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  1. On the one hand, I didn't have high hopes for this game. On the other, seeing a Mega Man game get canceled is just plain sad.
  2. Alright, alright, hold up a second. Let's clear something up. I'm not trying to take a collective dump all over your parade. I'm not going out for a nice troll through the park. Did you guys forget something? I want a 3DS. I'm completely hyped for it, and the upcoming games. 3D is cool. Better graphics are cool. Control nub is the bomb. Instead of crucifying me because I'm not full of 100% rosy happiness, why don't you reflect on what I'm trying to say? Before launch, people told me that waiting for a 3DS was a waste of my time, and that they'd get to enjoy it and I wouldn't. I heard everything from "It'll sell out in hours, and it'll be like the Wii shortages all over again" to "This hardware is practically perfect, and there will probably never be a revision." Now, here we are, a mere 2 days later, and what do we have? A host of problems I've already mentioned. We also still have plenty of 3DSs in stock, not in danger of being sold out. Of course, yes, obviously, we have plenty of happy customers. People are resilient, especially about the things they care about. I'm sure you guys would put up with a multitude of problems, as long as you still came out of it with a working 3DS. My whole, entire point was that my insignificant, cautious, patient opinion was completely discounted before launch. But now, afterwards, the evidence has fallen, objectively and undeniably into my favor. Sometimes, it feels good to be proven correct. Alright fellas, enjoy your 3DSs. I can't take that away from you, and I wouldn't even try. Just be more open to the negative opinions, as well as the positive ones. A little less bias would do you guys some good.
  3. Don't be hatin' sweetie. Not my fault you bought a ticking time bomb. Oh no! I'm missing out on dead pixels, black screens...and Nintendogs! Waaaah......
  4. HAHAHAHAHA!!!..............HA! In this case, I DON'T hate to say "I told you so!" You see? You see? ^THAT'S why you don't adopt early! That's it! See? There. There isn't a chance in hell that I'm buying a broken 3DS right now. Booya!
  5. JCvgluvr

    Portal 2

    Hahahaha! Good stuff.
  6. Against my better judgement...I'm fighting a bad case of hype right now...I must not cave! I must stick to my principles!
  7. Almost all of my all-time favorite games are sequels, so...pretty much any sequel I've played is the best. But just to add something (not) original to the thread, Donkey Kong Country 2 and Mega Man 2. I will love those games for the rest of my natural life.
  8. I've seen your routine a thousand times, sparky. It's old, boring and was never funny to begin with. I'm moving on now, I suggest you do the same.
  9. Check my gamertag, bro. Stop saying good games are bad. Sonic 4 wasn't great, but it was good. What did I just say?! Ooooh, dude! Remember Chronicles of the Sword? Frick, man, I remember buckets and buckets of scalding hot frustration being pored onto my face...*shudder*
  10. There is a sewer area later in the game. It's one short level. So yeah, basically what Global says. Have a good time, XZero. The game only gets better the farther you get.
  11. Out of all the worthy examples you could have used, you bring out this? Sonic '06, I can understand. Sonic and the Black Knight, totally. Sonic Advance 2, sure. But really, Sonic 4? I swear that game gets way more hate than it deserves.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TPfkEI-7WA&feature=player_detailpage#t=41s
  13. That game is my own personal example that nostalgia can't stop a game from being terrible. Believe me, I used to love that game back on the original genesis. Now, I recently re-played it a year or so ago on my Xbox 360, and it was practically torture. Did I beat the game for completion's sake? You bet I did. But I was cursing the entire way.
  14. Is that kind of reaction supposed to be a good thing Schwaltz? I can't tell. Phalanx, without going into end spoiler territory, I can't really discuss the ending with you. For now, I simply don't understand why you'd feel that way. I thought the ending was the best part of the game. It pretty much made the whole game better.
  15. C:LoS went from being an okay game, to being a good game at chapter 10, to being mind-blowingly epic by the epilogue. I've never played a game which evolved so quickly. It was so hard to send this game back to gamefly! If I had actually bought this game, I'd snap up this awesome dlc in a millisecond. I'm really interested in what happens to Gabriel next, and how he gets to that point in the future.
  16. A patch comes, but there's still no spectator mode? And nothing was done about the problems with getting a ranked match? Shame...that's the only thing a patch could do that I'd care about.
  17. Does Other M count? If so, that goes waaaay up on my list. If not, I'll say Mario Kart: Super Circuit for the GBA. Good gravy, that was bad. Coming off of Mario Kart 64, or even the original Super Mario Kart, it was so sub-par. Depending on your perception, Sonic '06 easily makes this list as well.
  18. Shuma-Gorath ends up hosting a Japenese game show. I feel really sorry for those girls...
  19. Another Rock Band copy? When will they ever learn?
  20. I've said ground pound for as long as I can remember. But the references to DK64 are a nice throw-back.
  21. My interest has peaked. I've never heard of this game before. I'll add it to the "maybe" section of my backlog.
  22. All of this talk, but no mention of Katamari Damacy? I think almost any of those songs could qualify, as could the entire game as a whole, for being unique. But, in particular, I'll suggest this one:
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