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  1. epic fail. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/rondo decent song but not really my thing. Reminds me too much of menu music from something like a racing game. Would fit right into gran turismo 5 though. going to go compare to the source more thoughts to be edited in later.
  2. Excellent remix, I especially love the opening and ending pieces of the song. I cant speak for anyone else but I love the distorted and dirty sound. It reminds me of http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01053/ zeal love the best corridor of time mix on the site as far as the distorted piano goes. There seems to be quite a depth of emotion going on with the piece and I believe that "cleaner" samples and better production value wouldn't necessarily enhance this. The song stands powerful on its own as it is. Ziwtra is easily my favorite mixer on the site and I imagine ill be chilling while listening to this song while surfing the web for years to come. Thank you ziwtra.
  3. Alright I'll assume no one knows the answer but does anyone have any suggestions of where else might be a good place to ask/look into this? I cant really think of anything outside of the unlikely chance I can get ahold of one of the creators of these songs.
  4. The Cube (movie) ending credits. They all have the same theme in common and Im wondering if anyone knows the backstory behind it. There has to be something and I figured since it features prominently in a few video games if anyone out there knows they would probably be on this website. Resident Evil 4: Serenity is famous as the save room music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bz5zgLj03Ic The Cube is a movie that came out in 97' way before RE4 obviously http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miUU6vBBdwo you hear the same melody that is repeated in Serenity first a glimpse at 1:28 and then much more obvious at 2:20 Then there is battle drums on the Silent Hill Origins soundtrack. Where you hear the same melody at the very beginning and then again at the end at 2:04 It cant be coincidence. If i had to describe the melody it would be something like a peaceful whales song in space. Its probably in a few more things too, anyone know anything about the backstory? I would be indebted to you if you could shed any light behind this melody as Its been on my mind for a very long time now. At least a few years.
  5. OMFG Ziwtra is back!!!! you have no idea how happy this has made me. Its been a couple years (too long) for my favorite remixer and when gaps like that happen you always wonder if there will be another song and then out of nowhere there are 3. It feels like its my birthday and Christmas and some other awesome holiday all happening at once. Xenogears is my favorite game and right there with Chrono Trigger as having the best videogame soundtrack of all time. Im excited to listen to the whole album though and im sure you guys all did an amazing job. THANK YOU ALL! Today is the best day of 2009 and its not even close
  6. edit: never mind I found it through her youtube page also on http://www.vgmix.com/members/134/audio.php last but not least why isn't this up on ocr yet?
  7. i like it, but then it pretty much is just like the source with a few minor tweaks. Hard to call this a remix actually >_< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izs0vlpBXTs&feature=PlayList&p=35B1CF64889ED92B&playnext=1&index=27 pretty bad source material but it gets the idea across, I have the real mp3 of it but I dont want to share it as that would be against a few laws The mp3 I have FFX-2 Eternity - Memory of Lightwaves\02 - Besaid.mp3 kinda show that this mix is not original enough to really qualify. I dont think it will passed unless a lot more is shown. That said I like what Zigan has done so far but it needs more. More interpretation that is to make it differentiate from the original.
  8. you can try to derail this topic all you want and try to turn it into a flame war if you like. You wont succeed but feel free to try anyway. I think the topic has successfully concluded anyway so do as you like.
  9. much better *applauds* if you have any qualms about how I insulted you, you only have yourself to blame. Personally I thought it was rather tame considering your original post. Btw you shouldn't be ripping anyone else on their English. Mine is far superior to yours. But hey lets not play this game... you are obviously not qualified to judge.
  10. honestly your post hardly deserves a response as you didnt seem to read the thread and your post is very low brow. That said I had an issue with #1 and perhaps it also needs clarifying. perhaps you shouldnt take my word for it then When I said that he had a vested interest in seeing it not passed thats exactly how I interpreted his posts. He seemed to be posting repeatedly to bias other judges towards his point of view and thus not get it passed. Personally I was assuming that he was doing it to prove himself right however that was an assumption on my part and one which I believe even still to be right.That said I think i sufficiently proved he was lobbying to get the track to receive a NO vote and you aren't up to the task to proving me wrong on this sorry. Idealistically and unrealistically speaking the judges should be listening to this track and voting on its own merits based on what THEY thought rather than what another judge felt. Sure of course there is going to be some influencing involved, but thats a very very fine line. When it gets to the point of a judge campaigning for or against a track its crossed it. When you say things like it can very easily be construed that he respects vig and lost respect for those voting yes as if they dont know what they are doing. Oh wait he used a smiley face never mind >_>Whether thats fair or not, is not the point. There really should be no place for comments like that in my mind and I am rather uncompromising on this point. Thank you for playing come again soon!
