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  1. Hi Guys! Just wanted to drop a note that our 7th Electro Freaks compilation album is now available for download! As usual we have our regular OCR friends and contributors like Flexstyle, zircon, DjjD, Benjamin Briggs, bLiNd, and Leitbur - plus tons of other stuff which you will like if you enjoy any of the above! The album is again free/name your price; any generous support will go towards keeping all of our releases free on Bandcamp, streaming on Soundcloud, etc. Oh and if you haven't already, be sure to grab Volumes 1-6 (all free on our Bandcamp). Vol 6 in particular I highly recommend! Album art © and courtesy of RoboticsClub: http://instagram.com/RoboticsClub EFP Vol 07: Electro Machines Tracklist: 01 radionarcotix x Decktonic - Born Again 02 Featurette - Memorize 03 Benjamin Briggs - Methods 04 bLiNd - Bijuu 05 zircon - Firecracker 06 DjjD - Wavy Things 07 TheBlackParrot - Cosmos 08 SREYAS - Tornado 09 Riverbender - Arprecious 10 Leitbur - Counterpart 11 Binster - Forest 12 Flexstyle - Oasis (KingTiger's Total Care Package Remix) 13 reV - Die of a Good Thing (Original Mix) 14 Color Theory - Productivity (Matt Mancid Retro Crossover Version) (Remaster) 15 Vincenzo Salvia - Gelato Party 16 Tad Rees - The Sherpa's Path 17 Ryan Duhon - t3mp0r4ry (Riverbender Remix) 18 Almark - IC Thanks for checking it out!
  2. This second album is long overdue, I really enjoyed One Day Millennium when it was released, and I come back to it often. I couldn't back this project fast enough, I'm in! Fans of electronic music take note of this one and help Sole Signal out!
  3. This is really exciting and feels like a logical progression. As someone who has spent the last 10+ years following OCR artists and trying to track down their original works outside of OCR I can say it's been a fun but sometimes time-consuming hunt. Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to find those awesome gems that are out there waiting for a wider audience! While the Electro Freaks may have a pretty small online footprint/presence relative to OCR, we've always appreciated the support we've received from OCR artists and community so if there's anything we can do to help, let me know.
  4. Thanks! Would love to hear what you think of this one!
  5. Hey guys, just wanted to bump this one time in case you may have missed it. Tons of great electronic music on here, including several new/unreleased tracks from OCR artists you know and love, and all free for the taking - hope you enjoy! Happy Holidays Everyone!
  6. Hey All, The Electro Freaks are back with yet another indie electronic compilation featuring a ton of awesome electro artists, including original tracks from OCR remixers like zircon, Flexstyle, bLiNd, DjjD, Jamison Randall, Leitbur, Binster (as .mpegasus), to mention just a handful. Please check out the album and enjoy! We're making it "name your price" this time so it's still a free download for anyone who wants it; any generous support will go towards keeping all of our releases free on Bandcamp etc. Album art © and courtesy of RoboticsClub: http://instagram.com/RoboticsClub EFP Vol 06: More Electro Than Electro Tracklist: 01 Painting the Prototype - Danger Run 02 bLiNd - Rock it Steady 03 zircon - Across the Ocean 04 Leitbur - I Will Always Be Your Constant 05 .mpegasus - homespace 06 DM Ashura vs. Sanxion7 - Ethereality 07 DjjD - Intergalactic Arsenal 08 Vincenzo Salvia - Towards the Light 09 Bearcraft - Ghost 10 Decktonic - This Love Is Faux Real 11 Odd Year & The Reverb Junkie - Don't Say It Didn't Hurt (Club Mix) 12 Hollidayrain - Let Me Go (feat. Russell Elliott) 13 Rchetype - Arcturus (feat. Wolfgun) 14 nervous_testpilot - Holding Fire 15 Flexstyle - Stand With Me 16 MisfitChris - Night Tone.AiR 17 Fetal Pulse - Hyper Jump 18 Color Theory - Slot Machine 19 Tad Rees aka Solo - Mars Descent (EFP Mix) 20 Sum - Oblivion (Alex Gloworld Instrumental Remix) 21 Glass Department - Sunlight 22 Phrakture - No Illusion 23 TheBlackParrot - Bandit 24 Jamison Randall - Maybe (feat. Category5) Thanks for checking us out!
