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  1. Thanks for listening to it Jacob! Arngeir still hasn't recovered from the sick illness. LOL
  2. You can always put John McCain up there. But I guess that was a 2006 joke. ;D
  3. She's not merely a women, she's three women.
  4. Check this out! A recording from 2010 I did for a band called Abhorrent, this is real dirty, tech-death stuff. Let me know what you think. http://www.sendspace.com/file/ihbaja
  5. What's up y'all just thought some of you would like to hear this! Here's my take on the powerful theme from the excellent game series The Elder Scrolls. There's a little bit from Skyrim and Morrowind here, as well as a lot of my own original interpretation. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/474673
  6. There's a lot of variations of psy trance. You have the original brand which came from Goa, India and is thusly labeled as such. Then there's a popular melodic variant that sprouted in Israel following the traditions of Astral Projection. You have psybient which is sort of like a down-tempo version of the music and then there's darkpsy, or forest psy.... that stuff is very aggressive, fast and uses a lot of *insane* sounds. Check out Kindzadza. Some of my personal favorites are Protoculture (melodic psy), Khetzal (supreme Goa trance, one of the best artists ever), and Shpongle (the almighty Posford/Raja Ram combo, this is Mozart on acid).
  7. This is the only thing related to Assassin's Creed that truly matters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4G8Wo6UCx4&feature=youtu.be
  8. Well, the suggestion to purchase a MIDI controller was made with the (obvious to me IMO) implication that she learn how to play it as if he were learning a piano... so in essence you would gain those skills and knowledge. You're absolutely right of course that just having the controller won't confer to you those assets just by virtue of having the keys laid out in front of you... no, you have to deliberately practice it. I'm self taught and while I'm certain I could be much better with a legit trainer, I think I've came a long way on my own just through reading, watching videos and playing a lot. I am certain anyone can, if they try.
  9. Honestly you're probably much better off just purchasing an inexpensive keyboard or MIDI controller and teach yourself how to play. It will be incredibly rewarding and the skills you learn will prove invaluable in many areas of music. Not to mention you'll get your realistic piano performances at the drop of a hat if you manage to get any good. Sorry if that sounds obvious, but it truly is the best advice I would give anyone who asks that.
  10. This can be achieved by either a noise-gate or messing with the amplification envelope of the synth itself.
  11. What's up OCR! I'm starting a new guides and tutorials section on my website. It's intended to be a running work in progress extension of my blog. I don't have material up yet but I do have the entire "curriculum" outlined and posted. Perhaps you can check it out and let me know what you think? I'd be interested to hear anyone's input or ideas. Thanks! http://omnipsyence.com/2012/01/guides-and-tutorials-for-all/
  12. Yeah but the rearrangement and remixing is only half the story; the other half is that you're creating a new version of a previously existing work with the purpose of displaying it in a new light. So of course some semblance to the original is expected. This could show itself as adhering to chord progressions or rhythms more strictly, and also orchestration/instrumentation which seems to be so in this case.
  13. I'll work on my WIP, no problem. I was just assuming we had to claim a track since that's more or less what the first post implies with the red text = "claimed, WIP not turned in yet". *shrug*
  14. I'd like to do "Cayenne", or Cyan, or whatever you want to call it! If you need to hear my work, check out my demo reels, http://omnipsyence.com/demo-reels/ plus I have a track about to be posted from Harmony of the Hunter (I need to fix some clipping in the track). Let me know if this is cool! Thanks
  15. I'm in. Most definitely. Just have to figure out what track I'd like to work on!
  16. I actually just posted a blog on this same topic. Check it out: http://omnipsyence.com/2012/01/bring-it-on-2012/
  17. BTW here is a track right from the album! I really want to get people interested in this, I'd love it if you gave it a listen. Thank you! http://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence/the-veil
  18. Hey everyone! I've been putting together a special project over the past couple of months, and the time for its completion is coming up real soon. Some time ago, I started work on some tracks that were intended for an album release, but I wasn't sure where it was all going to end. Up until now, that is! I am asking any interested parties to be a part of my album and come up with some remixes of my tracks. This is going to be an entirely free release, and I definitely feel like it would be a great opportunity to cross-promote each others' music. I'm looking for artists with great production skills and a knack for striking emotional chords with both power and grace. This is a very personal undertaking on my part, and the music means everything to me. So I've done everything to the best of my ability, and I hope it listeners will be able to tell. The music I'm doing here is some sort of progressive electronica, blending emotive orchestral composition with ambient, textural soundscapes and high energy beats. Anyone can take a look at my SoundCloud and my website's demo reels to see the kind of work I do. I don't want to post any clips here that are directly from the album as I kind of wanted the whole thing to be a surprise when it's done. But to any interested parties, I will privately send tracks. I understand that even taking interest in this is a leap of faith of sorts, so I apologize in advance for my secrecy if it's annoying. tl;dr version: I'm releasing a free album and I'm looking for skilled remixers! If interested, just PM me and I will send you tracks directly from the album. Thanks for your time everyone!!
  19. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you guys and girls a new game coming out soon. Just to be upfront, I'm biased with this game because I will in fact be scoring the soundtrack and doing sound FX. We just finished our first gameplay trailer, which can be found here on Youtube: The game itself is kind of like an uber version of that game Alien Swarm, which is really the only game out that it can be compared with. This will feature a lot more depth of gameplay, and far more options for player customization. If anyone's played the old WC3 maps Night of the Dead (now a SC2 map as well), this game has its roots in that. It's basically tactical survival at its finest! Let me know what you guys think! I did the music for this trailer too
  20. You can always use a tap metronome/beat calculator. Most hosts have them built in, or you can even use a small web app. All you gotta do is click/hit a key to the tempo for a bit, it takes like 5-10 seconds and you're done!
  21. What's up people? Remember that track from Eiffel 65 called "Blue"? I just remixed it! Please check it out, let me know what you think! http://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence/everything-is-blue
  22. Okay folks, finished it up! http://omnipsyence.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Omni-Psyence-Relax-Frankie-Goes-to-Hollywood.mp3 The previous link no longer works. Let me know what ya think! Also got a soundcloud link: http://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence/relax
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