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  1. I'd love a good synth library like Dream THeater has. example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKhfkfnbAMQ I don't know what it is, but when I found my old Images and Words album I seem to have gone into a mode for DT. God I love these guys. Anyway, if I have to pay for a library then I will. I'm flexible on price. Something I can use for my Oxygen 61.
  2. I appreciate the help. But i've come to the conclusion that my computer cannot handle the word builder. But I can at least still use the choir's Ooo's and Ahh's. And I can also use the Altos and the wordbuilder but if I load any other multi it'll error the shit outta itself. In time when I get the machine required to handle such a thing I'll take advantage of it then. Another thing that gets me though. The fact that they make a 32 bit version of this yet a 32 bit OS can only acknowledge up to 3.25gb of RAM. And the recommended amount 8! Why bother making a 32 bit version for a machine that can't run it? I feel slightly cheated.
  3. It still baffles me. Even with my education I wouldn't know where to begin in mixing to be louder. Also, I do understand that loud doesn't equal good. But it's a matter of gaining a skill for me rather than trying to make it sound better by being louder. Other people's rock/metal music is louder than me. I wish to obtain that level that they have. And in rock music, loud DOES equal good. To quote the bumper sticker my uncle had on his truck, "If it's too loud, you're too old!"
  4. I will try that tomorrow. it's late and my head is pounding. But one more question. I also have windows 7 on a seperate HD and it's 64bit which is what the reccomended specs are. I have a total of 6 gigs of RAM but half of it is not getting recognized by windows XP. I tried using the choirs in Windows 7 but when I tried to load any sample it said i was losing memory and i couldnt play the sample at all. In XP, though, I get the same message but I CAN play the samples. Which is odd. Also in XP when I try to load any multis i sometimes get this message saying "not enough free space in the memory block" or somethin like that. I'm guessing that's a RAM issue. If I can get it to work in win7 then I have more RAM to play with. but it won't play anything. Why?
  5. Well... I got it to work in FL. Thanks to this guy! EDIT: LOL but it crashed my DAW. Ok Dannthr. Im gonna try it your way. EDIT 2: Alright Dannthr. I downloaded Maple drivers But I have no idea how to use them and the directions are a bit vague. Can you help?
  6. I got 6 gigs though! And there's hardly any ram being used. By the way i shoulda mentioned im using 64 bit Windows 7. It installed and played just fine in XP though.
  7. I just read that Cubase will run with it. I'll try that when I get home. I was hoping to use Cubase just for audio work. but i guess i'll have to use MIDI with it too.
  8. Damnit! What DAW would work? anything freeware by chance? I've spent hundreds already. I'd buy a proper DAW maybe later when the money comes in but if there's a good freeware or cheap one, im down.
  9. I can load the choirs (Kompakt)in FL 7 just fine. But i cant seem to get the word builder to work with it. Even when i use these programs on stand-alone I can't get them to work with each other. When I open Wordbuilder it asks me for the MIDI ins and outs and channels. I use my Oxygen 61 as the input (or as the option given is USB Audio Device). But for the output I've tried ALL the options and NONE work! The options I have for MIDI output are as follows: USB Audio Device SB Audigy 2 ZS SYNTH A [800] SB Audigy 2 ZS SYNTH B [800] SB Audigy 2 ZS MIDI IO [800] Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth NONE of these outputs are working. I nearly went bankrupt buying this! I could really use some help.
  10. My brother gave me a nice gift package of windows 7 ultimate and FL Studio 9. But I'm having problems with with my EWQLSO Gold (Kompakt). I'll try to load a sample and then i'll get an error message saying, "Physical Memory is getting low! Loading more samples might cause problems. Really proceed loading?" And I'll say yes. (Really. Core 2 duo 6300 @1.87Ghz with 6gb ram and a brand new terabyte HD? I highly doubt that.) After the sample loads I cant get it to play any sound at all! I see the volume levels rising but I'm getting no sound! Please tell me this isn't a compatability issue. Everything installed fine with no problems right up until this point.
  11. It requires some sawdering (sp?) skills. And there's a couple different settings to set them to. That reminds me, I remember in my old DiMarzio booklet that came with the evolution said there were a couple tone setups (I think?) to sawder the pickups on. i can't remember what they were called. Can anyone enlighten me on that and what would be a wise setup for that Dream Theater-esque sound?