  7. Sometime in 2002 I found Project Majestic Mix's Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu (probably from searching for Nobuo, don't remember that part). Hanging out on the old PMM forums led to me OCR, VGMix, and OneUp Studios, and I was hooked. Didn't join the OCR forum until years later for whatever reason, but I have downloaded (if not listened to) every ReMix and album and lovingly and meticulously cataloged them into my library. Every now and then I shuffle those and discover new hidden gems and it takes me back to those early 2002 days of discovery and feeling of "this is awesome!"
  8. I second this idea! Oh wait... While I'm here: bump for the album you must download it if you haven't!
  9. This is the first album in a long time I actually sat and listened to start to end, uninterrupted. Great work Benjamin! I've never played Pokemon but that didn't limit my enjoyment of this album in the least. It's a lot of fun to listen to and I've played enough "quest" type games that the storyline to go with the songs had me hooked. My one and only complaint: no "end of the game" theme music / conclusion to the story! Did we beat Team Silence? Any unexpected twists or surprises or (gasp) multiple endings? I DEMAND A FOLLOW-UP EP RIGHT AWAY to answer these and other troubling questions.
  10. Have had this album on repeat all week. Great stuff, highly recommended, A++ would listen to again!
  11. Yeah my own playlist was somewhat arbitrary/just one suggestion. I just generally followed a "beginning to end" flow: Intro - Stages - End Music, with other stuff sprinkled in between. Bundelslang's suggestion for where to put Boss Crap in your playlist probably makes more sense.
  12. Nothing official. This is how I order the Mega Man mixes, for what it's worth, with some tracks slightly renamed from the OCR official title (I like having the boss/level name at the front of the title). 01 Mega Man 3 'Blue Lightning' OC ReMix (2008 version) 02 Mega Man 3 'Snake Man Get Down' OC ReMix 03 Mega Man 3 'Magnet Man Goes West' OC ReMix 04 Mega Man 3 'Get Equipped With Strobe Light (v1)' 05 Mega Man 3 'Hard Man Hard Knuckles Mix' 06 Mega Man 3 'Gemini Man All Around The World' 07 Mega Man 3 'Needle Man By Night' 08 Mega Man 3 'Spark Man Code Red' 09 Mega Man 3 'Top Man Hot 'n' Cold Mix' 10 Mega Man 3 'Shadow Man Purple Meltdown Mix' 11 Mega Man 3 'Get Equipped With Strobe Light (v2)' 12 Mega Man 3 'Dr Wily Stage 1 Into the Fray' 13 Mega Man 3 'Dr Wily Stage 2 Hot Pursuit in the Lost City of Wily' OC ReMix 14 Mega Man 3 'Dr Wily Stage 3 Impendium' 15 Mega Man 3 'Boss Crap' 16 Mega Man 3 'Game Over Blast From The Past Mix' 17 Mega Man 2 'Bubble Man (wants to get) Funked Up' OC ReMix (192) 18 Mega Man 2 'Metal Man Goes Clubbing' OC ReMix 19 Mega Man 2 'Heat Man Rapid Fire' OC ReMix 20 Mega Man 'Ice Man Slippery When Mixing' 21 Mega Man 6 'Knight Man Native Knight' Tracks highlighted in blue bold are the official OCR versions; the other tracks are unofficial and/or variations (including higher bitrate versions) which are in the zip file I linked above. EDIT: Adding in the Boss Crap remix posted by Bundeslang just above (thanks for uploading that one!). EDIT 2: Zip file updated to include Boss Crap!
