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  1. I loved the movie and am hoping to see it for a third time. I really like how the creators of both this and the Captain America movie were able to make his costume seem realistic and even kind of cool. Let's face it, cap's classic suit is kind of...silly.

    As for DrumJ8's last question, I heard that there was over 30 mins cut from the movie, so I suspect such a scene will be included in the extended cut. also, in his movie, Cap spent time with his team, becoming a leader, which foreshadowed his role as leader of the avengers.

    Drew this a while back:


    Working on tracing and coloring it on my computer now. I did Thor and Iron man as well, and I'm gonna start on the others soon.

  2. There's also Xenoblade, Last Story, and older games that may not have been played in a while, like Metroid Prime Trilogy, DKCR, Mario Galaxy, Deadly Creatures, etc. The Wii ended up with a pretty strong library.


    so I thought Nintendo was having a Roundtable tonight but I haven't found any news of it. I'd expected there to be a live blog or something but there's nothing. I was hoping they'd make a few more announcements.

  3. It was obvious that the responsiveness was down in multiplayer, single player was MUCH better yes. We had four people playing and this was on two separate occasions with two different TVs and consoles. Most people don't notice 200 millisecond differences cos they are having a laugh, casual gamers don't take this stuff too serious but I do.

    Back onto Wii U. Does ANYONE HAVE HI-RES ART ACCESS?? Finding High-res art is my second favourite things about e3, lol. First favourite is drooling over new footage or games but I'm not drooling over that (yet... I silently hope for a second reveal in the next few days, not holding my breath).

    Ah, okay. I'm sure the higher power of the U will fix that.

    Well, in 09 NIntendo did tease the next Zelda game in the roundtable, so I've still got some hope that some good stuff is yet to come.

    People often forget this but the big E3 conference isn't for the casual, nor is it for the hardcore: It's for the investors. The companies show off what will make money, and I'll eat my work shoes if NSMBU, Wii Fit U and Nintendo Land don't make a crapload of money. The smaller conferences and presentations, such as the roundtables, are better suited for the more hardcore reveals.

    Regardless they should throw gamers a bone in the conference. Still, E3's not over yet.

  4. The previous version on the Wii had ATROCIOUS responsiveness, and although its hilarious for a while at parties, the hilarity does wear off when you realise you are constantly dying cos Mario jumps 200 milliseconds after you push the button.

    Really? I hadn't noticed this...I found it to be pretty responsive. Are you sure it's not a lag issue with your TV? All 120hz TVs (at least a year ago) have an amount of lag to them. I bought one and found my rhythm was completely off when playing NES games on Wii or Mario Galaxy. The final battle against Ganon in OoT was completely unplayable: my timing was off for deflecting the shots. I took the tv back to the store, along with my wii and hooked it up to various sets, trying them out to get a feel for the rhythm and I found that every 120hz and 240hz TV had lag. Out of desperation I hooked up my wii to a random 60hz TV and the lag was completely gone. I was lucky enough to find a 47" LED Samsung 60hz TV which has been great for gaming (although the darks and blacks drag a bit across the screen...is that called ghosting?).

    Kinda got of topic there...basically, check whether it's TV lag or not.

  5. Overall it was pretty disappointing. There were some high points, but they really needed to open with a sizzle reel of what the system could mean for nintendo games: show concepts of Metroid, Mario and Zelda in glorious HD, like the HD zelda demo last year. Seriously, just a short video like that would have satisfied most of us. After all, we're all still drooling over last year's Zelda vid.

    I am a strong advocator of "gameplay over graphics," but even I wanted to see the graphical prowess of the new system. Luckily, Pikmin 3 didn't disappoint:




    Yellow Pikmin: "Paint me like one of your french girls."

    I really love these graphics. The polygons are very impressive, with beautiful rounds and very high res textures. The Apple and Orange look almost photorealistc, and the branch "slide" is wonderfully rendered. The depth of field effect is also really good, really giving the impression of how small these creatures are.