  12. Wow. That' all he ever uses? For the work that he's done that's really impressive. Thanks for the info!
  13. Ok I've been playing guitar for just over 20 years (I turn 27 on 2/26. ) and I never got the chance to learn about pick ups from someone experienced. I bought a pickup for my Dean McPhantom a few years back. A Di Marzio Evoultion at the bridge. Someone from guitar center recommended it to me for metal but now I don't think it hold's any water to what I do these days and I think it has high impedence. Nowadays I aim for a more John Petrucci (Dream Theater) sound. I found my old Images & Words CD and was reminded how awesome John's sound was. I'd like to try and emulate that but I don't think the pickups I have are doing the job. Before anyone answers this I just wanna reassure them: I know that it's not just what you play but how you play it. I've been at this for years and I realized that how you handle your instrument can change your sound dramatically. This isn't my problem. So, could anyone recommend a low impedence pikcup to get me at least a tone like Petrucci's?
  14. Yeah intonation can really mess up your sound. Even the best guitars out there can sound outta tune with bad intonation.
  15. Maybe this is my problem. I still feel like I don't get enough headroom and as a result my loudness suffers still. I've asked about it on the forums before and I've tried a number of ways to fix this issue but I still don't think I'm getting as loud as I can possibly get.
  16. I'm currently recording and playing back at 44100. I've read about 24/96khz but i'm seriously confused on the benefits or weaknesses are about that. and i don't recall it ever being mentioned in class. can anyone put this in laymen's terms for me?
  17. OH MY GOD! Did that make it into the game?! Christ! Don't these guys have play testers? lol As for the version I'm using, I got the Kompakt version. Are you telling me that no one else can duplicate this? Also, Dannthr, I tried hitting every note by itself and i can't seem to hear it unless it's in that G minor triad. EDIT: Wait I just tried again and it's in the highest Bb that the horns can play. Funny though cause I tried yesterday and I couldnt get it to happen on any other key by itself.
  18. Bah it's not so bad. I know I paid hundereds for this software but I havent really been playing french horns in triads a whole lot and it seems to only happen with that that G minor one. I think I can deal.
  19. I shit you not! I just bought my M-Audio Oxygen 61 MIDI keyboard and hooked it up. I opened FL Studio and loaded EWQLSO Gold and patched in French Horns F 6FH PORT. I played a forte G minor triad chord, held it down and let the sound decay. Still holding it down, after the horns completely decay I heard someone coughing! WTF! That scared the shit outta me cause I'm playing at 1am in the dark with my headphones blasting. I jumped outta my chair ready to punch whoever was behind me before I realized that it was coming from the french horns! Anyone else who uses EWQLSO Gold catch this?!?! My heart is still pumpin'! Here's the sample: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=777JOCMU
  20. I hooked it up and installed the drivers it came with (even though the manual says it doesn't require me to). I tried recording something even as simple as the FL Keys and then my keyboard just shuts off and gets disconnected. Since when does a keyboard shut itself off? EDIT: God damnit I really need to stop posting so prematurly! I fixed it. I disabled Master sync and it records just fine. Just...eh...make a note of it i guess. LOL!
  21. GOT IT! It was my CD Audio. I muted it so now I don't get that problem. Thanks for your help guys!
  22. You may be right, Kanthos It does take a while for everything to boot. I just realized that I don't got wifi on this machine so I don't think that could be the case. I'll try adjusting the buffer. It's too late for me right now to be blasting my guitar so i'll try tomorrow. I'm SO close to getting the sound that I want. Another issue I'm having is loudness. All this cool shit I'm buying and I still can't get as loud as other peeps on here. That's REALLY frustrating! I tried recording everything at a low volume but still can't get any louder. Even with a limiter. I was hoping to gear would help solve this issue. I even tried lowering the master fader down by 6db and mixing with that way then boosting the limiter's thresh but I still can't seem to master this issue. I noticed that when I recorded some acoustic stuff I could get it a lot louder than with my rock stuff with drums and everything. I wanna say it's in the mix and not just the gear i've got. And I read up on the "percieved loudness" article in that mixing guide and I still really think that My stuff is quieter than everyone else. People on here have tried to help me with this and for a while I thought I was doing better. But i can still notice the difference compared to other people and their home studios. Primarily other peoples rock/metal tracks. There's gotta be something I'm missing.
  23. I disabled them all but I seem to still be getting pops and clicks. ugh! I think it's my HD's really.
  24. I have 4 internet connections for some reason and I can't tell which is which. I guess I could go by process of elimination.
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