  13. If you're trying to update artist names to match/for consistency, I have a fairly extensive (probably incomplete) list of artist name changes which I posted in the Torrent announcement thread. Here's the post: http://ocremix.org/forums/showpost.php?p=898405&postcount=115 After I had updated/integrated the OCR update into my existing library, I used this reference list to find artists who still had their "old" names in the album releases (and in VGMixes and what not) so I could update them to match the "current" or official OCR artist name. I like to be able to find all mixes by a given artist quickly either by file search or by mp3 tag. Hope that helps!
  14. Thanks Larry, appreciate the quick reply! Here's my list so far, I will update it as I go for anyone else who may need the reference info: EDIT: Updated the list with as many artist name changes as I found when updating my OCR library. Maybe this will be useful to someone else who might need to update artist names in OCR albums, VGMix remixes, etc. Former Alias -> Current Artist Name AE -> A_Rival Adhesive Boy -> ella guro Amaterasu -> Chris | Amaterasu Another Soundscape -> Mattias Häggström Gerdt Audix -> Sole Signal CHIPP Damage -> The Legendary Zoltan Daniel Baranowsky -> Danny Baranowsky Detuned Logic -> Tuned Logic Disposer -> Diggi Dis DJ Carbunk1e -> Xaleph DJ Velly -> Vyper Dj Bjra -> Krank Emperor -> Sleepy Emp Hornpipe2 -> Greg Kennedy JigginJonT -> JJT just64helpin -> JH Sounds KiMChi -> Miku LeonHeart of the Flame -> Asterin Maestrodeclure -> James George Marc Star -> MarcstaR MattInc -> Matt E. Waldman Mythril Nazgul -> Navi Nighteyes The Wolf -> Action Music po! -> posu yan Prophecy -> Jason Covenant ProtoDome -> PROTO-DOME Psychrophyte -> CrimsonZeal Section III Studios -> DigiE Siamey -> Heath Morris Silent -> Jason Brian Merrill Sir Nuts -> Sir_NutS Starblaze -> Evan Pattison Stephen Malcolm -> Malcos SuperGreenX -> SGX Swarmer -> Lifeformed SysteManiac -> Danny Baranowsky the prophet of mephisto -> prophetik Theory of Nonexistence -> Theory of N TO -> The Orichalcon Trace Kyshad -> Trace Dragon XVI K Trapezoid -> Trapezzoid Tweek -> Tweex Unknown -> Tyler Heath
  15. So in updating my old OCR collection with the newly refinished updates, I've noticed a lot of artist name changes which is really messing with me. The remix changelog doesn't seem to contain info about artist name updates; is there another place I might find this? So far I've been able to match songs up by game/remix title, but a reference chart would be so helpful if one exists. Thanks!
  16. Just to comment - certainly this has been the "norm" with OCR projects, but since this one had such a big Kickstarter backing, I think it's fair of the backers to expect something a little sooner than later. I'm all for quality if that means a little delay, sure, but with all the huge push, excitement, and momentum built into the Kickstarter campaign I think it would be a disservice to everyone involved if it does end up delayed a year or however long. Just my opinion. That said, I'm really looking forward to this album and I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
  17. Many times, artists take an extended hiatus, or, for whatever reason, there is a large gap in time between album releases. With a 5 year break, there can be a lot of expectation going into the latest effort. Did the artist change, grow, evolve? Is it more of the same, or is it a new direction? And so on. Let me just say that this album completely shatters any preconceived expectations and was completely worth the wait. It simultaneously sounds like the logical extension of Antigravity, and yet something entirely new on its own. It's been five years since the last full-length? Start this album up and you'll soon forget. But wait, five years? It quickly becomes clear: Identity Sequence is a major step forward in composition, production, and just overall quality. It is amazing electronic music. It is a welcome addition to the zircon library, which will be in heavy rotation for a long time to come. After just a few days of listening at home, in the car, and with earphones, this is already a strong contender for my "Best Electronic Album of 2012" (and I listen to a lot of electronic music.) And it really can't be said enough how truly amazing the liner art is. A great complement to the album and the theme. It's so much fun when the final product of a music album - the music, the presentation, everything - is a cohesive whole, especially in the digital age when singles are more the norm and the concept of "album" increasingly takes a back seat to the idea of "get your music out fast and yesterday." Thank you Andrew for keeping this music lover's idea of what a new album release "should be" as a continuing reality.
