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  1. Yeah Moseph's right. It's stuck in mid range. You using any kind of multiband compressor? that's what I use to boost certain ranges.
  2. that looks interesting. im almost sold on the idea. Thing is im worried about that CO2 not being able to connect to my speakers. I took a look at the pics and manual and I don't see how it can connect to the speakers I've got. Like, I could see my two front and two rear speakers being plugged in but not the front center and sub woofer. It doesnt look like there's enough sockets.
  3. Ok kind necromancing a thread here. I apologize. But... I'm lookin at this particular sound card: http://shop.avid.com/store/product.do?product=288865114326336 it runs at around $100 plus tax. Avaris mentioned the m-audiophile 192 and when i went to look for it i came across the above sound card which seems like a later version of it. But the breakout cable doesnt seem to support my 5.1 speakers and im having trouble searching for one that does. So now that I have money for one I'm opening up for more suggestions. And also is firewire better than USB? EDIT: Scratch that. the 2496 is an earlier version than the 192. Plus it looks like im gonna need new speakers. I currently use these: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q=Logitech+5.1+speakers&ved=0CBoQrQQwAA&cid=5500593836409131059&sa=image#p Am I wrong?
  4. That M13 looks like it could bring a lot to your arsenal depending on what genre(s) you're aiming for. And Line 6 makes some awesome hardware. I hear this is a pretty good one: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Line-6-POD-XT-Live-Guitar-Multi-Effects-Pedal?sku=150394 I do have one reminder that's should obvious for any musician. NEVER ORDER INSTRUMENTS AND/OR ACCESSORIES ONLINE WITHOUT TRYING THEM OUT FOR YOURSELF FIRST. This is implied for anyone playing actual instruments like guitar, bass, flute, etc. (Not really talking about sound libraries.) If you see a product you like go find it somewhere at like Guitar Center or something and try it out. THEN if it's cheaper online, order it. Reason I say this is because I bought a Metal Zone pedal online from Musiciansfriend.com and I regretted buying it for the sole reason that the word "metal" was in it's title. I didn't like the sound it put out. When I tried to return it, WEEKS LATER it got sent back to me with a letter saying something about it being passed the return date. I had it for 4 days before I sent it back. Deciding to just keep it and deal with it I managed to get a sound that did the job but no where NEAR the quality I was promised. Just something I live by.
  5. Must...GET...MONEY...FOR...THIS! Sounds fricken sweet! Sounds like you turned the bit rate down some though. Noticeable when the voices make S sounds. But still, it's not like I could come up with this sort of thing yet so why am I saying shit? It's great stuff! I want that software. NOW! Also, Moseph, did your slice n' splicing transfer over for the word builder? Was it super difficult or do you get the hang of it after a few tries?
  6. Well if you say so! http://www.megaupload.com/?d=A3ZHROTF This is my first real attempt using EWQLSO gold (PC. Kompakt in Win XP pro) towards something seriously creative. I guess it's considered a rock/orchestra track. The goal was to try and not have a metal track with the orchestra merely backing up the rock instruments but instead have all the instruments sound like one entity. I've been messing with it on and off for a while now (with no controller or mod wheel even) but as of recently it seems i may have added too many samples and now every time i try to open it up in FL studio, it crashes. Sometimes with an error message. SO now I can't get back in there an fix what needs to be fix nor can I finish the damn thing. AND IT'S ALMOST FRICKEN DONE! You, Tweek, have a mammoth machine with 10gb of RAM. I have a mere 3.25gb and i'm working with a Creative SB Audigy 2 that's super fricken old and in need of replacement. (Im aiming for the M-Audio Audiophile card) and you load a LOT of samples. I mean damn that seems like a lot. All I've got loaded are 2 channels of EWQLSO each with 6 to 8 midi outs per instrument/sample and a channel for Superior drummer 2.0. And I'm just barely able to open the damn thing now. lol!
  7. Tweek, regarding your demos, how many instruments/samples total do you have loaded? Also, do you ever get performance issues or error messages when using so much? By the way, it sounds awesome. Also, I personally have been enjoying EWQLSO Gold for my orchestra needs along with Garritan Personal Orchestra for keyboard instruments. (Piano and harpsichord mainly) I have demos I can share but they wouldnt be anywhere near as cool as to what the others here have posted.
