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  1. Love it, made me fell happy even though i was having a horrible day yea it is a little catchy. i like the part at about 2:17, didnt really like the beginning part though
  2. Loved it, downloaded it right away when i first heard it
  3. i really like this one, it has to be one of my favs on the site
  4. i like it but i cant hear anything exept the drums and bass and a lot of different things
  5. just loved it absolutly loved it, just wanted to cry in the middle of it but i couldnt
  6. its so friggen funny when i first heard it, but now it is not so funny but it is still pretty kewl, i like the part when Tifa is jumping up and down on the newgrounds.com thing.
  7. one of my all time favs, ohh and AmIEvil justs roks at the guitar
  8. i love it, it is so awsome!!!!! it also sounds like sumthin from a Sonic game if you have played sonic on dreamcast or gamecube then you would know
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