    Definitely the best thing showed for Wii U, seconded by NSMBU. Nintendo Land looked fun, but they didn't show enough of the variety, and we really are past the point of being impressed by mini-game collections.

    Personally I have very little interest in third party games period: AssCreed doesn't interest me at all, couldn't care less about ZombiU, even the Batman games are only appealing to me because of the gameplay, which Captain America Super Soldier mimicked and I found I really enjoyed. (although I am excited for Darksiders 2)

    It's the first party games that people buy Nintendo systems for, so nintendo needed to give us something to look forward to on that front, even if what they showed weren't actual games. Like I said, just show us a snazzy video of the various Nintendo franchises rendered in HD and we'd have been pretty happy, right?

  6. I'm skipping out on Wii U. I have a lot of systems and games already and my money is better used saving for my child-rearing days instead of paying $300+ for a new system, then $60+ a pop for new games I'll play for 2 months then forget about entirely as the next Diablo III-sized release gets hyped up and released.

    Sad truth about the gaming market. Most of the highschool kids who bought into the last generation are growing up and suddenly new consoles and games aren't as easy to afford. I'm not sure what this forebodes, but hopefully it implies that gaming can expand beyond "brown-grey-fps world" as those gamers suddenly have to contend with full time jobs and families, and even children.

    Hopefully when the "jock gamer" (or gramer, as one show called them) has children they will suddenly realize what kind of entertainment isn't acceptable for their kids and can broaden their horizons.

    Edit: Oh, and that skit was pretty funny. Non-Specific Action Figure needs to be playable in the next smash bros.


    Edit2: Omg I think I found my new sig. Or facebook cover photo.

  7. I saw it. It wasn't amazing, but it was just intended to get a few technicalities out of the way. I like the social aspects of the system: how connected you'll feel to your friends what with all the messages and the built-in help board. It looks like it's gonna have it's own version of facebook. FaceMii? lol. Although if the game asks you to share your feelings after EVERY LEVEL or has those speech bubbles then that could get annoying...I'm sure you can turn those off, though.

    The redesigned gamepad is also pretty nice, although I hope they FINALLY included pressure sensitive buttons. It looks sturdy, and apparently has a built in sensor bar, so you can play wii games right on the gamepad itself. Snazzy.

    The new Pro controller is also pretty cool. I mean yeah, it looks very similar to the 360 controller, but if it's comfortable I don't mind. From the picture it looks like the triggers aren't analogue, though...


    Anyways, tuesday is when the real exciting stuff happens. Now that NIntendo's gotten some of the more banal aspects of the system out of the way they can focus on showing off awesome games and other software. I can't wait.

  8. So basically Captain America Vol. 5 (issues #1-#50) are the ones to get, including stories like Winter Soldier, Red Menace and Death of Captain America? Thanks!

    FYI I'm planning on doing this all digitally on my ipad. Thankfully they had the first issue of Ultimates Captain America for free so that was nice, and the $2 price point per comic seems reasonable.

  9. Hey, here's an old thread, but it means I don't have to start a new one :P

    After enjoying the new Captain America movie, the Avengers, and playing the (surprisingly good) Captain America: Super Soldier for PS3, I've become interested in checking out some of the Captain America comic books, but I have no idea where to begin. Any advice?

  10. Demo of Rayman Origins is up today, and after playing some of the demo again (my first time being the PS3 demo) I am reminded how much I HATE that game. It annoys me from beginning to end: the music is stupid, the high-pitched squeaky voices are annoying, the level design is terrible and the controls are some of the worst platforming controls I have ever played. I cannot beat that stupid race against the treasure chest level! :banghead:

    And before anyone says it, I am not bad at platformers: just watch this recording of me playing DKCR.

    I will give it that the animation and graphics are quite nice, but the gameplay and floaty, slippery controls are just so terrible that I cannot stand to play the game and I will never understand how Yahtzee thought it was better that Mario 3D Land.