  8. UMPH is power and strength of a computer. (The UMPH reference is from Family Matters. SOrry.) My specs are: Intel Core 2 duo @ 1.86 Ghz 3.25Gb RAM SB Audigy 2 sound card ...well I find it hard to tell what specs matter here. I doubt my vid card matters. I still have plenty of space left on my hard drive.
  9. Okay. I'm not sure if this is just an FL thing or a thing that can happen in other DAWs. I have 2 EWQLSO plugin channels with 8 midi outs for one and 6 for the other. Meaning I have 8 instrument slots filled on the first EWQLSO channel and 6 on the second. On top of that I have Superior Drummer 2.0 loaded as well. For at least 3 minutes of material things were running fine. But now I can't open FL without it crashing after a few seconds. I tried closing everything other than FL but it still crashes. Am I over doing it here? Does my machine require more UMPH?
  10. Whatever I had to say on the matter has been said already. But I do wish to add one thing. I highly recommend Bobby Borg's "The musician's handbook: a practical guide to understanding the music business": http://books.google.com/books?id=66rjkehRxZoC&dq=Bobby+Borg&printsec=frontcover&source=an&hl=en&ei=eaZCS72UA4WMswOHl62JBA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=11&ved=0CCwQ6AEwCg#v=onepage&q=&f=false I haven't had to read it yet but I imagine anyone could find the answers they need regarding this subject.
  11. I'm still a little new to GPO. I havent bothered to upgrade to GPO4 though since I nearly broke the bank in getting EWQLSO which seems to have a better sample library. That is weird to discontinue a version of something that has no successor. Seems like a bad business strategy. Especially if people are still asking for it. And regarding the messages on the website, I find it hard to be "stay tuned" to something that's not gonna appear for years. To me, "stay tuned" means "it's coming very soon". Mostly in TV you hear that. "Stay tuned for more Rita Blows the Cable Guy!" And then the program comes on within minutes. Never would you hear "stay tuned for Stuff in History You Can Care Less About.....in 4 years." WTF? So I should stay tuned to this station for years until it's time to watch this? That was a little off topic. But I think my point is obvious and valid. and colorful.
  12. Thanks, Data. Report to engineering at once. LaForge'll help you pull the stick from your ass.
  13. I get what you're saying. I just wish you could be less irritating about it. What I would have said was, "Hey! Just so you know, it might be easier if you googled everything first before asking on the forums. That way your questions may be answered faster." Short. Concise. And polite. It's not hard. Unless you're so inclined to be an ass about such things.
  14. Fine. I just wont ask for help. I get your point.
  15. I always ask the pros first. It's just how I work. I do still google stuff but sometimes i just prefer asking people directly.
  16. Oh crap i didnt know YOU worked for this company, Zircon. Okay. Apparently, I downloaded BOTH kontakt AND gigastudio versions. I didnt know. I thought I needed ALL the rars. When I get back from work I'll pop it in Kontakt 2. Thanks!
  17. I bought Impact Steel this weekend and I have no idea how to play this? I've got a bunch of .gig files. What can play these?
  18. Im trying to use the nkm files from the Sitar Nation i just bought from that deal in Kontakt Player 2 and it's not letting me load ANYTHING into it. Says "This patch you are trying to load cannot be used with this application". But the pdf of the Sitar Nation says it CAN be used in Kontakt 2.1 or higher. and I got 2.2. So wtf?
  19. So basically, in order for MIDI files to be translated to sheet music properly, you need to compose in a style that's completely possible for a human to actually play it. Am I right?
  20. BOUGHT IT! But umm... now do i download or is it being shipped? It doesn't specify. EDIT: NM! Emails a bit slow. Downloading now! EDIT 2: WTF! There are 7 parts to downloading Groove Bias and I only got up to 3 and it says my key is used up! FUCK! I emailed them about this but im not sure how often they check their emails. Customer service through email has never served me well. UGGH! Same thing for the Impact Steel! I'm missing 2 parts to that. The hell kinda system is this?
  21. I read somewhere that you can import MIDI files into Finale. Would that help?
  22. Lookin at Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs. HOLY SHIT! You can type in words and this baby will SING IT?! are you kiddin me?! I must get it! now i need 450 bucks!
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