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  1. Even though its not my style of music I listen to, I still thought it was a good song. Not very often do artists like you involve themselves in a broad spectrum of music. Great work. Keep it up
  2. Dang it maze dude!!! Why do you gotta be so good! Now I have to reburn my car mp3 cdrom again... sigh. Just kidding. Keep rocking. You got talent.
  3. Out of all the songs I recently downloaded from ocremix this week your song stood out the best. Then I looked down at who made it and realized. Oh. No wonder its so good. And by the way. Was Archvile sketch suppose to be unfinished? Cause it sounded finished to me. Rock on!
  4. If there is anybody out there who knows there Oingo Boingo let me know. There is a Oingo Boingo song I have on CD that sounds almost identical to a battle sequence on Final Fantasy 7. Im at work right now so I dont have the exact tracks with me. I'll try and look into when I get home. But I curious if its just a fluke or maybe done on purpose. But my request is that the Oingo Boingo Song was good and a remix of the battle sequence on FF7 would sound real cool if done by an artist on OCREMIX.
  5. Coming from the last song I just reviewed for this is pretty good. But I kept on thinking at some point in the song it would jump out with a diffrent spin. Good but could have used a little more oomph at some point.
  6. I download these mp3s at my work cause my boss doesnt mind. And if there is a song I dont like I just leave it on my hard drive. I got plenty of space. But this song got deleted. Combining geeky RPG,s from the old school past with rap music is about as retarded as it gets. "Imma bust a cap in you armor with my 20 sided die G!!!"
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