  18. Ditto this. zircon defines his own genre of electronic music.
  19. Cool - I just grabbed the 3rd code. I don't know if the 2nd one is still valid, didn't try! Thanks Jesse!
  20. OK here are the renamed, retagged, Disco Dan Redux sets I've put together, including album art (e.g., box art or title screens from the games) Blaster Master - Disco Dan Redux (2003) - 5 tracks Download: Blaster_Master_Disco_Dan_Redux.zip Disco Dan - Blaster Master 01 - Prologue in A Minor Disco Dan - Blaster Master 02 - Into the Blue Disco Dan - Blaster Master 03 - Cruising the Dark Ages Disco Dan - Blaster Master 04 - Direct Current Trance Disco Dan - Blaster Master 05 - Swizzle Swamp Mega Man Series - Disco Dan Redux (2002) - 15 Non-OCR Tracks Download: Mega_Man_Series_Disco_Dan_Redux.zip Disco Dan - Mega Man 2 'Bubble Man (wants to get) Funked Up' OC ReMix (192 kpbs) Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Blue Lightning' OC ReMix (2008 version) Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Dr Wily Stage 1 Into the Fray' Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Dr Wily Stage 3 Impendium' (192 kbps) Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Game Over Blast From The Past Mix' Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Gemini Man All Around The World' Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Get Equipped With Strobe Light (v1)' Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Get Equipped With Strobe Light (v2)' Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Hard Man Hard Knuckles Mix' (192 kbps) Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Needle Man By Night' Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Shadow Man Purple Meltdown Mix' Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Spark Man Code Red' Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Top Man Hot 'n' Cold Mix' Disco Dan - Mega Man 6 'Knight Man Native Knight' Disco Dan - Mega Man 'Ice Man Slippery When Mixing' What's NOT in the Mega Man zip: any official OC ReMix, including: Disco Dan - Mega Man 2 'Bubble Man (wants to get) Funked Up' OC ReMix Disco Dan - Mega Man 2 'Rapid Fire' OC ReMix [Heat Man Theme] Disco Dan - Mega Man 2 'Metal Man Goes Clubbing' OC ReMix Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Blue Lightning' OC ReMix Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Get Down' OC ReMix [snake Man Theme] Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Magnet Man Goes West' OC ReMix Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 'Hot Pursuit in the Lost City of Wily' OC ReMix [Dr Wily Stage 2 Theme] All told though, if you go with the "unofficial" higher-bitrate versions of OCR tracks and add in the remaining official OCR Tracks, you should end up with a Mega Man Series - Disco Dan Redux Playlist of 20 tracks total!
  21. Awesome thanks for this. I grabbed a few from there and here are my observations: 1. Two versions of Wily 3 Impendium: just different bitrates (160 vs. 192), otherwise they sound identical to me / same length. 2. Two versions of Hard Man Hard Knuckles: same thing, 160 vs. 192 3. Two versions of Bubble Man Mix: These are the same remix, just different names & bitrates: Bubble Man (wants to get) Funked Up OC ReMix @ 112kbps Bubble Man (Disco Dan's Bubbly Bubbly Mix) @ 192kbps I'm organizing these, dropping the lower-quality encodes and retagging/naming for consistency. Will upload them once I'm done, and hopefully we'll have the "ultimate" Disco Dan compendium!
  22. Highly recommend picking this up if you are even remotely interested in electronic music and especially liquid drum and bass!
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