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  1. The music playing is very important. The password is the notes played
  2. I'm a complete n00b. I don't understand 3 D= EDIT: Never mind, Googled part of it and got the answer
  3. aeiou? I dunno, I'm not even on the level, but just a guess from your description
  4. He DID only say it once...please don't kill me...
  5. ...*looks up Contact* Earthbound was fucking brilliant Bah, it's that sort of fighting? That always really irritates me, just because it's such a crappy system. *hit* *get hit* *hit* *get hit* *kill*
  6. ... As a side note, why is that smiley in the smiley column three times?
  7. "I could go on listing the stupid design decisions...so I will" Brilliant.
  8. Of course you do, what strange world do you live in where you don't care if some obvious bit of information is true?! I sure wouldn't like to live there!
  9. ...how the hell would Phoenix Wright work? Poking people in the eye and deafening them by shouting objection?
  10. I'm in the same boat as Metal_Rich. Especially as I was the one who said that we should sign up I hope to have fun here, and who knows, I might just get introduced to a whole load of new music through other people's remixes
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