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  1. truth be told though, you wont ever be able to match a real guitar. you know how you can tweak certain other sounds (strings, drums, etc.) to make them sound more realistic? you cant do that with guitar. with a clean guitar you might have some luck. but any guitar with distortion or overdrive you will have a hard time making it passable. i could be wrong, but i have yet to hear any passable guitar sounds that arent real.
  2. could KB do that? seperate the tracks? if not what program can?
  3. Is there a better program to use other than KB or whatever have you to learn by ear with? I mean for the ORIGINAL (8bit, 16bit, etc.) soundtracks to games? I have hard time hearing certain tracks sometimes and it takes a lot of time for me to get it right. Not that I mind that it takes the time, but is there a better way to hear all the instruments to get it more accurately?
  4. if you're recording audio, PCs arent a bad deal. Adobe Audition can get you by a great deal combined with FL. I've recorded buttloads of demos and, after several years of learning how to play, theory, etc., I managed to pull out some decent quality demos. Mind you it won't always sound pro. IF you want the tech needed for that sort of thing, prepare to pay through the nose. For laptops: whatever laptop you get. DO NOT GET A THINK PAD! I repeat. DO NOT GET A THINK PAD! Horrible laptop. For Apple, I love using Logic in sound design class. And it's good for audio and midi. and i didnt know you can make it so the piano roll is similar to FL. That makes me want an iMac even more. Oh and for those who think Logic is overrated? Logic 8 has a killer library of sounds. even the lighter versions of Logic has hella stuff to play with. It's too bad I dont own it. I'd never leave the house.
  5. yeah i've been told that my current hook-up is not recommended. but when it's all you have, you learn to work with it. if you have any recommendations on that particular subject i'd be more than happy to listen. I hasve made some decently made demos though with this setup. But i know it can be a lot better. Im all about quality. at least i want to be. ha! Im using a Dean McPhantom (i think) with a DiMarzio Evolution bridge pickup and a Dean stock pick up at the neck end. I could shield the crap out of the wiring but that'll take time and quite possibly money. My mom handles all the saudering in the house but she's always too busy. lol One more thing. There have been days where the buzz isn't there at all at it stays clean for about a day. I don't know what the controlling factor is but it does happen. What I'm about to do though is buy another guitar and amp. Not just cause of this issue (cause that wont solve anything im sure) but cause i need to upgrade. I already picked the guitar im getting (Jackson Rhoads model with Duncan humbuckers. Pretty damn sweet i must say.) And I plan on just recording straight through a Shure dynamic mic and use that to mic the amp. I figure it's gonna work better than what i have now. What say you guys?
  6. here's a clean one for another example. that should give you a good idea.
  7. what classifies as grindcore? im lost on that
  8. Some place that's NOT myspace. Their maintanence is horrid. But wasn't there a site that you could upload a bunch of music to? am i wrong? how do you guys do it?
  9. thanks guys! i'll give it a shot. i may post again with an audio sample as soon as i can find a place to upload it. Found a place! i think that's as little of the buzzing as I get. there are times where it's REALLY bad. there was even one time when i was alone in the house and i turned ALL of the other appliances in the house off. I still got it pretty bad. hopefully that sample is a good example. damn. sorry for a double post
  10. what USB/fire wire interface do you recommend? im not too familiar with firewire.
  11. ok ppl. i need a place to upload my stuff. where can i go? myspace has taken longer than i think anyone expected. where can i upload my stuff?
  12. HOLY CRAP IT'S TAKING FOREVER! Sorry guys. when it's up there i'll post again. i didnt expect it to take that long. its never taken this long before
  13. I've been having this issue for like 10 years now. I got a static problem. I hear it everytime my guitar rings out and during the decay you hear a buzzing sound. I tried sound supressors, and the compressor on my RP100 but to no avail. I have a sample of what im talking about. I have no where else to upload it to but my myspace. UGH! yet another problem. no where to put the crap! but here http://www.myspace.com/gregdevin (and for the record, i just played wahtever the hell. i normally play better than that. im just using it to show what i mean.) especially at the end of the sample when it rings out. this is my gear: Crate GX-20M amp (15 FRICKEN years old!) Dean McPhantom with a stock neck pickup and a DiMarzio Evolution at the bridge Digitech RP100 guitar pedal. (I use it for everything. Clean, distorted, effects, you name it) Sound Blaster Audigy 2 which I plug the amp directly into via 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter and outputting from the speaker socket on the amp. I know! I need new gear! Im working on that. But I wanna solve this buzzing problem! Im tired of having to edit it out with the volume automation MANUALLY! You know how much of a bitch it is to do that?! Especially with start/stop riffs?! HELLLLLP! Truthfully yours, Garret Graves PS. Its labeled on the playlist as Guitar Sample1. It might take a little while to upload so give it time.
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