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  1. I've been watching this thread just today only, i always thought the OS-Tan's were cute so when i noticed OCR-Tan i was like "Neat, lemme go look" but hwen i saw the megaman sprite and everything else and talk of making a flash game, it got me hyped. I know I'm not known or anything, and i don't know how to mess with flash but I would so learn just to help make this little game a reality. wicked concept.
  2. I usually don't like Chrono's theme mixes but this.. Ahahaa.. I love it! In particular, 2:59-3:03 When it has the sound of the Epoch charging up and changing time periods, then the tick tick tick of the clock. like it's flying through the time stream. wicked sounding! The other part i really liked was with the 3:57-4:24 with everything fading out but the bell and the beat, like they made a stop over the millenial fair, then flew off to another time at the end, the epoch warp sound again. <3 excellent mix!
  3. HOLY CRAP. the Mix actually made me physically dizzy and nauseous.. but not in a bad way. it gave me the feeling of getting lost in a very evil dungeon. pretty awesome!. The only issue i have with it is the Intro. it's too melded.. kind of like sonic pudding. Other than that A+
  4. Wow. Just wow, i have only liked one other Vocal mix but this one blows me away. Totally Epic. i could listen to it for hours. great work!
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