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  1. From: The White Chamber Original Song By: Zakir Rahman
  2. My First collab (with my bro Aspid Cat): "Electro Ragtime" is available for streaming via YouTube and download via BandCamp Hope you like it! Listen Electro Ragtime on YouTube
  3. Pump It Up 2nd Content Creation Contest Winner: 1st place. Mastered By: Jehezukiel Hope you like it!
  4. Hi, I want to ask your support by liking (the video on the facebook link attached) my remix: Can-can ~Orpheus in The Party Mix~ so it can be featured in the upcoming Pump It Up Arcade instalment for the 20th Anniversary, thank you. P.S. I know mastering isn't my strong point but that issue has been solved by the great Jehezukiel. Edit: September 6. Voting has finished and Andamiro has closed the page, thank you everybody who voted and thanks for making possible a second place in popular vote!
  5. Original Composition By: Sergei Prokofiev Download link in video description. First Remix of the year!
  6. New Trap Mix: "The Sound of Silence (Trap Mix)" Original song by: Simon & Garfunkel Download: http://bit.ly/2kxhWmE
  7. New Remix: "Minuet & Badinerie ~SLB Mix~" Original Composition By: Johann Sebastian Bach Download: http://bit.ly/2zljuWF
  8. New Rendition: "Pain (Strings Rendition)" Download: http://bit.ly/2vI6acI Original Song By: Jimmy Eat World First one of 2017!
  9. New Orchestral Rendition: "After The Darkness" By: The Knights Of Ceol (one of my music projects)
  10. New Mix: "Dust In The Wind (Ephimeral Mix)" Original Song By: Kansas Decided to make an EDM sound like version of this song Hope you like it!
  11. My version of In my place, hope you like it.
  12. Here's the second single from the music project i am part of. Hope you like it.
  13. Mix made from the arrangement for two guitars. Hope you like it.
  14. A hip-hop rendition i made earliler this year of the lower brinstar BGM from Super Metroid. Hope you like it.
  15. Ladies and gentlemen i will like you to introduce the musical project i am part of: The Knights of Ceol. Conformed by Hathor members: Bryan Cruz Castillo (my music professor) and Gloria Peña (my classmate and piano player) and me Sr. Lan Belmont. Here's our first single "After The Darkness" composed by Bryan Cruz Castillo. And my version of the song "After The Darkness (Symphonic Version)". Hope you like them. ~Sr. Lan Belmont
  16. Well... i started arranging and remixing about a year ago and i know that my works arent good enough for OC Remix but i think they are not so bad. Perhaps u can give them a listen. Videogame music arrangements/remixes Castlevania music arrangements/remixes Hope u like them. -Sr. Lan Belmont
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