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  1. Awesome. Definitely sounds like it would be on PMM's Squaredance. I like the combination of Hip Hop with Electronica. The scratches and distortions are done excellently, and the ending clock ticking is a nice touch. This remixer knows what they're doing. You know, I hear a lot of mixes, and I personally sometimes think, why? Or maybe, this could've been better. But this person's got, at least that's what I get from this mix. I'd like to hear more. ~DJ Crono~
  2. Ummm.....there on the page where you download the song. Just click on "Lyrics", and another window will pop up and *poof*, there.
  3. I love Celtic music man, and this is GREAT! I love the intro and the whole song. You keep it very dignified and flowing. Something out of Braveheart, you know. The snares at 2:20 were a great touch, very diplomatic. Then you brought in the tuba, quite fascinating. I like that you stray ever so slightly from the original theme and then come back. I always do that Good job bro. I hopr to post a CT remix one day. Later~ ~DJ Crono~ Jovette Rivera
  4. I just noticed this. Does this mean this is your last remix? =/ Don't bet on it Togras I just submitted my newest one. I'll never stop making/remixing songs...........well..........while I'm alive at least.
  5. Interesting, although the drums are a bite off an Women's R&B song which shall remane nameless. A little repetative though.
  6. What? The last sig I had was scarier than this one. It's just a picture of me and some lights, don't be scared now, sheesh But thanks for the positive feedback soup. Oh, and you're old sig (the guitars) gave me nightmares too.
  7. Dear Jaroban, What song were YOU listening too? Dove' L'Amore? Thanks for your review and constructive critisism........I guess. Let me elaborate on the subject: 1. I had TWO intros, back to back, maybe you didn't notice. The first one is 00:00 - 00:10. The second one is quicker and more of a wrap up, that leads into the main verse going from 00:11 - 00:21. They're perfect matches of the original soundtrack, which....I own. That's how I was able to get the notes. I kept rewinding, and playing, rewinding and playing. Next 2. If you remember correctly, the intro the real song is only one in
  8. Funny, I usually don't mix with my shirt open. Hmmmmm...........
  9. Accent? I didn't notice My source is that of the unknown. A true magician never tells his secrets............okay well it had something to do with a lot of hard work and effort
  10. Wow, thank you sgtrama, I don't know what to say. I hope that everyone likes it, and knows that I work hard, like all the remixers, to be the best I can, and bring you the best remixes I am capable of. Thank you- -DJ Crono-
  11. Tell 'em man! People: Think humor here, okay? It's was for his friend, not you...........got it?
  12. I personally thought the intro was TIGHT! I love a little humor, as that was obviously what he was going for.....duh It was great. Because after the little boy, this "evil" voice comes on a tells him to shut up, that's LAUGHS!! Then all of a sudden.....BOOM!!!! LOUD HARD and KICKIN' ASS!!!!!! I appreciatethis song very much, and I know it'll definitely be one of the great "Hard/Trances" out there. P.S. Keep the intro, it totally throws you off-guard
  13. Ummm, let's try to be constructive here. This isn't a put-down review sheet okay. I put ALOT of work into this song, and it took a while. It's not just rap with Terra in the background, I made this song special, and THEN added the rap on top of the song, just for spice, K? I'm sorry you didn't find it to your liking, but let's not hate okay? Where's your remixes?
  14. Does it? My Japanese friend and I agreed it meant "Ever-Changin World". Well either way thanks. And I'll keep the remixes coming, thank you everybody for your support.
  15. OMG!!!!! THIS SONG BE MUCHO BOMB!! I know I'm late for a review, but I just hear it. As a Crono finatic, I appreciate high quality Crono/CT/CC songs/themes/remixes. This song is magnificent!! Beatiful pizzicato bass, awesome piano, wonderful flute. And then too change into another song, then wrap up in Crono's Theme........WOW!! I love it. It gives me great ideas to make a song. Thank you for the inspiration!
  16. Hamu-Sumo, uhhh, okay, but then why did you post? Just to tell me you didn't like it, and only like midi videogame music? Okay, I guess.But you at least could of been more constructive. But maybe that's just me, anyways, see ya'll, I've submittied my next song to DJ Pretzel, and he should ne posting it anytime now, you'll just have to wait and see what it is, I hope you all like it, I put a lot of hard work and effort into this song. Peace!!!!!!!! -DJ Crono "Jovette Rivera" 2002
  17. Really Seraphim? But then what is OC Remix about? It's about taking things that are already copyrighten and mixing them anyways. So was DJ Pretzel wrong for redoing Lunar's Original main theme, and even singing it, same copyrigthen lyrics and everything? No, it's all fun. There's no money involved. He didn't claim it as his own, and neither did I. So don't worry, OCR.com is is no trouble.
  18. About the lyrics. Sorry everyone for making you mad. I really should've included K.D.D. in the original I.D. Tag, but you see, honestly, the way I got them was from a royalty free sample collection, and was infringing on no copyrights, so I saw no reason to include them in the credits. I would never do that, as I would hate for someone to plagerise my own work. I apologize, and meant no harm. I was just making a song. Remember, all my clips from KDD were royalty-free, meaning, they were copyright free for the taking for ANYONE. Thank you. -DJ Crono "Jovette Rivera" 2002
  19. Hello again. I'm quite appreciative of all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to look up the lyrics for me. Mainly Nyarlathotep and Evil. Yes, this is from K.D.D., but the rest is mine to know. The remixes will keep coming, but like "Linkin Park", I think I put out my best first, so it's gonna be hard to keep up a good name with all you guys. But, I definitely will try to keep the quality at maximum and do my best in every song. Please fell free to email me at Jovette456@cs.com with any questions or comments you may have, I'm open to all suggestions. Thank you again, and I hope to
  20. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I really enjoyed all the replies, it made my day to hear such wonderful critisism, for better or worse. As far as the translation, I'll give DJ Pretzel the "go" to use Evil's posted translation, it's about as close as it gets. I really was trying to go for something fresh and new, but don't get me wrong, I don't always do hip-hop. I tap into all styles of music, and am never biased, well, I try not to be anyways =). I compose techno/hip-hop/classical/trance/newage/rock/metal, and any other type you can think of. I love all music, and love to produce it as well. I will be su
  21. This song is great, and and even though it's not using the most realistic sounds, the melody is kick ass. Frog's Theme is one of the best songs from Chrono Trigger, and it goes well with FF9 battle. So hats off Aislean. -DJ Crono
  22. Chrono Trigger is my all time FAVORITE game! And this song does Chrono Corridors mucho justice! Great synths, solid beat, mesmirizing strings. Just like the name says, it's dreamy. Awesome, keep up the good work. Peace-
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