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  1. This mix completely nails it. Absolutely incredible. I've been lazy for the past few years about sharing my comments on remixes, but I HAD to take time to say something about this song. Just stunning...
  2. This is a solid mix and it lays down a mighty fine beat . I enjoyed it throughly!
  3. Great to see you back with some remixes! You may not have posted in 2009 but it seems your skills are better than ever. I really love this remix!
  4. This song is great. It's cheerful and upbeat nature really does it for me. Also, I have a fondness of the chip-tune bits of the song. The sonic-picking-up-a-ring sound effect is really awesome and I think it fits right in with the piece . Nice one
  5. Great work guys . Given the great line-up of remixers I expected nothing less than raw awesome -- I was not let down!
  6. I love this mix. It is perhaps my favorite mix on the Xenogears: Humans + Gears album. The mix is extremely clean and also sets up a great mood. Great stuff!
  7. Fantastic mix OA. Another great showcase of your synth work . The laid back feel of this mix and attention to detail really make this a kick-butt mix!
  8. I love the groove this song lays down. Most awesome! I especially enjoyed the section from 2:02 to 2:35 .
  9. This song is great. I was happy to see that it was posted! I listen to it all the time .
  10. I liked this one the first time around and I like it even more now . I really love the saxophone work and the processing on the vocals is really nifty, too. Great job!
  11. Love the mix! It combines two things I enjoy: 1) Piano work from Bladiator and 2) Jazz. Basically, this was an instant win for me, nicely done .
  12. Nice mix you've got here! I always enjoy your guitar work, keep it up .
  13. Nice -- piano! I am always a fan of a good piano arrangement and you deliver . Very pretty, thanks for an enjoyable listen.
  14. I enjoyed this remix quite a bit. The relaxed feel + the chip-tune parts are really my favorite. Also, not sure if this was intentional but that background sound at 1:18 sounds an awful lot like the warp star in Kirby (maybe someone else has already pointed this out, but I try not to read other comments until I post mine to avoid skewing my opinion). Either way -- nicely done
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