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  1. Oh um... Is that good or bad? I've never been called a troll before...
  2. You will love this one then: http://soundcloud.com/fuckmylife/friday-deadmau5-remix
  3. I dropped coins on this, at least enough for the physical CDs, if not more. And since I can't find a better way to express my support, I'll just quote my favorite Spambot: "That sounds like a fantastic project Keith. Congratulations to all who made it possible and good luck to the schools. The kids will love them."
  4. Yeah, RDX is referring to the album from Leitbur (which I also highly recommend) http://leitbur.bandcamp.com/ @Flexstyle: This is your best album yet. More detailed thoughts to come...
  5. Thanks guys, these are always a lot of fun. Love having more "unconventional" holiday music!
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to mention that the Electro Freaks finally got an official Facebook fan page setup, so if you're interesting in keeping abreast of what's going on with the group & artists, future releases, etc then please drop by and become a fan. We're always happy to welcome new Freaks into the fold! http://www.facebook.com/electrofreaks
  7. In 4 1, thanks OP! (Oh wait, wrong forums...) But seriously, awesome deal. Never heard of these games (I live under a rock), but they look fun and well-designed.
  8. Slightly Dark has posted Vol 8, keeping the tradition alive just in time for Christmas. More info can be found here: http://www.slightlydark.com/
  9. Although everyone has chimed in with the solution, I will mention that I too use Chrome and have the same auto-play "feature" when it comes to MP3s. While I do suspect it's Quicktime's fault, no matter what I try or what Chrome setting I try to set/reset, nothing solves it. But since there's a workaround it doesn't stop me from using an otherwise awesome browser.
  10. Love the redesign zircon! Will have to pick up RAR tout de suite. Minor feedback: On the digital store page, all the album covers are resized to 200x144... Maybe this was an intentional design choice, but to me they look squished since the full covers are square. Elsewise... ever considered using Bandcamp for your digital downloads?(kinda like Protagonist Records does now - See, e.g., http://zircon.protagonistrecords.net/.) One advantage people don't realize about Bandcamp is that listeners can browse by tags/genres and may stumble on your music that way (we had a number of visitors to EFP Vol 2 this way). Cheers!
  11. I second this! Samples sound delicious...
  12. Some good submissions here. I'm a Metric fan and I love when bands host this kind of open-collaboration-mix type thing to get more fans involved. They also play a really good live show.
  13. Thanks for the heads up on this. Despite being a huge electronic music fan I'd never heard of Andy Hunter before (there's so much to discover). Wow great stuff, definitely going to check out his catalog. But, I'll wait until Collide is on Amazon (sorry can't help with the dance chart push on iTunes, I don't buy there!).
  14. Believe me there is a HUGE difference between 200x200 and 600x600 on my iPhone 4's display (920x640). The smaller art just doesn't look as sharp/refined. Makes me really regret, years ago, saying "Oh I think 300x300 will be fine" when I first embarked on my album-art project for my music library. In most cases the file size difference is minor unless you're getting up to 1000x1000 and higher, and if you're into collecting music then I think you've already forgone the "I don't have enough hard drive space for that" argument. Don't make the same mistake I did! I'm thrilled to see 600x600 as the new default, looks awesome on my iPhone and even Foobar when I maximize my player window. Coincidentally Bandcamp defaults to 700x700 for embedded art, which is pretty close too. I agree, I think it's great you guys are doing this. I don't understand why, to this day, artists put music on the web with incomplete/improper tagging (and I do mean the artists themselves, not * ahem * others who might put them up somewhere, usually with proper tagging). I mean there's an ocean of music and why make it harder for us to look you up later? Updating all the older OCR tracks and making them easily available says to me, as a listener, that somebody cares about the branding and consistency, which is huge. Oh and Larry, I think the URL in the album title is a great idea as this makes it drop-dead simple for new visitors to know exactly where the mix came from with no ambiguity or pain. In the modern era of "everything now" it really IS asking a lot for someone to take that extra step of Googling your site. Although many/most of us care enough to take that extra step, that's probably because on some level we're all music enthusiasts. The average listener is much lazier/busy/ambivalent IMHO. (And although I change the album title for my own library, I still agree with the decision as it's just good marketing sense!)
  15. This is absolutely amazing! Thanks guys for this much-needed update and the art looks sweeet! No more blurry 250x250 placeholder (which was fine but getting a little outdated...). Love the track # update especially, doing these manually was getting painstaking. Now the tags will almost comport with my own variations, but they are minor so no complaints here (I change genre to "Game Remix" and add the release year to album title for my own sorting purposes).
  16. Heather has joined Greg's party! Congrats! Marriage is fun. Permanent two-member party. And WOW those pics are amazing! (Fun fact: I was just listening to Sole Signal's album a little while ago too!)
  17. One of my favorite songs from the album and an interesting video to boot. Well done sir!
  18. One of my favorite series on GBA, I ordered my copy yesterday. Will play over the holidays, I'm excited! Motoi Sakuraba is doing the soundtrack again too. I loved the music from GS 1&2, big Sakuraba fan.
  19. Wow this is pretty cool! Toucharcade discusses the app in more detail: http://toucharcade.com/2010/10/02/modizer-its-not-a-game-but-it-sure-sounds-sweet/ And here it is in action: Thanks NinjaN for the find!
  20. Great, hope you enjoy them! Both samplers have a pretty diverse variety of electronic music, hopefully they will turn you on to some new styles and artists.
  21. That's a beautiful composition, thanks for sharing!
  22. Hey guys, I just wanted to bump this one more time and give a big thanks to everyone who downloaded, commented, and in general liked the compilation. Our Bandcamp stats indicate we had a LOT of visitors from OCR, so thanks for checking us out! Two quick points: 1. Our Bandcamp "free downloads" cap will reset in 2 days, which means between now and then, I highly encourage anyone who hasn't done so to go download it now! Yes, it WILL still be available for free after that, it's just that we have a monthly allocated "limit" and since we haven't reached it yet (and it doesn't rollover), please download away! 2. We also uploaded EFP Vol 01: Digital 61, our first release from 2009. If you haven't checked it out yet, please use up our download credits and grab a copy TODAY. It's also FREE! http://electrofreaks.bandcamp.com/album/efp-vol-01-digital-61 Please enjoy responsibly. Unless playing this LOUD and OFTEN would be irresponsible. Then by all means, enjoy irresponsibly. Thanks folks! You are all awesome.
  23. OCR featured this track on its Facebook page today and a few people were wondering about this fabled "extended version." The link was buried a few posts back, but here it is again for anyone still looking! Unfortunately it's only 128kbps but hey, better than nothing! http://www.rpgamer.com/games/chrono/ct/sounds/mp3/TimeManagement(E-Bison).mp3 EDIT: Forgot to mention, this has long been one of my favorite OCR tracks. Thanks E-Bison for making MANY of my workouts much more enjoyable!
  24. Yay Bandcamp! Thanks for the quick turnaround sir. Now to get paid so that YOU can get paid...
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