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  1. This mix completely nails it. Absolutely incredible. I've been lazy for the past few years about sharing my comments on remixes, but I HAD to take time to say something about this song. Just stunning...
  2. This is a solid mix and it lays down a mighty fine beat . I enjoyed it throughly!
  3. Great to see you back with some remixes! You may not have posted in 2009 but it seems your skills are better than ever. I really love this remix!
  4. This song is great. It's cheerful and upbeat nature really does it for me. Also, I have a fondness of the chip-tune bits of the song. The sonic-picking-up-a-ring sound effect is really awesome and I think it fits right in with the piece . Nice one
  5. Great work guys . Given the great line-up of remixers I expected nothing less than raw awesome -- I was not let down!
  6. I love this mix. It is perhaps my favorite mix on the Xenogears: Humans + Gears album. The mix is extremely clean and also sets up a great mood. Great stuff!
  7. Fantastic mix OA. Another great showcase of your synth work . The laid back feel of this mix and attention to detail really make this a kick-butt mix!
  8. I love the groove this song lays down. Most awesome! I especially enjoyed the section from 2:02 to 2:35 .
  9. This song is great. I was happy to see that it was posted! I listen to it all the time .
  10. I liked this one the first time around and I like it even more now . I really love the saxophone work and the processing on the vocals is really nifty, too. Great job!
  11. Love the mix! It combines two things I enjoy: 1) Piano work from Bladiator and 2) Jazz. Basically, this was an instant win for me, nicely done .
  12. Nice mix you've got here! I always enjoy your guitar work, keep it up .
  13. I can't say I remember the original to compare, but who cares, this mix is great .
  14. Nice -- piano! I am always a fan of a good piano arrangement and you deliver . Very pretty, thanks for an enjoyable listen.
  15. I enjoyed this remix quite a bit. The relaxed feel + the chip-tune parts are really my favorite. Also, not sure if this was intentional but that background sound at 1:18 sounds an awful lot like the warp star in Kirby (maybe someone else has already pointed this out, but I try not to read other comments until I post mine to avoid skewing my opinion). Either way -- nicely done
  16. Another great mix! I can't say I am terribly surprised. These days when I see "bLiNd" as the remixer I KNOW it will be rad and have not been disappointed . Also, the vocals are fantastic!
  17. Nicely done. I have to say that the first minuteish seems to be lacking (in my opinion anyway) as it is just setting up the beat, but that is a minor issue. I love the overall groove of this piece! Great work, hope to hear more like this from you
  18. AWESOME! This is such a great take on what would otherwise be a catchy (but _highily_ repetitive) track. I really love that one background instrument which I can't quite identify (some sort of high pitched bells?) . The laid back feel is fantastic too. I've heard all of your remixes and this is by far my favorite!
  19. The laid back feel of this mix is perhaps what I enjoy the most. The occasional use of vocals is a nice touch, too. Keep the good mixes coming
  20. This was always one of my favorite tracks from FF8 and I absolutely love your remix. The nice guitar work combined with the synth is awesome.
  21. Hey, great rendition of a classic track. Mario 64 has a special place in my heart as the first "3D" game I ever played and music, for me, is instantly recognoisable since I played the game so much ... . I really dig the real instrument mixes, especially jazz, which lends itself particularly well to this (there's a lot of personality that comes through in the solos and whatnot). My only "complaint" is that the audio sounds a bit washed out, but not much you can do about that (at least without haven't professional recording equipment and whatnot). Either way I LOVE the arrangement and the solos are a nice touch .
  22. Enjoyable remix! I love hearing a juicy piano rendition of a classic theme. I especially appreciate the level of detail you put into this remix. There's a lot of both subtle variation and major variation, which really brings this track home for me
  23. Great remix! The laid back feel and real instruments really drive this one home. You guys really rock!
  24. This mix is really sweet. I love how it still sounds like the ye-old 8-bit. Your take on the source is really great, too. I enjoyed the section from 2:13 to 2:26 and then the great transition to that nice slow build-up to where you go back to the main theme. Excellent!
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