  11. lol i got to admit i love that quote... its very ironic in of itself.
  12. Well I realize that this thread has taken a very lighthearted turn and although it pains me to take it away from that, I dont want to have missed my chance to have a serious response to some of the things that were said earlier on. I do apologize for this First of all BGC, if this is a waste of your very busy time you dont have to respond and while I fully realize my advice is completely unsolicited there are a couple of things I just cant let you get away with and perhaps thats a sign of my own immaturity (sorry) I assure you that while its safe for me to assume you will take this entire post as a personal attack that is not the intention I obviously had no problem with your original post and even said so, its pretty much every single post after that at issue. First and foremost you cannot say w/e you like and then put a smiley face afterwards and think that its okay. It just doesnt fly in the real world sorry. Its akin to saying something mean and being like Just Kidding haha you cant be mad because I said just kidding.Random Example of this and its not directed towards anyone and of course for examples purpose it is an extreme however its just to demonstrate the absurdity While haha funny its just completely immature to think that because you put a its okay and wont hurt anyones feelings or make you sound like a dick.Try it in real life, next time your girlfriend makes you some food tell her it tastes like shit but then say haha just kidding... im sure she will appreciate that! who wouldn't? Ok moving on now I'll forgive your apparent defensive mechanism as I understand why you said it... but the thing is, I understood your analogy quite well thank you. The problem is that it was a completely immature analogy and offensive... just because the analogy works isn't the problem, the fact that its INCREDIBLY F***ING OFFENSIVE is the problem. Like I said you wouldn't want someone making that analogy on one of your mixes and I know that for a fact just from reading a couple of your posts.There absolutely had to be a better way to get your analogy across that doesn't make you look like a jackass... at least I hope so anyway. Now I realize that can be construed as an insult let me assure you that its not meant as one. I absolutely know very little about you personally, however if I or some random person read that thread which this topic is based, it would be hard for someone not to think wow that guy is a jackass. Its just the natural reaction. I dont think you are a jackass however my initial reaction to reading that particular thread would bias me in that direction. So in the future if you wish for the random forum goer not to think wow that guy is a jackass, I suggest you maturely take an objective look in the mirror, reread that thread like you are reading it for the first time and its someone else posting those things and then actually look objectively at what was said. Maybe after all that you still dont have a problem with it, but at the very least hopefully you can see WHY someone else who read that thread would have a problem with it. Well first let me apologize if my original post was overly any of those things, it was in the heat of the moment and I was upset enough to rant that long so it probably did come off slightly too harsh (but perhaps my original post also serves as a demonstration and perfect example of why we all should be careful with our words:<), the original intention was and still is that we should treat others with respect. My creed is more along the lines of if respect is given respect is shown but its more or less the same thing. However much like Dhsu eloquently put it you shouldn't be judging mixes or posting if you are having a bad day, go eat some ice cream and go to your happy place instead (or w/e works for you) If you dont have time for it dont do it, simple there really isnt any need to force yourself to do something that you dont HAVE to do, especially if its going to cause you to be rude to someone who honestly seems to be a perfectly nice individual from what Ive seen of him. Its undeserved and hopefully someday you will see that there is just absolutely no excuse for it whatsoever no matter what. By you having a bad day and taking it out on someone else, they are now having a bad day too... I think you can see how that goes. You really shouldn't, thats a very immature life view to enjoy when someone else is getting insulted. I can completely understand why its interesting to see someone get ripped on and what not and simon makes millions doing so. However I cannot believe that DJ Pretzel wants his judges ripping on peoples tracks so that the threads are more amusing to read. Maybe Im wrong but I seriously dont think that he created this great site so something like that could happen. I dont think that was your intent either, however intentionally or not that was the point of this thread... to think more carefully about what was said so that people weren't offended intentionally or not especially since it was unwarranted because I have this track and I know its good. If the chanting is that bad in your opinion fine, take away those few seconds and even you know the rest of the track is very good. Well in all honesty there might not need to be one, but that doesn't really mean that you get a Free Pass to do whatever you want either which is what you seem to imply. I agree with Dhsu that it doesn't really mean anything.Summation time. Okay look I dont expect you to take this unsolicited advice and start pissing rainbows or whatever analogy you want to use That said if you take just one thing from it, try to be more polite. Even you have to agree that simply the act of trying to be more polite in your responses even just a little would be a good thing. Also I will say it again, if you are having a bad day or are stressed for time perhaps avoid the judges forum? Take care
  13. i like your idea a lot but you need to turn the wind sound effects DOWN and turn the Guitars WAY up... this song could rock a lot harder than it does. Id also rec doing something about the drums... they are generic, like really generic. I would replace them and go with some harder guitar riffs and add some more bass. You do have something good to build on though, if nothing else fix the drums. edit: id look at what sixto sounds does as far as guitar and drums to get a better idea of what would make this song awesome. No im not suggesting about ripping off his style but it certainly wouldn't be a bad place to start as an example at all. The instruments do get very jumbled in the middle of the track and you really could use more separation as well... you could feel free to cut out the drums at several points if you want to highlight the guitar or bass etc. 1:48 ~ 2:16 and beyond is a good example of the clutter, the guitar sounds okay in that part but the drums makes it sound much worse until you drop it at 2:40 then you bring it back right after that and you can see it just ruins it before you drop it again and go with a guitar solo and some bass which again sounds good. Essentially you have some right ideas but then the drums really ruin it for me. I hope that helps you
  14. Well to continue debate on this particular point, is there anything that should be done to try to prevent issues like this in the future? You said you saw the same issues as I when you read it as for it being perceived as too harsh and as we know perception = reality or it might as well anyway. I guess what im getting at is there anything that can be done to prevent stuff like this on OCR's end? No im not suggesting a sensitivity class but certainly it wouldn't hurt for judges to be more aware of the issue and to consider how their comments might look before they post them. That can only be a good thing right?
