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  1. Kyle, you are awesome and how can I throw my money-- erm, how can I thank you for being so awesome?
  2. This is probably getting a bit annoying for you by now (Sorry... 8[ ), but no Symphonia overworld themes? And I have no idea why but "Tales & Trials" vaguely reminds me of the Tales of the Abyss track "The place of relaxation".
  3. Okay... I'd love to see some Tales of Eternia and Tales of the Abyss mixes be submitted... And I have to comment...that Apogee is epically beautiful...Last Battle ~Decision~ is solidly my favorite Symphonia track.
  4. No one did Full Force, either...I like Full Force...
  5. Agreed. Name it under "Aselia 4304" or something.
  6. I...I have to ask... Is Raising a Curtain not on this because it's in Dawn of the New World as the "overworld" theme?
  7. Phantasia's victory theme (Project song "Just Go"). Symphonia's is 40 seconds long.
  8. I finally got all of the tracks, and I have this to say... Only OCR can make a 24 second victory theme into a 3 minute and 38 second song.
  9. You wouldn't believe how much of a surprise it was for me to check my email and then instantly rush to the OCR main page to see if it was a joke or not. That aside, I've only heard one track because my internet is slow... 8[
  10. This makes me feel happy that I bothered you guys in the project thread. And you are all even more awesome than before because you even did some Ratatosk tracks.
  11. Longest the thread subject went without change was almost 2 years...
  12. I am. I feel ashamed. I'll go back to my braille keyboard...
  13. I noticed Kyle said the first post was updated and then I noticed that this project was 4 discs. I thought it was two...
  14. Like Anise's "Hero of Time" accessory in Tales of the Abyss. I've actually been watching the Tales of Phantasia Animation (Bought it for $16 new), and I GUESS it fixes some of the translation errors people have controversy over? I never knew how Arche's name was pronounced until I saw the first episode though.
  15. I just have to ask this, but whom has played Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and instantly recognized the overworld music as a rearranged version of Raising a Curtain from Tales of Phantasia?
  16. The name of the thread keeps changing! Is this still the same project?!
  17. I thought this would be out before Duke Nukem Forever...
  18. Pff, I'd rather just wait by playing Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Legendia... 8[
  19. I just bought Tales of the Abyss. If I beat it and this project hasn't been released, I'm going to break down, cry, and drop out of college simultaneously. Or just pout some more.
  20. I'm going to agree with this since I haven't played Vesperia yet...
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