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  1. I GOT AN ESPRESSO MACHINE!!! Java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java java....
  2. I live in Queensland, the east coast of Australia. Kinda hot and lonely over here right now...
  3. Oooh, creepy. Well done. I guess it takes patience as well as talent to take what is ultimately a boring piece of BGM and turn it into a cool listen. Pokemon games are definately not known for their music, after all, but this is a good start. Perhaps we can soon expect a remix of the 'ice cave' area BGM from Pokemon Crystal? I don't remember what the level was called, only that it had awesome music that seemed really out of place in a Pokemon game. Yes, I'd love to hear a remix of that!
  4. If I had the talent and equipment to create remixes, the very first remix I would do would be the end of game music from Wonderboy 3 The Dragon's Trap. That tune is just amazing and I'm surprised no one has done it yet. I'm waiting...!
  5. G'Day all! I've finally found the perfect website for me! No I'm not one of those wonderfully talented people who mix these fantastic tunes, I'm just a class-four 'nerd' who adores some of the music that can only be found on old video games. I grew up playing Sonic, Sonic and more Sonic, and the brilliant melodies from those old games still run through my head every day. As if they weren't good enough already you musical magicians have gone and turned them into REAL music! OMG! I love it! Seriously guys, people like me would PAY for this music! Of course I realise that I'm in the minority here, but lo and behold I've found my herd! OC Remix rocks!
  6. A magical piece of music! Close your eyes and picture the bubbling volcanoes... You can almost smell the sulphur. I tell you, this tune gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.
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