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    Wow, that was a really good episode. Alright, so I'll definitely be watching that series. I really liked the artwork, it was like a more interesting version of D.Gray-Man.
  2. I got it when it came out because it looked really interesting. Well... it's interesting, but it's better in theory than in practice. Unless you know the person in multiplayer, good luck finishing a game. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, but if you're playing a 2 player game with more than one system, it takes outrageously long. Aside from the fact that it takes a couple days to finish up a multiplayer game, it's pretty cool.
  3. sleipnir


    Is Soul Eater really that good? I always wait for the new anime to have at least 20 episodes or so out before I start watching them because I dislike putting on an episode, getting in the mood to watch it, then waiting a week. I really enjoyed Gurren Lagann, so I find it hard to believe, but I may just have to watch the first episode if it's true.
  4. Well, I just bought a black shirt and a hoodie with the remaining money I had on PayPal from selling my WoW account lol. I hope it helps!
  5. I'll have to agree as well. I love the Sonic games, I think they're great. I would love to be able to say that last line without adding "with the exception of every Sonic game released in the past 4 years.". Call me a sucker, but I approached them all with an open mind, ready to see some big changes. I didn't, however, foresee them shitting all over me with the product that they actually had the balls to release. I might be going overboard a bit, but to people who appreciate the original game, it's tough to see them butcher it.
  6. It's the reading raaaaaaaaainbow! This guy is the shit. He's my new inspiration.
  7. Platform: Nintendo DS Game: Etrian Odyssey Song: First Battle Theme(Couldn't find the actual song name, but it's the basic battle music) I couldn't find the original song anywhere, but I noticed two people on youtube had done some pretty nice work on it. Here's the song that's closest to the original I could find. The song is practically identical to this, I believe the remixer only changed the instrumentation and volumes. Link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byYtbChNfv8 The reason I'm suggesting it is because in the game, it sounds like an awesome theme you'd find in a kickass sne
  8. sleipnir


    Best thing to start off with is get a good feel for the language. I'm not sure how much anime you watch, but if you do watch a good bit, try to pay a bit less attention to the subs and try to see if you can grasp the basic idea of the sentence. Eventually, you'll notice words in the subs and match it with the audio, therefore building your vocabulary. Grammar is very much unlike English, if anything its closer to French. I suggest if you really want to learn it, go over to youtube or something and look up "learn japanese". There you'll find videos that basically cover "tourist" Japanese. If y
  9. sleipnir


    I've got to say, when I first loaded up ef - a tale of memories, I didn't have very high expectations. The overall design, storytelling and artwork put up well above similar series. For all the gamers who've played the Armored Core series, they're making an anime based on it, and from the previews(which are few), it seems they'll be using a lot of cg that you would see in the video games to render the mech scenes. For those of you who have played the games, you know how epic the videos are in it. It's called Armored Core: Fort Tower Song.
  10. sleipnir


    What do you guys think about the anime lineup for spring 2008? http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/feature/2008-04-08 Some big series this season, namely the second series of Code Geass, the third season of Tsubasa Chronicles, and xxxHOLiC: Kei. Seems to me as though there's going to be a flood of generic sword-wielding action anime, but there's a few that stand out. Bus Gamer has got my interest. All in all, a solid number of series being released. Thoughts?
  11. Thanks for the link to the website. I managed to find the Oxygen 49 on Kelly's Music for $134.99. It's a shame zzounds doesn't ship to Canada, I thought the association between here and zzounds was a very beneficial deal to both parties.
  12. Thanks a ton for the quick reply, zircon. It will be $200 Canadian, although there's not much a of a difference in conversion these days. $140 is an outstandingly reasonable price for a decent 49-key keyboard. I appreciate the help!
  13. This remix gave me goosebumps. Take it from a guy who has both Storm Eagle and Spark Mandrill tattooed on his body when I say this remix does the original justice. I loved the transitions and the lead. Thanks for the track!
  14. I'm looking into buying a keyboard, and I really liked the idea of the Edirol PCRM-30. It looked to be a pretty nice keyboard for under $200, the problem is, it's discontinued now. I'm sure it might be available somewhere, but I liked the concept of buying off zzounds through affiliation. Could someone suggest a good ~200 dollar keyboard? I'm not using it for anything huge, so 32 keys would be nice. By the way, does zzounds ship to Canada? Thanks.
  15. Thanks a lot, those guides look to be really helpful. I looked into the software section of both guides posted and noticed that no one really mentioned any preferred program. I'm sure everyone has their own reasons for using certain products, but I was wondering if someone could list me a few different programs, just so I can take a bit of a look into it. My buddy mentioned a product called Reason, but I'm not sure if that's the type of software I need or not.
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