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  1. Hopefully I'm not too late- it seems we're on different sides of the globe; I did send in a revised version with the corrections you suggested, and more.

  2. Though you have to admit, they certainly don't flow very well in English- this is the case for a lot of the character themes as well. Like that "Final Spell 1975 Moon Journey" or something like that.

    What does that even mean??????

  3. It's one of the better ones, I admit.

    Happy to help!

  4. I agree, but I wasn't really advertising, as much as I was answering a stupid question with a stupid answer.

    But since no one seems to agree with me, I'll just let the topic die.

  5. Uh... Yeah.


    That post of mine was a joke, man. I thought by listing all of those things it would be pretty obvious that that was the case.

  6. What can I say, I think a nice welcome is always a pleasant thing to find. Merry Christmas to you too, and i hope you enjoy yourself!

  7. Thank you for the concern; I appreciate it.

    As it stands though, I think I'll just keep this name all the same.

  8. My lackluster and boring profile:

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