fanatics, peep this for a minute...: http://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence/doomatic-marvel-vs-capcom-3 ;D
  15. What about fighting game talent?
  16. On average, it's about 2 hours of work for every minute of music.
  17. So, I started working on a piece for "Flight From the Holy Land". I hope it's not too late to submit something. It's nearly finished, I can send in a WIP if you'd like?
  18. So what's this "#61 Flight From the Holy Land"? I can't seem to find it anywhere...
  19. I can't wait to hear everyone's work on this!
  20. Check this out: http://www.tonehammer.com/?p=1564
  21. I'd like to do a piece for this project, I'll work on a track real soon.
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