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  1. Hey dsx100, two things. 1. I'm a European. 2. You're a lucky bastard. * snif*
  2. Oh my God, Ridley is making soup out of Samus! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krdGiVbgDJ0 (SPOILER) Awesome
  3. I must say, Sakurai did a good job with Brawl. Cool characters, nice music, fun stages. I do think however that the FE representation could have been better. It's a shame that there's no playable character from Fire Emblem 7, the game with Eliwood, Hector and Lyn. It's the game that made FE popular outside Japan and that started the whole FE hype. On the list of most popular FE lords, found on Fire Emblem World, can be seen that Ike is number one, Hector two and Lyn three. An axewielder would have been cool for a change . O well, at least lyn is in but I do hope that Hector's gonna be a support trophy as well. He should be . Go Hector!
  4. So, does anyone have a list of the available Assist Trophies? Really curious about that one.
  5. Morrack

    Nintendo Wii

    http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=9408803&postcount=562 SPOILER LINK! This will most likely be the new roster. I hear confirmation from multiple sides. To be honest: Let's hope it's not.
  6. Morrack

    Nintendo Wii

    Cool, nice movie. Oh and I'm very interested in this rumour. The interview at the bottom of the page looks real to me. http://digg.com/nintendo/Animal_Crossing_Character_Rumored_for_Super_Smash_Brothers_Brawl_PICS So far I've seen a LOT of predictions, but none included an AC character. Guess we can put most of these fake character lists in the garbage can now.
  7. Morrack

    Nintendo Wii

    Cool movie Neo Samus! Especially the part after 3:40, since the battle tune from FE7 plays on the background! That, combined with Lyn being Assist Trophy, brings back my hope for Hector. Well, guess we'll see it in about a week .
  8. Morrack

    Nintendo Wii

    ...That sucks. Oh, and even better, as stated on Wikipedia: "Similarly a representative on behalf of Nintendo of Europe on December 6, 2007 confirmed with the media that the game will not be released until after June 2008. However, a day later, a spokesman refuted these claims insisting that there is currently no solid release date for Europe as of yet." ...Bastards.
  9. Ha, Sakurai is back on the right track, two Support Trophies revealed instead of just one . I really like this update. And true, Waluigi as a Support Trophy is perfect. Although I hadn't expected him to be playable at all. Having both Wario and Waluigi playable for the first time in Brawl wouldn't sound logical. Maybe in a next Smash game, who knows.
  10. Hey cool, it's a decent update at last! Man, anything like a stage or a support trophy is a blessing nowadays. And why the doubting about Captain Falcon..? What was one of the first known support trophies.......? Exactly, Samurai Goroh, 'Captain Falcons rival' as stated on the site. Why include him and not the Capt'n himself. Nuff said.
  11. By the way, I suppose no hidden characters will be revealed before the release, but it seems unwise to me. Wouldn't it be better to release some of them anyway, instead of releasing the game and, as Sakurai himself already mentioned, find all hidden characters revealed on the internet a day later... There might be a lot of hidden characters, and some of them like Luigi and Captain Falcon will definitely be in it, so why not show them already and keep a few interesting ones hidden until the release itself. Well, just my two cents.
  12. Hmmmm, let's see, about 42 updates left if I've estimated correctly. Updates still to come: - 9x Special Moves - 3x Final Smash - Couple of Pokemon (the blue flying killerwhale and the burning chicken for example), so minimal 2 - Couple of Support Trophies (what I know is that we'll get a Metroid and Advance Wars tanks somewhere), so also minimal 2 - Probably one new character (would give us 12 new basic characters and 12 old basic characters) including FS/SM updates, total of 3 (let's hope it's Megaman on Monday then ) - Maybe some new stages Total of about 20 updates at least that will probably be revealed before 10th of Februari. Sooooooooo.......... Knowing Sakurai, who likes to think we're retarded, the other 22 updates will probably be Game Mode updates. ...............................................Sigh. Wake me up in february.
  13. Hehehehe. Soooooo fitting . http://godmodeonline.com/d/20070912.html
  14. Jay, it's a crappy update, mm hmm! A-and Sakurai has a Game Mode fetish, mm hmm! Will he ever be alright? Will these kind of updates make people enthusiastic for the game? ..... ..... ... ... Well, not quite.
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