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  1. That makes a lot of sense and I completely agree with what you are saying. In the 'story' mode of Minecraft the building feature is well implemented and very fun, which is what I meant when I said it is a fun game. Cube 2 even falls short game play wise. And I also understand that the '8-bit' look of Minecraft is obviously for a certain style, which is something I like to see in games. However what I was trying to say is that using Minecraft for the sake of art and designing something that just plain looks cool seems tedious and limiting compared to something like Cube 2. And lastly, I don't know if Mincraft's editor has copy and paste or can place a whole selection of blocks at once but if it doesn't then people are spending way more time building things than they should have to. (Which does make their creations all the more amazing but think of what more they could do if they could build much quicker.)
  2. Minecraft is fun as a game and I think I'm going to get some angry looks for this but Cube2/Sauerbraten is much better for creating things with cubes, has way more capabilities, and with immensely better graphics. It's even free so why does everyone spend so much time creating with Minecraft? Does no one no about the Cube 2 engine?
  3. I would very much like to have my user name changed from WisdomCube to Invertcube as at the time I created my user name I was still searching for a name I would keep forever on any website. As some of you might know I got wisdomcube from Aqua Teen Hunger Force but Invertcube is completely original and my own.
  4. Hey I just found this forum, what about Rez from the Gex series? he's got two great themes -very epic and intense like any boss music should be.
  5. Yeah, it was a total conversion of Doom that came in cereal boxes on a cd with its own engine and iwad. It was made in an attempt to make a child friendly version of doom but is ironically now popular only to adults who are Doom fans. It is now free on the internet and can run on many Doom source ports. Check it out if you can, but remember to have an open mind.
  6. I think that the next best remix project after Delta Q Delta in the line of Doom related remix projects is... ...a Chex Quest 1 and 2 remix project! Why? Not because I think the music is really good (which I kind of do), but because it has great remixing potential. Check it out and you'll likely see what I mean.
  7. Sorry about that, it's just that I've been anticipating this project more than christmas. Take the time needed to make this project its best.
  8. And so it has been 3 weeks since. Pease, not to rush you guys but some of us have been waiting in agony for our greatest obsession's music to get even better with this awesome project.
  9. I would say Rez from Gex: Enter the Gecko, but I actually beat that one, so the final boss in the first Rayman. I couldn't even get pass the third stage out of about six.
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