  11. From what I could tell of the trailers, there will be a movie production that you get involved in in some way, so the robot would be a prop or something similar. Still, this may mark the first time in Pokemon history when you fight something other than another pokemon, something I've wanted for a loooooooooong time.

    I really hope that for the gen 6 games we get into lots of battles with machines and maybe even mutant/fusion pokemon that you can't catch. Just pure bosses.

  12. I am one of the running/screaming NYC pedestrians in the film's final act. I wore a black shirt with a trendy hat and hipster glasses. I unfortunately couldn't spot myself when I saw it in theaters, but a friend of mine swears he saw me run right past the camera in a scene where people are being rescued from a bus. In any case, I won't know for sure until I am able to freeze-frame some action!

    Yes, I saw you! I saw the movie a second time today and I saw you! You had the black shirt and the black hat, although you were a blur so I couldn't see the glasses :P What was it like being so close to actors like Scarlett Johansen and a big film crew?

  13. Couldn't find a dedicated thread, so here we go!

    Just got back, and it was AWESOME. It was really, really fun with lots of great jokes, awesome action and some really smart writing. Lots of scatterbrained spoilers up ahead, though!

    I felt it was really wise of them to make HawkEye into a villain for most of the film. We hadn't seen really anything of him up to this point, so making him a villain gave him screen time to do awesome stuff.

    The buildup for the Hulk was really well done, and the pay off was great.

    One of my favorite scenes was the fight between Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. It was awesome to see these three square off, and when Thor hits Cap's shield...FWOOSH! Levelled half the forest!! That was so much fun!

    Cap really held his own against Loki, too! Overall, I think Captain America is still my favorite Avenger. I actually really appreciated the line:

    "Captain, don't even bother trying to go up against those guys, they are basically gods."

    to which he replied:

    "There's only one god, and he doesn't dress like that."

    It was a small thing, but I am very glad they put it in. It's nice to see that a character like Captain America wasn't neutered for today's PC-heavy society.

    The ending fight scene was awesome! Loved the part where Hulk just grabs Loki by his feet and wails him around! My friend laughed so hard she started snorting at that XD

    But what was that teaser at the end? I didn't recognize that character, though I confess to not being much of a comic book nerd. The entire audience exploded into cheers though, so I know he must be important. Illuminate me, please!

    So, yeah! Awesome movie, go see it.

  14. OMG.

    Just look at these videos first of all if you aren't familiar with either game (is there any such person?)

    Smash Bros. Brawl (it was harder than it should have been to find footage of a normal match)

    Those two styles of gameplay are so similar. Some call rip-off (which it is) but that's besides the point. Everything I've heard about the Playstation game is that it controls and feels much like Smash Bros., although how you win is a little different. But the gameplay is so similar that a crossover fighter would be SOOOO easy to do, and incredibly AWESOME.

    You would build damage and could die by being thrown off stage like in Smash Bros, but while battling you'd build up your meters which you could use to unleash devastating Final-Smash-like attacks like in Battle Royale.

    Mario Vs. Sackboy, Link Vs. Kratos, Samus Vs. Colonel Radec, Ness Vs. the Gran Turismo Car, the possibilities are endless! And not only would it be a blast to play and be a very (conceptually, anyways) easy fighter to crossover, it would sell MILLIONS. Of course, they would need to include cross-platform online multiplayer and trust me, the world would go wild.

    And what a great show of company camaraderie, am I right? For Nintendo and Sony to collaborate on such a project would be outstanding. I know Nintendo's sworn to never have a Nintendo character on a non-Nintendo platform, but they should really make an exception for this. If they could get Microsoft in on it too then it would be the greatest crossover in gaming history.

  15. One thing I find interesting is that it's implied that you're supposed to get the same colored sequel as the first game that you played. For instance, since I got white I should get White 2. However, unlike White which had Zekrom as the Star legendary that you catch, White 2 has Reshiram (albeit kinda possessed) as the star, which I presume you can catch. But at the end of White N rode away on Reshiram's back, so what's happened since then that caused Reshiram to become possessed, and what happened to N? Sequels! Gotta love them!

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