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  1. So people are ranting and raving about how awesome the various menu themes of the Wii U are, and I have to fight to keep myself from listening to them. I loved discovering the Wii's Weather Channel Night music and I can't wait to discover the music on the Wii U menu. It's a special treat that only Nintendo delivers. Just another level of polish that other companies never have.

  2. Prime 3 was amazing. The motion controls worked well and I felt it to have the greatest variety in environments with by far the best graphics. What's with you guys and your metroid hate?

    Anyways the best buy in town finally got a wii U set up, and I fiddled around with the controller. It honestly feels even better than I was expecting, and the screen is lovely to the touch. I didn't play anything (i doubt the unit even had a game to play) but it's made me even more excited for launch.

  3. I STILL think Other M was a great game. It had some plot problems, sure, plot holes and the like, but I wrote (and was in the process of recording) an essay discussing Other M and it's issues as well as it's strong points (If anyone's interested I could post a link). Metroid Prime is my favorite game of all time, so yes I would love another prime game, but I also want to see Nintendo push forward and try new things. I think the Other M gameplay style could be refined and if paired with a well-written story could be really awesome.

    On another point, I'm still hopeful they release screen protectors for the Gamepad on day one, but seeing as I live in a smaller town in Canada, it's unlikely I'll get one, which really frustrates me.

  4. :lol: Yeah, if you noticed I'm not shedding it in a positive light. Again, they already had a series (Wario) where you collected coins (and treasures) with a total tally, but even that series was focused more on platforming than OH BOY COINS TURN EVERYTHING INTO COINS. So not sure why they stuck that crap and made such a big deal about it in NSMB2. But that is what they did. And thats all NSMB2 is about basically. Mario isn't a greedy guy so why he gives a flip about coins in NSMB2 is beyond me


  5. I don't know what I just watched.

    This hardly seems to relate to Nintendo and Sega besides a few similar designs and names, and even then those were hard to figure out sometimes. Why was Sonic called Gear? Why not Sinoc or something dumb like that?

    I am also unfamiliar with Sega games, so besides Sonic, Alex Kid and Tetris I didn't recognize anyone on the side. I liked Mario's design though, but who was that creepy ponytailed idiot? What that supposed to be Link?

    I just don't see how this really mirrors Nintendo and Sega, at least not yet. I was hoping for something like Hetalia that really makes use of the real history, but it doesn't look like that's what we'll be getting.

  6. There are supposed to be a lot of hardcore fighting game pros on the dev team. It's supposed to be crazy balanced, is what I've been hearing.




    The game is pretty lame. I had fun playing as Parrappa (who is not only the only character I've actually played the game he belongs to, but is also a flat character like Mr. Game and Watch, who is my fav from Smash Bros) but OMG RADEC everytime someone played as him I was tempted to ragequit. they SERIOUSLY need to fix his sniper rifle. That thing is OP as heck.

    The characters are uninteresting, the menus are boring, and there are too many kinds of attacks for this kind of game. Smash bros got it right with two sets: Close combat attacks and special attacks. You never know what circle, X or triangle will do for any character. It feels completely random. Plus, the few items that are there made no sense. A round, yellow hexagon? Duh, of course that's a bomb. At least in Smash Bros when you see an item you usually know what it does(swing a bat, eat a mushroom, grab a pokeball, etc) It also has poor feedback on your actions: none of the attacks feel like they pack any punch, and i constantly forgot I was supposed to collect the glowing blue balls. They didn't chime or anything when you get them. Plus the insane overabundance of guns and bombs is just annoying.

    Overall the game just lacks charm and feels lifeless Maybe it's the lack of a cheering and interactive crowd, but I was SO uninvested it wasn't even funny. Granted this is only the beta, but if the final game is like this then I am very unlikely to buy it. I mean, really: has anyone EVER lost sleep over who would win in a fight between Fat Princess and Kratos, much less wondered what their fighting styles would be?

  7. Back to Wii U supposedly using Nintendo Network IDs, if they are going to allow Usernames, what are you guys gonna pick?

    Probably gonna go with GameBird again. That's the name I'm trying to use for most of my creative work. I go by Overflow and TotalOverflow as well, but I think I want to make GameBird the name of my studio or something.

  8. @OCRE

    Yes, that certainly does seem to be the state of the internet and gook culture in general. It's making me want to resign from being a member of geek culture.

    can't even front that is a game you want chat for. but it's also a game you don't play with random people who will screech your ears off, which is what i was saying before; making it a process to enable voice chat makes it something you only do when it's a worthwhile endeavor, such as monster hunter where you want to be able to truly cooperate and communicate with your friends, instead of randoms.

    That is a good point, which I think was raised earlier: making it a little more complicated to use voice chat will weed out much of the flotsam and screaming 12-year olds. With that said however, I don't really understand how it will be that much more difficult anyway: Game-by-game basis sounds fine to me, and the interconnectivity of Miiverse makes up for the lack of cross game chat. Everyone who owns a Wii U will by default have a gamepad, so just set it next to you and plug it your headset, or use a bluetooth set (if it is possible). Personally I still enjoyed using Wii Speak and found it to be very easy and hassle-free. It would be nice if Nintendo supported it outside of one game, since the tech is actually pretty good.

  9. And all I'm thinking is "Fudge Nintendo Land! It's all about the long-awaited 3rd season of Pikmin!"

    If you wanted to play Call of Duty, why not just play it on a gaming-quality PC? Then again, they need to put the Call of Duty series on the cooling plate after more than 7 consecutive years with a new installment.

    Haha Pikmin would be number 1 on my list if it was at launch.

    I don't have a PC, let alone a gaming PC. Consoles all the way for me. I do enjoy the Humble Indie Bundles, though, and I'm grateful they run on Mac. But yeah, CoD needs some serious time off.

    I like how people acted all shocked and horrified that there were two new NSMB games this year and accused the series of 'milking' and such. It's been 3 years since the last NSMB game, and it was 3 years before that that the first one came out. New Super Mario Bros is not the series to accuse of 'milking'.

  10. I swear I read somewhere that Bluetooth headsets were supported...

    Anyways, I very rarely play games online anyway, and wouldn't use voice chat unless I was playing with friends, at which point it would probably just be better to set up skype on my iPad or something while I play. I'm not an online gamer anyways so my opinion doesn't account for much, although I was actually interested in maybe getting CoD BO2 with my Wii U to play online with you guys.

  11. My opinion, and Nintendo's as well, is that Nintendo hired a company to produce parts for them. How they produce those parts is not Nintendo's fault, and that Foxconn needs to be held responsible for their actions. Now that the truth is out there, Foxconn needs to change their production methods or Nintendo needs to stop doing business with them.

    As for NintendoLand, at first I was not interested, but everytime I've watched a video of it I've grown more and more excited: it looks like FUN. Pure, good FUN.

  12. No, unless you have the eyes of a chameleon, that's basically what you'll be doing in a fashion.

    My ears are burning.

    I have yet to try TWEWY as well, and I haven't seen it or other great games (i.e. 999, Ace Attorney investigations, Chrono Trigger) around for a long time.

    I'm super pumped for the Wii U. I just hope they come out with screen protectors on day 1.

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