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  1. I'm really becoming a fan of Destiny's vocal stylings, but it'd be nice to hear her sing some actual lyrics--perhaps a Celtic poem (or something of that ilk) set to music and used in a remix...?
  2. I downloaded this one from the official Neskvartetten website long ago, and it's been my favorite Zelda remix ever since (second only to Thelonius Temple High, perhaps). It's a shame so many claim this 'isn't your cup of tea,' because this is a really high quality arrangement. I've checked out some other of this group's pieces, but this is my favorite by far.
  3. I really love this mix. It's definitely high quality as far as orchestrated arrangements go. On the whole, this has become one of my favorite remixes on the site. I'm especially impressed with how much Unknown was able to do with such little source material. That said, I'm not without my gripes. First off, I was caught a little off guard by how quickly the piece strayed from the original melody. For reasons I can't explain, it bothered me that Unknown didn't give the Song of Storms theme a single faithful play through. The blending of original material with the Song of Storms is a masterful transition, I have to say. I also love everything about Unknown's treatment of the Bolero of Fire (despite the betrayal the original melody once again) right up to the major chord at 2:51. It seems, to me at least, entirely out of place. After that, though, the piece is solid gold. There always seems to be one particular bit of a remix that I instantly fall in love with, and in this instance, it's the entrance of the horns at 4:00. It's only a tiny portion of the whole, but everytime I listen to this remix, I find myself waiting just for those two or three seconds. Well, that's really all I have to say. Aside from those tiny irksome bits (which I wouldn't consider flaws by any means), this is a knock-out arrangement. Now what's this rumor that 'A Storm in the Desert' is only the first of a series? I'd love to hear more great OoT themes arranged in just this style!
  4. This is a fantastic piano arrangement, but I disagree that it's reminiscent of Debussy. The only portion of the piece that suggests Debussy is the bit from 2:30 to 2:36. That said, I also disagree that XenoCross has "capitalize[d] on the strengths of the piano as a solo instrument." There's certainly some great playing here, but I think this piece could have been much more effective if XenoCross had tapped more into the piano's power. As it stands, each variation on the theme blurs into the next, without much dynamic distinction. Regardless, I love the arrangement. It's the best solo piano ReMix I've heard, at least.
  5. This is not my sort of music at all. Why do I like this remix, then? I don't recognize half the themes in this mix, but for some reason every musical style used in this piece seem perfectly suited for Metroid. After four pages of glowing reviews, there's not much more I can say. I suppose it's the balance of 'wierd trancy' with 'smooth jazzy' that makes it so appealing. How much of this did Vigilante play on live instruments?
  6. This is why I have a shrine to Mr. Cox in my closet... Let's just change the name of the site to Overclocked Russell. I have to admit I've never played EVO, but that hardly matters with a piece like this. What an outstanding job. It's a shame there aren't more classicists here, but Russell's work certainly makes up for the shortage. Now do Star Fox 64.
  7. I never played Wild Arms, so I never heard this theme in its original form. Regardless, it's hard to imagine the original could be any better. I'm usually not a big fan of this style or music, but there are a select few I choose to keep on my playlist. This one reminds of a certain 'Endless Journey' ReMix, but I can't recall the artist or the game that's from. Anyway, you did a nice job, Marc.
  8. I never really liked Cid as a character in FFVII until he gave his speech about the importance of science. That made him automatically one of the coolest VG characters ever. On the other hand, I always loved Cid's theme song, and I hoped Russell Cox or someone would do an orchestral ReMix. Everything up until about 1:45 was pure gold - everything I had hoped for. The shift into the palace theme was nice, but then there was the techno/trance section, which unfortunately made up a good portion of the ReMix. To me, all techno/trance 'music' sounds grating and generic. I know some people appreciate the style, and I respect that, but it's all the same to me. Otherwise, this was a great ReMix: it reminds me of the first 49 enjoyable seconds of Temporal Distortion.
  9. To me, the percussion sounds seemed too... abrupt. The beginning of the final segment (1:45) was probably supposed to be dramatic, but it gave me the feeling that it was spliced in as an after thought. Perhaps I've just been listening to too much Russell Cox arrangements lately...
  10. When I first heard Chu Chu's Flight, I thought, "There should be more remixes like this." And lo! Jared has delivered! I'm a big fan of any sort of orchestral arrangement, so this piece is right up my alley.
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