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  1. Pump It Up 2nd Content Creation Contest Winner: 1st place. Mastered By: Jehezukiel Hope you like it!
  2. Hi, I want to ask your support by liking (the video on the facebook link attached) my remix: Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ so it can be featured in the upcoming Pump It Up Arcade instalment for the 20th Anniversary, thank you. P.S. I know mastering isn't my strong point but that issue has been solved by the great Jehezukiel. Edit: September 6. Voting has finished and Andamiro has closed the page, thank you everybody who voted and thanks for making possible a second place in popular vote!
  3. Original Composition By: Sergei Prokofiev Download link in video description. First Remix of the year!
  4. New Trap Mix: "The Sound of Silence (Trap Mix)" Original song by: Simon & Garfunkel Download:
  5. Download: Original Song By: Nirvana
  6. New Remix: "Minuet & Badinerie ~SLB Mix~" Original Composition By: Johann Sebastian Bach Download:
  7. New Rendition: "Pain (Strings Rendition)" Download: Original Song By: Jimmy Eat World First one of 2017!
  8. New Orchestral Rendition: "After The Darkness" By: The Knights Of Ceol (one of my music projects)
  9. New Mix: "Dust In The Wind (Ephimeral Mix)" Original Song By: Kansas Decided to make an EDM sound like version of this song Hope you like it!
  10. Thank you so much for your feedback!! -I love using ironic titles on my (re)mixes -I still dont know to much about mixing/mastering (plus my gear isn't really good) but i keep practicing and thanks to feedback like yours i will be able to perfection it more. -About the drum change: i've been experimenting with drum and bass loops (since i got the old school drumkit) but it seems i always end up doing breaks loops (i think) -Maybe i passed with the rimsticks VTH, i'll check the project again -As for the title i like to respect original titles as Jorge D. Fuentes named the MIDI "Treasure Room (Hidden Passage)"
  11. Getting ready for the summer cx
  12. Latest Mix. Hope you like it!