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  1. Wow...definitely one of my favorite remixes to date from Chrono Cross. I'll have this mix on a repeat for quite some time. Great work on integrating both the violin and piano. This piece flows perfectly.
  2. Great song! Really loved how the instruments played into this remix. I especially loved the guitar and the timing for when it was introduced to the song. Love it!
  3. Great mix! I dont get tired of Aquatic Ambiance as a track that gets remixed. This is definitely in my top two for this particular song so far. Very well done and excellent job putting it together.
  4. I really love this piece a lot. it definitely has the feel of being a tango mix. Reminded me a little of Shakira.
  5. Great arrangement of this Mega Man track! I really love rock mixes from the mega man games and this one stands out as one of the top! I appreciate your work and keep it up.
  6. Great piece! I'm usually one appreciates the older remixes on this site, but sometimes music such as this comes out and i'm like, wow! I really like what you did and the vocals really stand out as a huge plus to this arrangement. A big two thumbs up!
  7. I love Vampire Hunter Dan's musical arrangements! I have to admit that when i saw it was his name, i happened to be biased on my expectations. This piece of orchestral awesomeness went above and beyond what i had imagined. Very, very well done.
  8. This mix reminds me one of my favorites by Beatdrop, Final Fantasy 6 - Deserted Industry which came out shortly after i joined this website actually, haha.(http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00852). My expectations for mixes in this kind of variation is very tough. To say that i love it is an understatement. You did a great job with this mix and i'm looking forward to having it on repeat for some time in the future! Very well done!
  9. Really great work with this remix and i really enjoy the vocal piece you added in. Definitely my favorite mix from you so far.
  10. I dont think the judges could've said it any better and completely agree with them. This was a great take and mixing in another OST in order to bring out the best in NIGHTS into dreams... is just brilliant.
  11. This is a great remix! I'm surprised by how well you have put it together, including, not only a good deal of source but a lot of your own. I completely would rather of this as the background music while playing Mega Man 2!
  12. Great work Trenthian! I love your other remixes and i was happy to see you posting this one. I put this one over your previous Suikoden remix, but that would be unfair since both are great masterworks!
  13. Wow! I love this mix, even with the cheesy vocals. I think the live strings did it for me. Though, it couldn't have succeeded without everyone working together on this. Great work!
  14. Out of every metal arrangement up until this point, this has to be in my top five. Great work on putting this together. I'll definitely be listening to this many times in the coming weeks.
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