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  1. First new real info!

    IGN and Serebii.net have both reported on it. Serebii has the first scans as well: (linked due to massive image size)

    Trainers and new rival

    Old pokemon to appear in the unova dex

    Your new starting town

    The game is set 2 years after B/W, so this truly is the first real sequel, not just a third edition. Apparently one section of the Unova region is covered in ice, and the construction on route 4 is finally finished. A new professor, new characters, new gyms and an actual continuation of the story. This is looking to be good!

    Except is it just me or does the new male trainer look really, really stupid? He's like a hobo with a hole in his hat, his hair flapping about everywhere. This may be the first pkmn game I play as a girl my first time through, not that she's all that great but certainly better than the boy. Yeesh, kid. Get a haircut.

  2. Kid Icarus Uprising was a pretty awesome game. Honestly, I would have been satisfied if it ended at chapter 9. I thought it would just be like Star Fox, where you replay levels for better scores at higher difficulties, but LOLNOPE you're not even half-way through!

    Controls were tricky (Metroid Prime Hunters felt better) but the graphics, music and voice acting were all top notch. I loved all the call backs to the older games, and the 4th wall jokes were entertaining.

    My fav weapon would have to be the Beam Blades. Great at ranged with rapid fire and good melee. I haven't been able to play any matches with you guys yet, though. I can see you guys are online but I can't join you :S

  3. RSE -> FR/LG

    (This is based upon the events that happen in FR/LG that relate to RSE, as indicated by some of the plot points in them. There is no stated gap between them, but it stands to reason that RSE takes place either just before, or overlaps into, FR/LG.

    please explain this. What plot points indicate this?

  4. I think the reason they keep making more and more Water types is because they're so much easier to come up with. 'Something that might live in water' is a much broader category than say, Poison or Fire types.

    Yeah it's almost like they live on an island surrounded by water or something and eat seafood every day.

  5. Can I ask a simple question, Nintendo?

    Why is Sega getting the Virtual Console right while you aren't?

    Game Gear games allow you to - IN GAME - change the screen size, remap the face buttons, choose a border, change the color of said border and even apply a retro motion blur effect.

    Game Boy games allow you to change the color, between b/w and blurry green, which I appreciate, but why can't we change the border or screen size in-game? Or better yet: CHANGE THE COLOR PALLET. EVEN THE GBC LET US DO THAT.


  6. Make said 14 year old kid play the original Red and Blue. FORCE them to see the progress the series has gone through over the years. Then they will appreciate the history of the series.

    Haha, as awesome as that would be I don't think that would happen :P

    It's kind of a gamble anyways...she says she has no interested in pokemon so if I even do get it it would be more of a joke/hopeful attempt at getting her to try it. In that regard, B/W would probably be better because they have strong intros which could get someone engaged.

    Lol, even if I did get it for her she probably wouldn't play it anyways :P but we've been joking about it so it might be fun to do anyways.

  7. Haha thanks :P I kind of based it on this other one I saw, but I feel mine is better. :<

    Hey, which out of the DS games would you recommend to a first time pokemon player? Specifically, a 14 year old kid? Black and White are excellent introductions, but SS/HG are also really simple and fun, especially with the pokewalker and your pokemon following you. D/P/P were good too, but don't really compare to the others, imo.


  8. Black and White players can download Reshiram or Zekrom, depending on which version you got via mystery gift for a short time. Don't miss out!

    In other news, I finally 'upgraded' to facebook's new timeline, and I figured if I was gonna do it, I was gonna make it awesome. Here is the result.


  9. yeah I was gonna say, man

    red/blue and ruby/sapphire happen around the same time, and then gold/silver and diamond/pearl happen around the same time two years later

    black/white are sort of nebulous but it's clear they must take place after diamond/pearl because of caitlin's appearance

    But you meet one of the Johto Gym leaders in DPP...(can't think of the names atm) so how would DPP and GSC be happening simultaneously?

    All this timeline stuff...I always just assumed the games happened in the order they were released!

  10. Just a quick heads up, guys. Right now you can get Arceus in your B/W game by logging onto the global link website and typing in the code ARCEUSVOTE and meet it in your dream. Then you can transfer it over to your game and catch it in the entreelink, or whatever it's called. Got mine, but it's too bad I can't transfer it BACK to pearl. It's the LAST pokemon I need to complete my Sinnoh dex.

  11. For gen 6 I hope they introduce a whole new 150 pokemon...I thought I would hate it for Black and White, I mean, they already had over 400, so just reusing those would be good enough, right?

    That's what I thought, anyway. Once I started playing, though, it was like I was playing Pokemon Red again. I had no idea what anything was or how to fight it, and discovering it for myself was so much more fun than I could have expected. Catching a pokemon you'd never seen before and watching it evolve into something awesome was so much fun.

    IMO, from now on each new pokemon gen should introduce a whole new roster of 'mons and you shouldn't see any of the old ones until you beat the game.

  12. Your moral code shouldn't be based on what age you live in. So I say good on him for not accepting everything that comes his way.

    I will say I'm Christian as well, but I didn't buy this game for it's darker undertones. But ironically enough, there is an interesting message at the end.

    The mother trying to kill her son thing is true. And it wants to poke at Christians from the reason why the mother is trying to kill her son. She hears "a voice from above" that says to show her faith she must sacrifice her son.

    Sound like a pretty mean message against Christians right? Well here is the kicker. On your first time beating the game, it continues that story. What happens is that when Isaac is stuck in a corner about to get sacrificed, a bible falls down on the mother, knocking her out. The narrator says during this scene "But just as he accepted his fate, god intervened, sending an angle to stop his mothers hand."

    It never once said the voice that required the mother to sacrifice came from god. So even though this game does have a TON of demonic references, there's at least that I guess.

    So don't take everything for face value, but I still totally respect anyone who feels this game is just not for them.

    Haha, thanks for the backup ;)

    That's an interesting ending, but it still doesn't sit quite right with me. The story of Abraham and Isaac was much, much different than this, with a very different message.

    Also, the game actually does call it the voice of God. Watch the video in my link at 1:13 to see.

    edit: Here, at 1:13:

  13. if gen 6 is on the 3ds and doesn't have full 3d models replacing the sprites, I will eat my hat

    But you'll buy it anyways ;)

    Personally, I really hope they really distance this from Black and White. Not that B/W were bad, far from it - I actually think they were the best in the series - but why do we have to be the same character? Why not a completely new person, in a new town? You could meet up with old friends, allies and rivals from the last game and see them in a new light. And of course, it would lead to an epic confrontation with the B/W Trainer.

    Or, and here's a REALLY insane thought...what if we play as or alongside N in his continuing adventure?

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