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  1. I'm really into the indie game soundtracks lately. These are modern games right? Shatter Official Soundtrack by Module http://sidhe.bandcamp.com/album/shatter-official-videogame-soundtrack Frozen Synapse Soundtrack by nervous_testpilot http://www.frozensynapse.com/soundtrack.html Also: Super Meat Boy!, Return All Robots, but these are obvious. EDIT: Sorry I seem to have come in a bit late? Voting etc already going on? Ah well, I did want to drop my $.02 anyway.
  2. Also just to point out - you can get this 3/4 of the EP and a bunch of other free downloads on his Soundcloud page here: http://soundcloud.com/hollidayrain/sets Also we can't forget The OneUps! Tons of stuff here: http://theoneups.bandcamp.com/
  3. I will echo and whole-heartedly recommend the links to all things zircon, Flexstyle, Hollidayrain, and everything else linked in this thread so far! To add a few: SGX - Bunch of albums all awesome http://albums.sgxmusic.com/ Leitbur (aka remixer JT Widman) has a solo album that's very good: http://leitbur.bandcamp.com/ Big Giant Circles has a single, with album coming soon: http://biggiantcircles.bandcamp.com/track/you-can-have-mine JD Harding (whom I remember from VGMix, not sure if he was ever on OCR?) has a slew of stuff on Bandcamp now. I personally enjoyed his Richard Jacques-esque sound which is prevalent on his 2001 album. http://jdharding.bandcamp.com/ Binster: http://binster.bandcamp.com/ Also shameless plug for the 3 compilations in my sig - featuring zircon, Flexstyle, SGX, Hollidayrain, and a bunch of other (non-OCR) electro.
  4. Congrats! Does this mean the archive torrent re-release will be put on hold indefinitely? * ducks* I kid, I kid! Marriage is a wonderful experience have fun!
  5. I paid double the asking price and I still think it's a deal. This is a very nice gesture I hope your brother in law and sister have a speedy and full recovery.
  6. Soundtrack? Please? The game is insane. Insane fun. EDIT: By the way I played in Chrome and didn't have any problems. Just FYI. Nice coding there guys!
  7. Thanks to everyone who donated, we raised a total of $1,796 for Japan! We officially "ended" the fundraiser and the album is now a free download on our Bandcamp page, for anyone who hasn't downloaded it yet. http://electrofreaks.bandcamp.com/album/efp-vol-03-for-japan Cheers!
  8. Yes - just donate directly to those organizations however much you want, and just tell us how much you donated. You'll get the download link after you submit the form. It's an honor system but we felt it was the best way. No middleman = no fees!
  9. Bump. Japan got hit by another quake, another tsunami warning, nuclear situation still unsettled, many homeless for the foreseeable future... They're not out of the woods yet... Please consider donating! Thank you. Our fundraiser tally is now up to over $1500 and thanks to anyone here who donated and downloaded the album!
  10. This news sucks. For anyone who still hasn't donated for Japan, the Electro Freaks' fundraiser is still going strong. Please consider donating if you haven't yet (and get a free album of electro goodies in the process) - http://electrofreakspresent.com/ Thanks for everyone who has supported us, we've raised over $1500 US so far!
  11. This is all kinds of win. Thanks for the update! Can't wait for the soundtrack release. =)
  12. I wholeheartedly second and recommend these. And don't forget to check out Oscillist I do think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  13. I will second (third?) the zircon "Mass Media Constant" recommendation, and add to the list one of my favorite independent electronic artists, Oscillist. His work is very good and way underrated IMHO. http://oscillist.bandcamp.com/ Side note... One of zircon's Mass Media Constant tracks, Bushido Blade, is the opening track on our EFP Vol 3 compilation. Track 2 is some great dnb from Oscillist. And no, I did NOT do the tracklisting, it's just coincidence. Click on my sig there for details on the album...