  15. Well first thank you zircon for demonstrating wonderfully the other side of the argument. I dont really want to get into whether the song should have passed or not (it should have) or whether the chants ruined the entire song or not (they didn't) because im not a judge and my opinion doesn't matter (ok im cheating here) I just felt offended that this judge posted 3 times about how much he hates the chanting, which we can all agree was a very small part of the song. He already said the chants sucked in his first post... case closed right? So in my mind if hes going to be a good judge the next posts should have been: well I dont like the chanting at all, but if you are going to keep it in, perhaps build up to it more so it doesn't seem out of place, or use a different sample that might work better with the rest of the song. Rather than just saying they suck 3 times, come up with something actually useful you know? We already established he thinks that they suck the first time. Also I disagree with you Zircon, no matter how you look at it the thread was about TheLeviathans remix, you cant compare the song being ruined by 19 seconds of chanting with another song being potentially ruined with 19 seconds of flatulence without it being massively offensive... just not possible. If you were in theLeviathans shoes and someone said that about one of your mixes how would you not have been offended whether it was a valid debate or not (it wasn't and even if it was that is definitely belonging in its own thread of debate not the remixers submission) Well thanks for the fast response. It was well put I will give you that much, I almost found myself believing it for a bit, but more importantly Id like to see BGC has to say for himself if anything.
  16. Despite a low post count I am a long time user of this site. As a fan of video game music I do appreciate the work and time that remixers put in to the songs they make. So what this topic is going to be about is the respect a remixer should get from his peers when he submits it to the public to be listened to. Now I understand constructive criticism is the name of the game, but if the criticism is "you suck lol, your mix is garbage" that isn't constructive at all and helps no one. As to the why of the topic we can start and have a look at the role of the judges. It is fair to assume that their first job is to decide what gets put onto the site and all that really entails is a yes or no and briefly why. The second job is to provide constructive criticism, I would assume to give the remixer a few ideas of how he can improve, what worked and what did not. That also doesn't have to be very long. If a judge wants to be taken seriously at no point should the post be mocking or derisive towards the remixer who unless it is a joke submission, put hard work into his remix and presumably deserves some modicum of respect. If the site is to be successful then the people who decide the content should act in a professional and appropriate manner (aka not like immature 13 year olds) lest it reflect negatively on this very site. Sure you can be immature all you want on this site at appropriate times, but it seems definitely out of place when you are doing so while reviewing someones hard work as an official representative of OCR. Unless you want to recruit your judges directly off of 4chan I suggest that there is some kind of code of conduct for them. Feel free to keep the contents internally but still there does need to be a standard set. I dont know if there is a judges code of conduct or not, but it was most presumably broken during the judges decision of The Leviathans submission of Chrono Cross "Stars Frozen in Time" The judge who shall not be nameless: BigGiantCircles posted not once, not twice but 5 times in this thread and its debatable whether any but the first were necessary or warranted at all. He definitely mocked the work of the remixer, acted like he had a vested interest in the mix not getting passed in order to prove himself right and otherwise acted like a total ass throughout the whole thread. Some of the lowlights? Unnecessary, adds nothing to the conversation and portrays you as trying to influence others to vote no. Your opinion is not absolute if anything the panel should be lacking faith in you. Unfair, completely immature and rude to TheLeviathan, you owe the man an apology. This hardly needed its own post, was definitely rude and were hardly constructive. You had already made your point and opinion known on this previously.In closing, feel free to act immature all you want on your own time and I am certain you will take me up on that offer. But when you do so as a judge, your job is not to be immature or rude to the remixer as that would reflect negatively upon your self and upon your fellow judges. I think BigGiantCircles should consider pming TheLeviathan with an apology for his conduct and should make an effort not to make the same mistakes in the future. I dont believe this is a problem with other judges as I dont recall every seeing it before personally. But I believe that they should continue doing a fine job and helping this site be the be the best game music remix site on the internet. Thank you for your time.
