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  1. regarding bit depth, im gonna need a visual representation on that cause reading it im getting a headache. lol
  2. This line in itself is not necessary. You could still recommend a product without being Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory). But if you must be so specific, $100 to $200 is more in the affordale range for me. But I'd like to hear more expensive/advanced products to aim for as a long term goal.
  3. Alright. Sounds good. I should upgrade anyway. This thing is YEARS old.
  4. This Audigy 2 is so fucken old I think it might be hindering on my sound as a whole. Time to upgrade! PCI is what I need. Affordable price range but open to more expensive setups as a long term goal. GO! EDIT: One more thing. Is 64bit windows any better for sound or recording?
  5. I'm getting the hang of this limiter. But I'm still not getting it loud enough with my rock tracks. it's irritating! There are remixes (like Sixto's Burn, Baby, Burn, "Super Hang-On" remix) that get SOOO much louder. Here's a remix I attempted a month ago that I managed to get CLOSE to the level I want to achieve. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9CN740V9 (Ignore the intro of shitty strings at get to about 44 seconds in.) I used one of Audition's compressors that i didnt even know how to use (and still dont) and was lucky it sounds OK. but it's still not up to par IMO. I want to think it's my sound card and I plan on buying a new one soon. I'm about to post for recommendations on one. EDIT: I also tried to get a hold of Sixto but he's not replying. too busy i guess.
  6. thanks! and thank you for all your help. I've been tackling this problem for years now. Now to learn how to apply the limiter to my rock tracks. I'm still having an issue there. I'm working on this one track where it peaks at around -4.7db or so. but then i try to set the limiter to accomodate the headroom and I cant get much louder with this sort of pumping sensation in the volume. I'd upload it but i havent added the bass yet so it might be hard analye it properly. But do you have to use limiters differently for rock/metal tracks?
  7. Holy crap I think that worked. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SESKF4F0 Limiter set to threshold: -10.5db ceiling: -0.1db release:205ms Comparing it without the limiter on, the volume is significantly louder. It is lacking in dynamics some but that's because of velocity issues. (I gotta get that controller!) Thoughts?
  8. Got the limiter and used it on the Master FX. Here's the original: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JWYIFAQY and here's the one with the W1 Limiter: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZT6CRGDC I got it louder with messy results (especially at 1:21) and I've messed with the thresh and ceiling in the ways i know how. This is as loud as I can get with the least bit of clipping. am i not suppose to use the limiter on the master track?
  9. Actually I'm talking playback volume. Not my computer entirely. lol. EDIT: Here's a sample. It's an original WIP. I haven't gotten a controller yet so the need for velocity in certain places is obvious. But the main problem im adressing here is volume and blasting the soundscape. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JWYIFAQY
  10. I cant get ANY of my tracks loud enough to satisfy my needs. I've tried using MASSIVE head room, compression and the like. Still, I cant blow up the soundscape like everyone else here. Here are my specs: Intel core 2 duo @^1.86 ghz 4gb RAM (WinXP only recognizes 3.25) Creative SB Audigy 2 soundcard Adobe Audition 3 FL Studio for Garritan Personal Orchestra and Superior Drummer 2.0 Line 6 Gearbox set with TonePort DI-S and software. I know I've asked this question before and I tried everything people suggested. I'm only able to get my tracks SLIGHTLY louder. When I compare them to people's remixes on this sight I'm significantly quieter and can't get any louder without clipping. Is it all in the mixing or am I lacking in gear?
  11. It's nice and loud and bursting with color. Chord progressions is great. But nothing really percussive happening and when the bass kick comes in it comes in half way through. The overall mix could be more fuller too. Like a nice pounding bass line to go with the kick and maybe add a snare or claps something. But it's a great start.
  12. Is it possible to automate the MIDI Out channels in FL? Im using version 7. I can automate the volume/pan etc. on the main channel but on the MIDI out channels it just wont do it.
  13. Oh nevermind! I got it! For some stupid reason if i stick it in my Program Files/VSTplugins folder it won't detect it. But then I put it directly into FLstudio/Plugins/VST folder and it found it. Odd. You'd figure if you tell the DAW where to look, it would simply find it. But not on my fucken machine! HA! EDIT: DAMN! Hella presets on this baby! I'm Lovin' it! (-McDonalds)
  14. By the fuck of Gray Skull! It really was THAT easy. Can't wait to use it! EDIT: Ummm this should be able to work with FL right? I set the file settings to find it but it's not popping up in my VST selection
  15. thanks. unfortunately there is no manual for FL. only online help. but thanks anyway.
  16. That drop down menu you mentioned isnt much except you can change the mode from velocity to panning and such and then you would draw the value below the piano roll. If in that pic you can see lines below the roll, those are for velocity. That's how i adjust velocity for every single note manually. I did realize that i was using GPO with the mod wheel only half way to full. there seems to be a significant difference in attack with it. on top of the velocity values at full in FL. how to automate them is still a little hard for me. that video seems mighty helpful except that there might be some kind of anomoly in the vid cause i cant see any drop down menu the guy is showing. that's wierd. EDIT: Okay I figured out how to make automation clips. However, they have no effect on MIDI OUT channels. Is that normal? that kinda sucks.
  17. Im not using any controller. I justpoint and click the notes i want on the roll and i manually adjust the velocity for each note. unfortunately, this seems to be a flawed idea considering i dont have that much control of my instruments when i do that. im still not super-educated on FL so bare with me. I havent tweaked that demo much at all. it needs work. and listening to it now i dont much like the reverb. doestn sound very warm to me. reverb is another annoying weakness of mine.
  18. On that link it shows in PICTURE FORM how to get that feature. but i looked where they're saying and it's not there. is this some plug i gotta download? that seems retarded if i do cause it sounds like FL should have this already. and im using FL XXL 7.0.
  19. I don't seem to have that CC1 feature. I looked exactly where the instructions tell me and it's not there. WTF!
  20. So far, this is the best sound I could get out of GPO. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1EGMR9NS I still think i can get more for my buck here.
  21. you almost made it to the right fourm. but im sure the mods will move it. the guitars you used are very bland and thin. The drums could use a lot more mixing and variety. and the arrangement (which is also my weakest point with my music) is more coverish than a remix. Length is also an issue, as u stated. too short. There seems to be lack of bass too. I'd rethink this track a bunch. Although I do believe a metal track CAN work with that song.
  22. YEah I know. But it makes sense tho. Something advertised as award-winning yet we still have to mess with it to get the sound everyone uses?
  23. I stand corrected. Although I read somewhere that it was around $950: http://www.musicfaq.net/mfq/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=62&Itemid=90 What's the difference between gold and silver?
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