  14. ^^ Thanks guys - the Electro Freaks really appreciate the generous contributions from you and all of the artists involved! So far we've amassed over $1,000 in donations (self-reported anonymous statistic)! Thanks to anyone here who donated/supported! We're going for as much as possible so if you haven't yet, please consider donating and getting your copy of this awesome tribute album today! A little dismayed that some people actually put "0" and just downloaded the album anyway. Kinda not the point but that's what an "honor system" will bring you sometimes I guess.
  15. Bump for the Saturday/weekend crowd... We need your support! Please consider making a donation and downloading this awesome compilation. Thanks!
  16. Hey Guys, EFP Vol 03: For Japan is complete and the fundraiser is now officially started! Preview: http://electrofreaks.bandcamp.com Download: http://www.electrofreakspresent.com Feedback: http://www.facebook.com/electrofreaks Follow: http://www.twitter.com/electrofreaks61 Thanks for your support! We hope you enjoy the album! About Electro Freaks Electro Freaks is an online music community founded in October 2008. The group consists of electronic music fans, artists, and listeners from all corners of the world, united by a common love of electronic music in its many varied forms. The Electro Freaks Presents compilations are produced by the fans, for the fans. EFP Vol 01 was released on June 1, 2009 and was regarded by all involved as a resounding success. EFP Vol 02 was released October 10, 2010 and has over 440 downloads to date. This is the community’s third release. A total of 45 different artists have contributed 81 tracks to all three EFP albums. EFP Vol 03: For Japan Tracklist: 1. zircon - Bushido Blade [03:14] 2. Oscillist - Green Leaves Grey Skies [04:56] 3. Phrakture - Sidewalkin' Slow [07:23] 4. Hearhere - Killer [03:52] 5. Hollidayrain - Don't Let Go [07:54] 6. Bankai - Faun (Vox) [08:07] 7. Kegaska - The Valve [05:29] 8. SGX - And All That Between [04:50] 9. Cosmicity - Truth [04:36] 10. smokething - Devotion [02:13] 11. Broke For Free - Never In My Life [04:32] 12. Pellicle - Clouds [04:52] 13. Flexstyle - Agua Fria [03:53] 14. Color Theory - If It's My Time to Go [04:40] 15. The Polish Ambassador - Cougar [07:57] 16. Able Danger - Department of Health and Human Sadness [03:54] 17. Doktor Vass - Four Minute Silence [04:00] 18. Viola - Newest, Hottest, Whatever [03:32] 19. The Siamese Electric - Fades Away [04:05] 20. Fetal Pulse - Out of the Bush [05:05] 21. Alex Gloworld - Simmering [04:38] 22. Slug A - Mas Bellas [07:32] 23. Xcone - Void (Japan Natural Disaster Tribute Remix) [04:42] 24. axisONE - How I Prefer You [03:32] 25. The Colour Club - Bad Friday [05:28] 26. Burro Music - Vainglory [05:37] 27. Harperactive - The Milkman Conspiracy [02:12] 28. Temple Scene - Holding Back the Tide [03:56] Total Playing Time: [2h 16m 55s] © All rights reserved to the individual artists.
  17. Just a friendly bump/reminder... Any electronic artists interested in submitting a track for our tribute, deadline is about 24 hours from now. See 1st post for link and details... Thanks! And for you listeners - stay tuned we've got another exciting release coming together!
  18. Hi All, We had a ton of support from OCR for Electro Freaks Present Vol 2 back in October, so I hope you'll enjoy this announcement... The Electro Freaks are organizing EFP Vol 2 as a tribute album to raise funds for Japan relief. The album will be released on Friday, March 25, 2011. We won't be collecting money directly; rather, we're encouraging everyone to donate directly so that 100% of funds go to your preferred charity. We'll give you a download link afterwards (more details to come on release day...) Anyway, I'm posting this here now in case any electronic artists want to participate by donating a song for the album. Deadline to submit is Wed, March 23. Fast I know, but we want to turn this around quickly. So far we have tracks from OCR remixers Flexstyle, Hollidayrain, and SGX as well as many more of our Electro Freaks regulars and some newcomers. Details can be found on our website at http://electrofreakspresent.com/ Thanks for your support and stay tuned for release details to come!
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