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  1. Thanks man, I'll keep my eyes peeled. And I'll spread the word, I know some friends who will dig this sound. Cheers!
  2. Sweet. I've been streaming the album from your site and I'm hooked man. Great stuff! I'm not big on iTunes and I didn't see it on Amazon (yet?), but I love Bandcamp because (1) they take only a minor cut, much less than iTunes and Amazon, (2) lossless audio FTW!
  3. JT Widman! Your Soul Caliber remix is still in my rotation. I always did like your sound, nice to hear you're back and still making music. EDIT: Loving the first track already! Any chance you can put this up on Bandcamp?
  4. Samples sound tight, downloading the album now, thanks! Echoing the Bandcamp request too. Love love love Bandcamp!
  5. I have to agree. I love the mix of covers and originals. That a-ha cover is going on my next chiptune mix for my older brother, he will love it. (We are both huge 80s/new wave fans.)
  6. I know, I know... Unfortunately other things in life have almost eliminated my available time for gaming. Hard to justify buying a new system when I have a back-catalog of games I've bought-but-never-played.
  7. OK that's fine. In fact I really haven't seen how insane the graphics are for the 3DS. I really just thought the "3D" part was just the latest gimmick. There have been so many variations on DS systems in the last few years without affecting backwards-compatibility I just assumed this was another such "enhancement." My mistake, or ineffective marketing on Nintendo's part? Eh, no matter. In any event, thanks for the detailed explanation. I'm not the gamer I used to be...
  8. You don't have to be sarcastic. Given that Nintendo has a generally good reputation for supporting backwards compatibility across its portable offerings, I don't think it's an unreasonable request or expectation for a 3DS game to work on a DS system, sans-3D features. Thanks!
  9. I used to do that too, loved the headphone jack. In fact I still have my own "gamerip" version of the Dune soundtrack recorded this way years later (line-in to my laptop though, not cassette). There was (is?) a soundtrack rip done by Grawl somewhere but I found the timing of the tracks to be off (i.e. higher BPM than the in-game sounded). I spent so many hours playing Dune I know the rhythm and pacing by heart, and my line-out recorded version captures it exactly as I remember. Someone above mentioned Shining Force II - this was also one I loved and recorded to cassette. And Streets of Rage. Classic!
  10. TAKE THAT? Yes please. Forgive the ignorant question, but will 3DS games play on a regular DS? I don't care for 3D and hadn't planned on buying a 3DS system.... but this game *may* make me change that plan...
  11. You can also grab the booklet directly here, either as a PDF or as a zipped archive of JPEGs for your slideshow-style viewing pleasure: PDF: db.tt/NBPPpwL Images: db.tt/9I30kGl Zaid, thanks for checking us out!
  12. I distinctly remember humming themes from Mega Man, Double Dragon, Ninja Gaiden, Bionic Commando, Faxanadu, and other NES classics while riding my bike around the neighborhood and to/from friends' houses (usually after playing said games). And that was only last week! No, seriously that was when I was a kid like 20-some odd years ago. Got really into soundtrack listening when Sega CD and Saturn discs had the listenable soundtracks. Many hours spent listening to Lunar: Silver Star Story, Sonic CD, and Sonic 3D Blast. Oh and the Castlevania: SotN "black disc" tracks, haha! First purchased soundtrack? Final Fantasy VI Disc 3, so I could listen to "Searching for Friends" whenever I wanted. Later found it was a bootleg SM version, boo! But I have an original Squaresoft edition now, yay!
  13. Will you be my new best friend? (Long time fan of Color Theory and Temple Scene here!)
  14. Haha thanks. It's named as such because it is meant to coincide with our group's 2nd birthday. Thanks for the interest and feedback everyone!
  15. Thanks! Yeah I was only using the "real name" field as a placeholder. Trying to consolidate a bit, much appreciated!
  16. Thanks for checking it out. I know it's a large chunk of hard drive space but hopefully you'll find it's worthwhile. The built-in music player is part of Bandcamp's default service and you can use it to listen to the entire album (not just preview samples). It can also be streamed from an iPhone or iPad (i.e. doesn't use flash on mobile devices). Nifty!
  17. Hi, can I get my name changed to PhoenixWrightEF?
  18. Yup been here my whole life! Cheers. =)

  19. Hi Guys, I'mm one of the admins from the Electro Freaks. Our little group put in a lot of time and effort to assemble this free compilation - please check it out and show our artists some love! While many of you undoubtedly know zircon, SGX, Hollidayrain, and of course Flexstyle, there's a TON of other awesome stuff on here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Cheers from the Electro Freaks! (Thanks for the post Flexstyle!)
  20. Haha I just re-read my earlier post and I did sound like a bit of a prick! Sorry I'm not usually like that... I think last night I was starting to get a bit of a headache (long day and all that) and I saw this mix WIP and was like "oh cool, Phoenix Wright"... and well, just not what I was expecting! But yeah, thanks for being understanding, and again - sorry man + good luck!
  21. Music is in the ear of the listener. That's why I put it in quotes. If I want to say that isn't music to me, that's my prerogative. That's why I said we fundamentally disagree - Psychog13 feels this is music, I don't. Neither one of us is wrong, it is what it is. That's not arrogance, it's called having a preference and an opinion. Yes yes I'm sure you can find a definition that includes this style, but that's not my point. What I stated was my personal opinion. It's so easy for someone's opinion to get misconstrued as an attempt to assert a definition. That's not what I was saying. I don't disagree with you about what "constructive criticism" is; I realize I'm not offering anything constructive, mostly because of the disagreement about this style of music. What can I possibly say or offer to help him improve this remix if I disagree with what it is based on in the first place? I can't, and I know that. However, I did apologize in my last post for being too harsh and I meant that. Psychog13 good luck on this if you do decide to continue on it. Peace?
  22. Ok I admit I was a bit harsh, I do apologize for that. But I really didn't like the remix and I'm not going to be equivocal about it. Also, to be honest I was a little irritated by the fact that you don't see this as OLR-level material when it is an exactly perfect example of something you would find on OLR. Like I said, I'm not a musician so props to you for trying! As for OA's remix, well gosh... Dunno what to say to that! Honestly I've much more heavily into electro/trance tracks but OA's gem will forever be in my best of OCR list. Also as an electro fan I just really did not like the sound of your mix - sorry! EDIT: Oh just clicked on that YouTube video.... I see where you are coming from and I just think that you and I fundamentally disagree on what "music" is.
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