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  1. @Blake: Thank you very much! I'm seeing the film on Wednesday afternoon. I'm very excited.
  2. I just skipped most of the above posts for fear of spoilers (I don't like know much/anything about monster movies before I see them), so if my question has been answered, I apologize. From the previews I have seen, I haven't seen the monster(s) at all. Does the movie show the monster(s), and if so, do they show it/them a lot? Also, if they do show the monster(s), does it take a while/long time before they show it/them? I don't want to spend ~$25 (2 tix + refreshments) to see a movie that doesn't show a lot of the monsters. Please, not another Blair Witch Project.
  3. Very creative and sleek, the kind of website that works great with what you do. The video player on the side works wonders and the whole site is very intuitive. IMO, you should have him create an HTML alternative site wish a splash page that lets you choose which to view. I have Javascript disabled (I add sites that I trust - it's safer and I don't have to view ads or anything) so your site didn't work at all (Flash often requires Javascript) until I allowed it. It didn't even have a message saying your site requires Javascript (or Flash. A lot of sites think I need Flash when I simply have J
  4. This sounds very interesting. My only input is to buy/build a steadycam, as tripods don't work when you need to move. You can build one for ~14$ with this guy's tutorial: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~johnny/steadycam/ Scroll to the bottom to see vids of the steadycam in action. It seems to work pretty well. Good luck!
  5. TDKenyon

    Nintendo Wii

    Am I alone in not really minding a delay? I hate to feed this thread, but I have to ask: what's the big deal? Would you fangirls really prefer the game to come out too soon and be filled with bugs or, God help us, an unbalanced game? Surely such an important game is worth the wait to make it as good as it can be? IMO, this is one thing I love about Nintendo as a company. They are willing to push back release dates and/or take their time and create high-quality, bug-free (for the most part) games, rather than pump out game after game to get consumers to spend a lot of money.
  6. Thanks. I'll try that next time I decide to play. I lost power so had to quit.
  7. Real men cry because of video games. Fun shit, dude EDIT: Is there any way to get past the part immediately after the cat bowser?
  8. Oh man, I knew I recognized it, but I couldn't even make a guess. It's the main Animorph guy, right?
  9. I own one called Neu Age. It's pretty simple but it's also pretty fun. I am working on major updates right now. I've got a brand new turned-based battle system almost done, and a quest system in progress. We're currently in a testing phase open to the public, so feel free to join up and play around.
  10. Poor choice, little buddy. Rigged this up in a couple minutes lol.
  11. I know, it's crazy shit. I like when SSB has enemies from a popular series. I think it makes the game more interesting and balanced, albeit only because of the characters in it. With the inclusion of Diddy, the DK series qualifies for getting a baddy from the series, IMO.
  12. I can see pokemon trainer sucking, but also being pretty fun if everyone plays as him or an actual pokemon character.
  13. @Jarna: Glad somebody's with me. Also, I would love to play as the newer Bomberman. The goofy little N64 version. He would have a cruddy setlist, but he's a quirky little guy.
  14. Haha I will eventually. I just had a hard time adjusting from a small-town school to a state school. Much more difficult material + tests and a lot more academic responsibility. I'm looking forward to co-op multiman melee.
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