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  1. Egu-Splosion is a great dance unit. I'm friends with a couple of the members. Did some shows together a while back in Osaka and Tokyo. If you want some great dancers here in Japan to look up, try Isopp and O-HASHI for serious locking and breaking and beatboxing. プリンケツ プリンケツ and Panic Crew are more funny dance units like Egu-Splosion.
  2. Almost forgot, thanks to anyone here who picked up KAT-TUN's new album. Number 1 on the charts in Japan with over 220,000 sales so far. Thanks guys! ~JR
  3. As for as video game remixes, I have a song in the upcoming Seiken Densetsu 3 project with OCR.

    Other than that, all the music I write is for professional artists in Japan.

  4. Hey OC, how you been? Yeah, I've been living here in Japan for about a year now. I'm signed to an entertainment agency, so it keeps me pretty busy. I got a mix coming out for the Seiken Densetsu 3 Project, buuut that's about it for remixes these days. My band back in the day was called MARS. Yeah that was a while ago >__> Anways, take it easy man
  5. Aahhh....DJ Crono, there's a name I haven't used in a looong time I always go by my real name these days, but it's nostalgic to hear it again, heh. If you buy the album it's much appreciated of course. Thank you. And thanks to everyone else for the kind words. BTW, kudos to Andrew for the HEROES bit; cool beans man.
  6. Hi all, This is for anyone who is interested in JPOP. Japan's #1 boy band, KAT-TUN, is releasing their new album "Break the Records - by you & for you -" this month on the 29th. I wrote the bonus track for this album. My song is entitled "MOON", it's track 16. It's a heavy metal / classic Japanese shamisen song. You can hear the "leaked" version of my song here (if you're interested) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlDb85bfDec or here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiJ2lKw16A8 And for those interested in purchasing the album itself, here are some helpful links. It's on pre-order now. http:/
  7. I just wanted to announce to anyone who's interested that I have reinstated my Japanese rock band, MARS. You can view the page here www.myspace.com/godofwarmars An official page and more songs are coming. If you're a myspace member, shoot me line, I always try to write back. Alright, thanks in advance. ~Jovette Rivera (DJ Crono)
  8. One life, win or lose it's all on a bet One Chance, don't show and do not forget. That's all.
  9. Ok, you knew I'd have to respond to this. Nice work on the transitions, it's as if I never sang in it at all, while still keeping the integrity of the song. Oh wait a minute, you could've just asked me for the instrumental, I have it right here. In fact, Moggie asked me for, it and has it too. I'm sorry you went through all that, I hope it wasn't too much trouble. I'm actually honored though, really.
  10. Here you go man. http://www.lich.cs-sites.org/index.php That's the Anime Remix site, hosted by DJCarbunk1e, who also has mixes here.
  11. Well. What I use is a Roland XP-80 Keytboard, and for my programs, I use Cakewalk, and some samples from various Ejay programs I've found. But mostly, it's the roland, because Ejay's are only good for sfx and little voices and stuff. Other than that, you can't use them when creating melodies and bass notes. And, for anyone who wonders when am I gonna sumit new mixes (if anyone does), I have no idea. I just moved to L.A. aaaaand, I'm so busy living and in this new relationship and getting my modeling career and music career off the ground, that, well, I have a lot of new original songs, just no
  12. What are you talking about? If you mean my other songs, they're at Anime Remix, or somewhere on OCR.
  13. Hey man, great job. I really respect those who implament lyrics into their works. Good singing with it, and nice use of "flangers" in your voice. I believe that's a "tremolo" flanger no? Great music to boot, awesome midsection break with the synths. It gives me so many ideas for remixing, very inspiring, really. I look forward to more remixes with vocals from you. ~DJ Crono "Jovette Rivera"~
  14. Don't need to. Check the "Simon's Symphony" page again. It's there now Thanks though~
  15. Be Patient. They'll be there when DJP puts them there. Don't worry, I gave them to him. It's up to him when he actually posts them
  16. This just in~ I just gave djp the lyrics to the song, so everyone can see I what I was "really" saying
  17. This is a issue in which I'd like to discuss. When I make my songs, I follow a sort of, "guide", that I use more times than not. I have a long intro to get the listener involved with what's actually being remixed, see? Then, after he/she's dived into the game-music, I add the "DJ Crono" touch: Vocals, extras, and other stuff. Vocals always come late in most my songs. I don't always follow this guide, but I have with most of my songs on OCR so far =P. I thought I'd shed some light on this issue, since many people have been asking me about it. Thanks~ ~DJ Crono "Jovette Rivera"~
  18. You guys are funny. "Golden Shower" = Being showered by GOLD/MONEY! Not human excretion, DAMN! You guys make me wonder about you sometimes. Kinda scary alot of you people actually think I'd put that in my song, unless you were playing around too. But I don't know about some of you.......
  19. Oh, it depends. Sometimes it's me with a pitch-lowering, and sometimes it's a sample like KDD. I'd have to know which specific part/phrase you mean.
  20. No way, man! It's all about the shoutout! Do eet! Are you serious?! You like it? I got the impression nobody like it...... weird, I was wrong. I did for fun and props, but I was starting to think it was annoying people or something. Thanks
  21. Ah yes, the DJ Crono thing. Yeah, I'm working on songs right now that don't utilize my "DJ CRONO" shout =P Indeed I am. Check out djpretzel's review.
  22. Hmmmmm , I don't think so AE, I'm fine without 8 Mile'ing. Thanks for the comments though.
  23. Thank you. I'm happy you think I'm better than this last song, as I'm sure I am. I feel myself constantly improving. This song was a dip in "panning" SysteManiac. Most of the instruments I panned from one side to the next, then middled them. The piano, dulcimer, guitar (real), synth, and other various sounds. I put just as much heart into this song as the other three, let me asure you. I'm not out here making a worse song to dissapoint people. I make every song with precision and care, never a "first-try", trust me. I have many people go over it, and carefully analyze the song b4 even submitti
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