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  1. Hello vgm aficionados! I have a request. This is a work-in-progress for a friend's game. But for some reason I have this nagging feeling that I'm unconsciously ripping off the violin melody from some other well-known videogame soundtrack. Probably a JRPG soundtrack. I know most music has its influences, but I feel like it's ... too similar. If you have the time, could you take a listen and see if you recognize the melody? Specifically, the solo violin melody at 0:29-0:46. And to a smaller extent, the chord progression at that time. Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/sillythewilly/overworld-aether-rough-draft-04
  2. Thanks Garoad! It's out now: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/644696
  3. Thanks! My friend made the game, he's mostly done and is in the process of getting it released. Hopefully won't take too long. According to his description:
  4. Hey guys, this is the soundtrack for an upcoming game called Phoenotopia. I uploaded this recently and figured OC Remix might enjoy it. So cheers! http://sillythewilly.bandcamp.com/album/phoenotopia-ost Created by: sillythewilly (me) Raoul Hamilton (http://www.raoulhamilton.com/)
  5. Naw, you probably just clicked the link and forgot about the 'OR2' at the end : ] My edit coming later ... -edit- : Agree with Harmony; you have this guitar-driven rocking song, but it's mainly guitar work. The judges probably thought it could sound nicer with other elements blended in... I dunno, anything really, from other lead instruments to background pads. Maybe think about adding contrast between different sections. Other stuff. Sounds good so far, though >: ]
  6. Overcoat: Tascam didn't fix it, but you can use Microsoft's Application Compatibility Toolkit to get around that installer problem. I followed this post's instructions and it worked out. http://forum.cakewalk.com/tm.asp?m=1674492&mpage=1&key=%EF%BF%BD About getting sound out of it .. sorry, I haven't played around with it much. Maybe it has something to do with setting directory locations?
  7. Was stoked to see v3 ... finally, muahaha! >: ] Seems like a good time to buy the license
  8. Hey DJ SymBiotiX, I had the same problem as well. I got it working with the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit after googling around for answers. I think this guy here has the answer you want. http://forum.cakewalk.com/tm.asp?m=1674492&mpage=1&key=�
  9. Apparently DT's new album will have gothic elements? I'll be interested in seeing what they come up with. I used to be a big fanboy, I used to really be into prog metal, but I just keep transitioning from one thing to another. Musical journey, ya know : | Another big thumbs up for Pain of Salvation, mentioned by Luke earlier.
  10. I like using a combo of REAPER and Reason, via ReWire. Well ..... not that I've done much, yet. And I don't really have experience with other DAWs, so I can't say anything, except that Reaper is great w/ audio, decent w/ MIDI (good enough for me), and the community is very helpful and active.
  11. I guess I missed the Spanish guitar, but I saw an erhu vsti instead : o Thanks! Boy, I download so many plugins, but I don't know what half of them do D:
  12. Ah, I wasn't trying to sound mean D: Thanks for the comment Anyways, sounds good to me. I mean, it's better to develop your own style, right? Whatever sounds good to you ... boy, that sounds like relativism D:
  13. oo, is that so? Then you better come up with something super awesome, Hoboka : D
  14. Mmm? Bling bling!? : o Thanks though, everyone, for the comments. I was pretty surprised.. it was really cool to see what everyone else came up with. And I mean it : D And now ... to think of a cool theme ... oh dang
  15. This sounds interesting : | I might be able to do some violin work. However, I'm still learning this and that, and waiting to get a decent audio interface, so I don't even know how I'll sound. So .. I guess I can be a last-ditch backup violinist
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