  17. excellent remix, I think this one got lost somewhere as it only has one page of replies... but its definitely a classic. One caveat you must love organs That said the source piece is just a 30 second song that I believe was looped in game, MP took it, fleshed it out and made an excellent song out of it. Considering how many years ago he did this it stands up well over all this time. I believe that this is what game mixing is about, taking a song that wasn't full developed on limited technology and making it a real song. It is kind of funky though as was the original so get down with your bad self Even if you somehow hate organs you should give this a listen as well as the original source material. here is the link to the ds version of the original ffiv song, definitely worth a compare / contrast if you are a fan of video game remixes and given the fact that you are here you MUST be
  18. honestly the fact that it was rejected by the judges annoys me greatly. I still have the track on my computer and listen to it when that star stealing girl urge arises. The only thing that needs work is the bagpipe sample and I think I mentioned it before, everything else is very well done and that definitely includes the chanting. The chanting is a small part of what makes this mix special. They were all up in arms about it in the judges panel like it ruined the song. I guess they think they are so knowledgeable about music that if its not exactly how they would do it, its not good enough to be on this site. Well newsflash... this mix is easily better than 80% of whats on this site, maybe more. Also like Liontamer said this is much in the spirit of Yasunori Mitsuda himself would have done were he to remix the track... THIS DEFINITELY INCLUDES THE CHANTING. Lots of his tracks have chanting in them. Well they win, its not on the site at the moment and it will be a travesty if it the chanting gets taken out when/if its resubmitted. Also I wonder when Big Giant Circles realizes that he comes off as a majorly arrogant jerk when he writes crap like this. " Guys, may I reitterate that those chants are not just bad, they're downright awful." and " Also, Larry, If I write a really stellar track, but record a 19 second series of flatulence in the middle, is that passable? :P" I think that pretty much sums up why the judge panels fails. Also built in spell checking is hard am i rite?
  19. Star Stealing Girl is one my favorite songs, I obsess over this song from time to time. That said your mix is definitely interesting and I do like it. I think it would be a good addition to this site. As for names IDK really, the first impression I got of your mix was slightly celtic which may be related to mitsuda's own influence of celtic music. But that said the part that comes in that sounds like celtic bagpipes at :38 sounds too midi'ish it would be nice if you got some real sounding bagpipes in at that part and could real send this song to the top since the rest of the instruments sound reallly nice. Anyway I figure ill throw some suggestions out there. Star Stealing Girl has always struck me as a hopeful, yet yearning song as if you are missing something greatly but with only a slightly melancholy tone to it. Maybe even an undertone of pining to it. "Reaching for the Stars" "Starlight Nostalgia" "A starlit lake's refraction" "Melancholy Celtic Skies" Maybe the ideas I just threw out there suck or maybe it will give you an idea of your own, either way I tried
  20. I liked the song, it was very pleasant and sounds like it would fit right in with a game like say TESIII Morrowind, however that said the ending is so bad its not even funny... You really need to fix that. I am hardly an expert but I cant see the judges passing it without asking you to resubmit the ending. Maybe thats just me IDK im not a judge nor am I a musician. I am just a musical consumer and I think the ending is really bad. But dont lose heart I do think you have a strong piece to work with, would have liked to hear more of the harp or lute or w/e that was.
  21. This song is nothing short of epic its by far zircons best work out of all the stuff Ive heard him make and its going to be hard for him to top, Definitely the best mario remix ive heard and there have been some very good ones out there. Very well produced, congratulations Zircon on this great mix.
  22. I really enjoy this song, I can't help but find myself whistling along to it in the car no matter how many times Ive heard it. Its so very chill and relaxing but with a good catchy beat. I wish more songs had this level of quality to them. Even the bird chirping which in any other song would be annoying is great here.
  23. This mix is interesting alone because of the recorder (not to say the song wasnt interesting on its own merits which it surely is), but the fact that someone was able to go off like that on one and remix a game with that featuring prominently is very impressive considering my main familiarity with the recorder is 6th graders making ear bleeding noises with them. Its nice to have a great song with a recorder for a change. Great job Trenthian
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