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  1. Actually, considering his track record I'm rather surprised he hasn't.
  2. Labor Day! Labor Day! Schools are closed and pools are open! See what I like about this song is that even despite the manner of its development it actually doesn't feel lame or contrived and it has some honestly brilliant moments. I just wish it hadn't ended on an upbeat note. Something like A#dim7+11 would have been a much better choice considering the nature of the tune. The wanted song just feels lame and contrived, and, like a lot of music, rather than appeal strongly to anyone, just tries to feel mostly inoffensive, and thus utterly ignorable. I'd love the lyrics to either, or better, both.
  3. The thing is that you could probably create code that would only work with specific timings that most emulators might not implement well, but it wouldn't be hard to create game-specific workarounds to fix them. There is a program for the Genesis that can tell you if it runs on an emulator or actual hardware based on certain timings in the system.
  4. The Most Wanted Song sounds suspiciously like I Am the Wind (CV:SOTN) or You're My Hero (Sonic 3D Saturn/PC). What's more is that in the latter case I haven't heard anything good about the latter, at least.
  5. ACLA-ATD4 Hint: It's a Game Genie code.
  6. Also level select in Rondo of Blood.
  7. X-X!V''Q bizntiches Also, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, A 07 07 07 Hold A,Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up These are all from one game. Up, Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up [up]
  8. I am of the opinion that Werewolf Sonic at least should be based on the Rondo of Blood Lypuston. This is funny because every Castlevania has been the exact same game since 1997.
  9. Hell, Heroes was awesome. Some people probably don't know how to play it. I have never had any real camera or collision issues with that game. Also the levels are a bit larger and have a bit more leeway in terms of multiple routes and such. The three things I don't like are the following: 1. Fly formation is a bit glitchy 2. It's easy to fall off the rails 3. Incessant chatter from the other characters gets old after a while and it's not easy to disable. I don't see the controls as bad so much as different, and the camera has, again, never failed me. It was the best $2.50 US I've ever spent. (This is the PC version -- it's possible that some bugs were fixed for its release.) This game looks cool. If they don't rush it to the market (my main fear, either that or Renderware will screw it over like the PS2 version of Heroes). Also, I want me some Rondo of Blood-styled Lypuston action. (Seriously, that boss just oozes Sonic-ness.)
  10. Yeah, like the above, I would say that not having the bass and drums come in together like that would be a bit better; together it is quite jarring. Maybe add the drums first since they come in sporadically, and then add the bass in the next phrase, and then start with the melody and such. For the next section, I suggest maybe getting quiet, just adding the melody, and then layering on the harmonies progressively to build it back up. It will help give the section length and complexity without having to do too much.
  11. Sonic Boom HAS been altered slightly. The drums in the verse have been changed and I think the synth line in the chorus is louder. Also the looping has required additional edits to the song, but I don't think much was actually removed except the very ending riff.
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    Yeah, he could have, at least, say, changed the demo interface!
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